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One of the first things people, especially young families, look into when thinking about moving to a new city is the schools there. It’s normal to want to make sure that the schools in your area can offer a high-quality education to your children.

We all know that school districts are sustained from the property taxes in each district. This can simply translate into the more taxes you pay for your home, the more money goes to the schools in your area. It’s the sad and brutal truth of our nation that still has poorer areas in cities sustaining underfunded schools. Still, at least those that live in high-priced neighborhoods can get a better education for their children.

We know about the city of Jacksonville, Florida, that it is big. It’s actually the largest in the state and fifth-largest in the country. It only falls behind four Alaskan cities. Location is important in a city of that size (yes, more extensive than the Big Apple itself, New York City). Jacksonville spreads across seven counties: Duval, Baker, Flagler, Clay, Nassau, Putnam, and St. Johns. According to Niche, the city’s schools are served by five school districts, and St. Johns County School District is the best in all of Florida. The next in the city of Jacksonville, FL, are Clay County School District, Nassau County School District, Duval County School District, and Baker County School District.

Based on diversity, the best district is the one in Duval County, followed by Clay, Nassau, Baker, and St. Johns. These rankings can depend on what your interests are. The best for athletes is St. Johns. Based on safety, Nassau is taking the lead, but the biggest is Duval. Now, let’s look at the schools.

Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary

Education starts from a young age, some would say from the child’s first months or since the child starts talking. It really depends on the child’s cognitive abilities. But education starts since the child starts crawling, wobbling around, and stumbling over their first sounds. Some say you can teach them the difference between right and wrong that early. They can be taught to keep away from dangerous elements in the home, or they simply learn not to do stuff that causes them discomfort.

Some people say that the most important step in a child’s education is their formative years. Those in the education system occur in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school. This is why finding the best Pre-K and elementary schools in your area is important. For those looking to move to Jacksonville, the J. Allen Axson Elementary School provides the best education in the city for children from PreK to fifth grade. The school’s student population has 578 children. Around 85% of them score at or above proficiency level for reading and 84% score at or above that level for math. With a 16:1 student-teacher ratio, it exceeds the district’s average and has a minority student enrollment of 51%. Its location close to the Mayo Clinic provides a city setting for this school while at the same time providing easy access for working parents.

Middle School

From sixth to eighth grade, your child needs to learn social skills and how to better integrate into society. The Julia Landon College Preparatory & Leadership Development School will teach your child the subjects necessary for success in high school. It will also include them within the class activities. They will mingle with different students, and help them focus on what they want to pursue in their future. They focus on the educational experience of each student. At the same time, learn about each of them, counsel them, and provide them with the tools necessary to become successful members of society.

Around 860 students attend Julia Landon College Preparatory & Leadership Development School. From these, the minority enrollment is 44%. About 90% of the students score at or above proficiency level for math, while 86% are at that level or above for reading. The student-teacher ratio is 23:1, surprisingly high for such a highly appreciated school. Still, it is located across the bridge from downtown Jacksonville, available for those living in the San Marco area, so accessibility is a big plus.

High School

Most children look at their high school years as either the worst or best of their academic years. By enrolling your child in Stanton College Preparatory School, the best high school in Jacksonville, Florida, they will attend the seventh-best high school in Florida. This school has Advanced Placement coursework and exam opportunities with a 100% participation rate.

Stanton College Preparatory School isn’t only the best high school in Duval County. Seeing as Jacksonville is made out of seven counties, it means more to be number one in all of Jacksonville, which this school is. Out of the total of approximately 1,600 students, 60% come from a minority group, and the teacher-student ratio is 20:1. Looking at the proficiency rate for reading and math, we see that 95% score at least there or higher in reading, and 82% are there for math. This school is also located near Jacksonville’s downtown area and can be attended by those living in the Mid-Westside of Jacksonville. Stanton College Preparatory School provides a rigorous academic curriculum that is manageable. Through this program, your child will learn time management and work ethics that will suit their future careers. By celebrating cultural diversity, sports, arts, and other interests, Stanton College Preparatory School allows students to develop their educational skills and their passions.


These are the best schools available throughout Jacksonville, Florida. Still, many others are up there or close by regarding educational quality. The St. Johns County School District is the best in Florida. Duval County Public Schools rank fifth for diversity in the state and first in the Jacksonville area. It won’t be difficult for you to find an excellent school for your children anywhere across the city because there is a high focus on education. It only makes sense for a city that intends only to improve to improve their schools. That’s where any change can start, from young minds into teenagers and young adults.

If you’re starting to lean even more towards relocation to Jacksonville, you might want to look at residential neighborhoods throughout the city. If you have small children, you could focus on the Mid-Westside of Jacksonville or the San Marco area based on our research. However, real estate agents in Jacksonville FL will be able to guide you towards the best areas for schools, so don’t hesitate to contact them. Within this article, we can only mention a few, but we guarantee that there are plenty of excellent schools across this incredible city.


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