Top Tips For Fixing A water leak Pipe Underground


Many of us usually take the plumbing in the home for granted. Having water in the house is amazing but when it stops or something malfunction and water stops coming and we do not get enough pressure when you need, this is the point where we start to get worried. There may be problems, such as Plumbing Leaks, broken pipes, or perhaps, more frequently, water leaks. Water leaks often start so small they are barely noticeable, but they can quickly become costly when it comes to your water bill and repairs. To save you money and get rid of plumbing leaks, finding and understanding the most common water leak and how to fix them is essential so that you can protect your home and your bank balance.

Signs Of A Ground water Leak

While water leaks underground are particularly invisible especially for an untrained eye, knowing what to look for and checking regularly can help you get things under control before they happen and cause too much damage. The most probable signs of water leaks are:

Wet areas of grass next to the exterior walls of the house, wet or damp carpet stains or moisture on the internal floor, mold or mildew under carpets, rugs, or at the base of curtains, and a misty smell is also a clear sign of underground water leak. The sound of flowing water even when all outlets are turned off is also a sign but for this. You will have to do a little bit more struggle like, you will have to bend down and put your ear to the ground to hear such a leak, indicating a leak. You can also hire a good plumbing service to detect the leaks for you. You will need a lot of concentration for this.

Water Leak Detection Tools

If you see or hear water in a particular section of your floor, you might be able to guess, but there is no guarantee that the pipe in question is just below the wet area you noticed. A water leak detector can do wonders by monitoring your home water usage to detect and alert you in the event of a leak.

Security Considerations

Before digging in underground, you should always have the utility lines marked by your local locator or authority. If you have any issues in a septic tank or need cesspool pumping, you will have to hire a professional because you have all kinds of piping underground not just a water line. A technician will mark your yard with paint indicating blue for potable water lines, red for electrical cables, green for sewer lines, and orange for gas or other inflatables, if you need cesspool installation services, you will have to contact a professional service.

Repairing An Underground Leak Pipe

Fixing a pipe inside underground is not an easy task, so it is best to let a professional plumber take care of it. But if you are sure that you have adequate knowledge and have proper tools and you can DIY, follow these instructions.

Cut sections of the damaged area with a digging tool. Once you are completely sure of the location of the damage, cut the area or wall to access it. Wrap a sheet around the pipe and move it around until it is wet. If you’re not lucky enough to see the tear with your own eyes, you’ll need to find it with a sheet. You may have to repeat this several times until you identify the exact location of the break.

Place a container under the broken pipe. Repairing the leak will be tricky, so the container should catch anything leaking from the pipe you’re about to work on. Cut the pipe below the leak. You need to use a pipe cutting tool for this. Screw on the tool firmly and turn it until the pipe is cut. Dry the hose and leave for some time. You cannot work if it is wet. Now reduce the leak with a pipe cutter and clean the pipe. This includes both the interior (inside) and the exterior. Fit a copper replacement cover. Use a flashlight to heat the lower end of the repair cover. Let the solder melt and pack the joint. After cooling in about fifteen to twenty minutes, do the same for the top end. Wear safety glasses and gloves when doing this all. Check for any leaks again once you have done repairs.


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