Top Most Stylish Wedding Portrait Pose Ideas For The Happy Couple

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

The bride and groom are likely to recall their wedding day with the help of some gorgeous images that will be saved for years to come. The bride and groom’s wedding day is the most important day of their life. But don’t be alarmed! Mohit Bansal Chandigarh shares 10 of his favorite stances for couples to utilize during wedding photography; you may use these postures to add some magic to the images you shoot on your wedding day.

The Bride and Groom’s First Look

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The bride and groom’s first glance is a significant and memorable aspect of the wedding ceremony because it shows some of the couple’s most profound thoughts and sentiments about each other and their future union. As a result, to capture the beauty of the moment in a natural and unstaged manner, the photographer should avoid positioning the couple during the first look. This might be put into some very stunning photo frames after the wedding.

The Walk

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Photograph the couple as they are walking if they are too self-conscious to pose. Request that they take a few steps away from you before turning around and heading back in your direction while pretending to look at the camera or somewhere else as if you are not present. Encourage them to talk about anything, whether it’s their first date or some hilarious recollections about events in their lives. Individuals will feel relieved as a consequence. The most appealing and interesting images are those that capture a couple’s natural reactions and sentiments. Remember to take photos of your whole body as well as your half-body.

Consider the following suggestions:

  • Request that two people join hands.
  • Allow them to approach you at their speed.
  • Encourage them to carry on a conversation or laugh while walking.

Lift and laugh

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We won’t sugarcoat it: this wedding pose is tough, and you should practice it long before the big day and before you put on your massive lehenga. The bridegroom will effortlessly lift the bride onto his shoulder while the two of them laugh. Only make sure the bride is comfortable, and don’t leave it too long between checks. At the end of the day, a lovely photo of something is taken.

The First Dance of the Couple

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The first is that a couple of experiences together are extremely important. Above all, you should try to accumulate as many “firsts” as possible! The married couple’s first dance is generally done during the reception; however, you may choose to have your partners practice their first dance during their photo shoot. This beautiful moment will serve as the perfect memory for them to recall as they flip through their wedding photo album. If it is feasible at the venue, photographing the couple from a balcony above them and looking down on them is one of the most lovely and unique wedding photography positions.

Wide Angle Drama

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Bring the couple outside for a magnificent wide-angle shot to make a more dramatic portrait. Depending on where the couple lives, this photo may have been taken in the middle of a forest, a gorgeous field, or even a dismal wasteland. Give your partner the command to stand facing each other while holding hands. First, have them chat with one another so that they look natural and peaceful, and then take a photo with a wide-angle lens. Keep in mind that this photograph appears better from a distance. Keep in mind that the rule of thirds should be followed.

The first glance:

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This is without a doubt the most memorable wedding photography position. There are a million different ways to pull off the first glimpse, but the most crucial thing is to have a photographer capture the bride and groom’s first reaction to seeing each other for the first time. Couples commonly utilize the first glance to convey the love and joy that comes with being in a relationship.


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Over the years, the bride and husband have been prominently featured in bridal pictures. It is more enjoyable, though, if the two persons face one other and spend a minute together. Consider it a match and advise them not to talk to each other but to simply smile at each other and remember the first time they interacted. Make a huge monochrome portrait of this position from black and white photographs. This timeless photograph will look great framed and will act as a continual reminder of all the wonderful times you’ve had.

The running pose or chase:

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Simply ask the bride and groom to strike up a discussion about anything they like while you snapshots, or advise them to stroll or run about at their leisure. A venue with this kind of mood will provide for some great landscapes in photography. This posture is great for any wedding photography that takes place before the wedding.

Forehead Kiss

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A common attitude chosen by many brides and grooms since it conveys the couple’s love and commitment in the most elegant way imaginable. The pair stands or sits with their arms around each other in this stance. A tiny peck on the forehead is one of the most photogenic kisses, and photographers will often request a big number of exquisite postures like this one.

Jumping Into Each Other’s Arms

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Do you want something more exciting? Allow your significant other to lift you and transport you to the heavens. The endeavor will not only provide a whole new viewpoint but will also result in a few good laughs. It is important to note that you do not have to start this process from scratch


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After assessing whether or not the wedding photography positions are realistic, he will put the plan into action.

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