Top Places To Visit During Monsoon Season In Jaipur

monsoon season in jaipur

Anyone who knows anything about Jaipur will tell you stories about the city’s illustrious past and legacy. Jaipur is a stunningly beautiful location with towering forts, amazing palaces, active culture, elegant hotels, and pure lakes. If the best time to visit, weather, summer, and winter are just words to you and have no control over when you travel, then my friend, you are a passionate traveller. If you want to see how the royal city appears drenched in rain, you should definitely spend your Monsoon Season in Jaipur. The city appears to be as attractive as it would appear on the canvas of a new painter.

Spending monsoon in Jaipur 2022 would be the finest choice of your life, as the city has so much to offer its visitors. Jaipur has everything covered, from wonderful restaurants serving exquisite native cuisine to elegant hotels offering first-rate services. In terms of your holiday, here is a useful travel guide with all the specifics about your exciting trip to the Pink City! Our tempo traveller rental services in Jaipur will help you in visiting your favourite destinations in Jaipur.

If you are still afraid to visit Jaipur during the monsoon season, you will be relieved to hear that the monsoon season is the perfect time to visit Jaipur if you enjoy the rain. The monsoon season begins in July and concludes at the end of September. If you have a raincoat, you won’t have to worry about the weather in Jaipur during the Monsoon. Monsoon in Jaipur is more pleasant than summer since the weather becomes more pleasant and the temperature decreases somewhat. Jaipur’s pink city looks very stunning after it has been wiped down by rain.

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Must Place to Visit in Jaipur During the Monsoon

Here is a chosen selection of locations to see when in Jaipur during the Monsoon season. Continue reading by scrolling down!

Jal Mahal


Jal Mahal, also known as the Water Palace, is located in the centre of Man Sage Lake. This gorgeous palace is a paragon of Rajput architecture and was built in red stone, which contributes to the palace’s attractiveness. During the rainy season in Jaipur, the majestic Man Sage lake and the exquisite Mahal appear enchanted. Go here to get some great photographs of the lovely Jal Mahal!

Chokhi Dhani


Do you want to see everything Rajasthan has to offer in one place? Prepare to be wowed by the finest Rajasthani treatment at Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur. Chokhi Dhani will make your vacation unforgettable, from the delectable Rajasthani cuisine to the legendary puppet performance. Choki Dhani is a fantastic rural resort in Jaipur where you can also witness traditional Rajasthani dances and have a great time with your family or friends. Our bus rental services in Jaipur will help you in Chokhi Dhani Jaipur.

Tree House Resort

Tree House Resort

If you enjoy glamping, you must visit the Tree House Resort in Jaipur. Go live your treehouse fantasies at this Jaipur retreat. Imagine spending a calm evening in a tree home, peering out the wooden windows to observe the lush surroundings getting drenched in rain; does this seem like your ideal dream? Go to the Tree House Resort and make your fantasies come true! You may even see cultural and puppet acts. Don’t forget to take the Camel ride if it’s not raining!

Shopping Markets

Every trip must include some shopping! A holiday without shopping, whether in the monsoons or the winters, is incomplete. Jaipur boasts a plethora of marketplaces where you can basically buy everything. These marketplaces feature everything from lovely garments to classic jewellery. The most well-known are Johri Bazar and Bapu Bazaar. Johri Bazar is one of Jaipur’s oldest retail complexes. In this market, you may buy stones, jewels, jewellery, and sarees.

Bapu Bazaar is Jaipur’s magnificent leather bazaar, where you can buy leather Mojris, wallets, purses, and belts. Jaipur has a lot to offer all shopaholics. Visit these locations to add a fun factor to your holiday!


The monsoon season is ideal for experiencing Jaipur’s lively city. When the gorgeous palaces and forts are all bathed in water, they seem stunningly lovely. During the monsoon season, these palaces and forts come to life. Aren’t you looking forward to seeing how beautiful Jaipur appears during the monsoon season? Why are you delaying till now? Choose your dates, take notes from this travel guide, pack your bags, and start planning your Rajasthan holiday with our cab, Bus, and Tempo travels in Jaipur right away! Don’t forget to bring your raincoats and umbrellas! Tell us about your electrifying trip to the enchanting metropolis of the Royal State of India in the comments area below.

Frequently Asked Monsoon Questions in Jaipur

Is it a good time to visit Jaipur in December?

Yes, December is an excellent time to visit Jaipur. It is, in fact, peak season. As a result, the cost of flights and accommodations will rise. The dry winter months provide an appealing chance for touring in Jaipur.

Which month is the best to visit Jaipur?

From November to February is the greatest time to visit Jaipur since the dry winter weather makes it easy to walk around the city in the sun.


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