Top Mobile App Development Trends For 2022

mobile app development
mobile app development

The market for mobile apps changes quickly, and there are always new trends. With new technology, skilled developers, and platforms that are always getting better, the future of mobile app development looks very bright.

In this article, we’ve picked out 10 technologies and trends that we think businesses will start to use more in 2022 and beyond.


1 Digital ledger

Blockchain is an electronic ledger that keeps track of transactions. It’s not run by one person or group, so there’s no one in charge of keeping track of all the transactions. This makes it almost impossible to hack, since hackers would have to break into all computers around the world at the same time to get information from them.

Even though the technology has been around for almost 10 years, companies have only recently started to use it in their apps. One reason for this is that the technology has gotten better. It’s now easier to build apps on top of blockchain than it was when Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in 2009.

And since then, blockchain has become a trend and will be a big part of the list of mobile app development trends because of its power to make apps less dependent on a single server. Because it is decentralised, it gets rid of the need for third-party providers or companies to act as gatekeepers.

So, it’s clear that blockchain technology makes it possible for apps to be more self-sufficient, safe, clear, and trackable, which gives users more freedom and access. So, we can say that Blockchain technology is a trend in mobile app development that will never go away.


2 AR & VR

You should know about Pokémon Go. The use of this video game spread like wildfire around the world, bringing Augmented Reality to the attention of most people. In contrast to virtual reality, which is a completely made-up world, augmented reality puts fake things on top of real-world things.

AR and VR technologies are no longer just used for games. They are being used for everything from training simulations for police officers to making 3D maps for traffic management systems in city centres so drivers can avoid traffic jams altogether.

Marketing and interior design are two of the most popular fields for AR and VR apps, and they are changing the game for their users. You might be able to get a better idea of the product’s size and shape or see how it will look in a certain place by using these apps.


3 Apps that work with wearables

The integration of wearable apps is a new trend that can be used with any mobile app. Wearables from Apple, Google, and Samsung aren’t the only ones that can do this. Wearable apps are more popular than ever, and there are many good things about them.

The first benefit of integrating wearable apps is that it gives users a more natural way to use their apps. Some wearable devices are Smartwatches, Smart rings, Smart glasses, Smart earphones, Medical wearables, etc.

For example, if you’re wearing an Apple Watch and want your iPhone to tell you when you get a text message, you have to tap the watch once when you see the notification on your wrist. This makes it easier for people who don’t know much about technology but still want to use their phones or tablets without having to look at them all day.

Wearable devices are used in the medical field

In 2022, a big trend in the medical field will be the use of devices that can be worn. This is because not only are these devices helpful for patients, but they are also helpful for doctors, nurses, and even family members.

These gadgets keep an eye on things like blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

They will also be used to look at data from different electronic devices, like ECG machines. Aside from these, doctors will also use wearable devices to help with surgeries and other medical procedures.

We can also expect more companies to make smart watches that can track a person’s heart rate and other vital signs without having to touch them.

Here are a few examples of wireless innovations, wearable apps, and devices that make people’s lives better.

A nod ring is a wireless device that lets you control your smart home system or use apps on your phone or laptop by waving your hand over it or pressing certain buttons on the ring.

Aira: People who are blind can get directions from glasses they wear. This tool tells blind people about several roadblocks.

GPS SmartSole is a brand-new tool that can be used to keep track of kids with autism, older people with dementia, or anyone else who might get lost.


4 AI and Machine Learning

In 2022, AI and machine learning will still be the most important trends in making mobile apps. This is because AI and machine learning are improving digital projects and making businesses run better, especially in the app development industry. Artificial intelligence is helping to make apps smarter and more efficient.

AI and ML have been used in many different fields, such as healthcare, finance, transportation, the auto industry, retail, and the hospitality industry.

ML is used in the medical field

More and more users worry about their health. So, to make sure they stay healthy, they want to use the most recent technology. The medical field is also going through big changes that will make new technologies more important.

Machine learning is becoming more and more popular in the medical field. Predicting what will happen to a patient at any particular moment gives doctors the information they need to effectively treat them. Data analysis and machine learning approaches can be used to accomplish this goal.

There are numerous AI elements that can be incorporated into a mobile app, including:

  • Sensory and vocal biometric recognition
  • Speech and image recognition
  • Recognition of the face
  • Assortment of text, photos, and other media.


5 Apps to Get You Involved with Your Customers


There are a lot of applications being developed for users in this area. These apps are designed to help them in their daily lives. They give them tools and resources to help them solve problems and make decisions more simply.. In addition, they provide details about a wide range of goods and services that may be found on the market.

Additional customising choices allow for a more tailored experience for the user when using the app.

In the case of Revolut, it is a User-Engagement App:


What if there was a central spot where you could manage your spending, saving, budgeting, and investing? Fortunately, Revolut 7.0 is here to meet your needs. This software offers all of those capabilities and more.


6 e-Commerce on the Go

Since its inception in the UK and around the world a few years ago, mobile commerce development has been an increasingly popular trend in the creation of mobile apps. It’s an important part of the mobile ad business, and it’s only going to get more so.

The term “mobile commerce” refers to the practise of doing business with others using a mobile device. One of the most common uses of mobile commerce is to make payments, such as for movie tickets, utility bills, and other things.

As a result of this shift to a cashless economy, companies like Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and WhatsApp Pay were inspired to create mobile payment apps of their own.


7 Foldable Device Apps You’ll Love

You need a different approach when developing apps for foldable devices such as smartphones and tablets. Due to their anticipated lower and more portable size, these devices are predicted to be more popular. The screens of these devices will also be folded or otherwise compacted in order to reduce their size.


8. Mobile Apps with IoT Capabilities

The globe has been heading toward a more interconnected environment during the last few decades. This year’s main trend is the Internet of Things. This is the future of mobile app development: IoT.

You can link your device to other devices, sensors, and gadgets on an internet-like network using this technology. Adding additional real-time data to your apps without touching the code is crucial to IoT’s success. Mobile App Development that use this technology will become even more popular in 2022 and beyond, according to experts.

When scanning an object with your phone’s camera, you can see its dimensions, weight, and texture in augmented reality. Predicted to rise in popularity this year are applications for online shopping.


9. Entertainment and gaming for mobile phones and tablets

Another prominent trend is mobile entertainment, which has grown in popularity across the globe. Customers no longer require an internet connection on their mobile devices or laptops because of the shift toward portable entertainment, and as a result, many businesses are now offering services via mobile applications rather than traditional websites.

Streaming video apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have allowed these firms to connect directly with their clients.

10. Apps for Grocery and Food Delivery

The use of food delivery apps is on the rise, and it’s a wonderful way to cut costs. Everything from groceries to meals can be delivered to your house.

Customers can buy food from a variety of establishments, including restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and even pizzerias, using a variety of meal delivery applications now available on the market. UberEATS, AmazonFresh, Weezy, Jiffy Grocery, and Dij are a few of the most popular.

The aforementioned creatures are joined by gorillas and beelivery.

Users may rapidly order and save time using these apps, making them ideal for folks who don’t have much time to go shopping in person. You may also be able to take advantage of special offers and discounts if they are available.


The End of the Story

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