Top Kitchen Organisation Ideas

A sleek and stylish organised kitchen


When it comes to kitchen organisation, there are plenty of innovative ideas to not only get your kitchen organised but looking clutter-free, too. There are many different ways in which you can streamline your kitchen organisation. This can include storage canisters and drawer dividers to rustic shelving and pantry baskets. You can also make your kitchen decor more attractive. If you love cooking and baking, organising your kitchen is a great way to create a functional and easy to use space, as well as a beautiful interior area. 


Kitchen organisation can help to drive change in your habits and day to day routine. By having everything organised and in a proper place, it will make a huge difference to the way both you and your kitchen works. It’s an ever-evolving process of reassessing the way in which we live and what we want from our homes.


The kitchen is one of the most diverse areas in the home. Often, it is home to a multitude of different foods, gadgets and accessories. This means there are plenty of benefits to keeping it organised. Here are some top kitchen organisation ideas to keep in mind. 


Organising Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to organising your kitchen counters, it’s worth keeping in mind that less is more. A lot of people will be tempted to just throw everything away. However, the reality is that the things on your kitchen countertops will be things that you need on an everyday basis. You just need to streamline the appliances and clutter you have. Look at your kitchen worktops and think about what appliances you use the most. Be sure to keep those out or perhaps look for a different way in which you can store them. This could be in counter drawers or cupboards, to take out as and when you need it. 


If you’re tired of looking at messy utensil storage next to your cooker, then think about different storage ideas you can use instead. Your first instinct might be to store your utensils in your cutlery drawer, but this only creates more clutter. Instead, look for canisters or jars that are big enough to store all of those irregularly shaped utensils such as spatulas, spoons and ladles. By storing utensils in a tall vase or canister, you will not only create less visual clutter but provide an opportunity to add a decorative element to your kitchen. 


Kitchen Cabinet Organisation

Kitchen cabinets can often be the most unorganised area of a kitchen. Out of sight, out of mind is often the case and when it comes to organising your kitchen cabinets, a good starting point is to assign each cupboard its own category. As you do this, you can start to further consider what items work where and then further streamline what you want to put in both upper and lower cabinets. 


Glassware and Dishes

One of the best kept organising secrets is about where to store dishes and glassware. The best place to store your glasses and dishes is in the cupboard above your dishwasher or above where you dry your dishes. The reason for this is because it is easier to unload the dishwasher or put dishes away after drying, rather than walking around your kitchen going to different cupboards. 


Chopping Boards

Think about the place where you prep most of your cooking and baking. This should be the area where your chopping board is a permanent feature, or be stored in a cupboard or drawer. You can get feature chopping boards made from lovely cuts of wood that create a stand-out feature and that you won’t mind keeping out on your workspace. 



Having a pantry is a dream for a lot of people, but they are few and far between. If you don’t have a pantry, or have one which is too small, then you need to streamline the way in which you store your food items. If you have above-counter cabinets, you can use these to store foods that you use most regularly, such as pasta, rice and tinned goods. 


Alternatively, you could look at installing an on-trend open pantry in place of above counter cupboards. This is a great swap if you want to create a stylish storage solution. Take down the cupboards and use old scaffold boards as shelves, with industrial metal brackets. Then, use storage jars and canisters to decant packets of pasta, rice, cereals and snacks into. Label the jars and arrange them in a nice display. 


For food items such as biscuits, cakes and sweets, use old style sweet jars to store around your kitchen or on your new shelving for decorative storage. By using nice, chunky glass jars, you can arrange items in nice patterns or by colour coordinating. Different biscuit selections look really nice arranged in a jar and creates a nice focal point for guests. 


Cook Books

Cook books can make kitchens look untidy if not stored or arranged properly. A lot of people tend to stack cookbooks on top of one another. Often, as a result of this, this means they go unused. Store your most-used cookbooks in easy to reach cupboards, where they will actually get used. 


Small Kitchen Appliances

If you have adequate space, then look to store small appliances in cupboards or below the counter. Often, these appliances can make worktops look cluttered and untidy. This means that finding an alternative space to store these items can instantly organise your kitchen. 


Pots & Pans

The best place to store pots and pans is nearest to your cooking appliances, either in cupboards or drawers. Avoid hanging them above your hob, as this can cause your kitchen to look cluttered. You can stack and nest pots and pans inside one another in order to save space, or invest in a pot rack to further streamline the space. 


Cleaning Supplies

Most people tend to store their cleaning supplies in the cupboard under their kitchen sink. You’re unlikely to use this space for much else and this makes the products easy to reach. However, you need to be mindful as this space is often low down. If you have pets or children, look at fitting cupboard locks or find an alternative space. There are ways you can further organise your cleaning supply cupboard. Look at fitting hooks to hang cloths from on the inside of the cupboard door, fitting shelving to store bottles or use storage boxes to keep different products separate. 


Benefits Of Kitchen Organisation 


Buying Fewer Duplicates

We’ve all bought items and products whilst out shopping, forgetting there is ample stock already at home. Having an unorganised kitchen space means that you might not be able to find certain items in untidy cupboards, which then leads to overbuying and excessive spending. When you’re looking for something, it can feel like a game of hide and seek or Jenga, which is not what you need. 


By organising your shelves and cupboards, you’re less likely to waste money by buying products you already have and will be able to find what you actually need. Remember, if something is of use, you need it and there is an actual place to store it, then it is no longer considered clutter. 


Cooking Is More Fun

Cooking and baking in an organised and tidy kitchen is much more enjoyable than working around mess and clutter. When you’ve organised and decided where things should be stored in your kitchen, then you will always know where things are when and as you need them. This saves you rifling through piles of clutter whilst you’re looking for a certain mixer attachment or specific ingredient. By having an organised and tidy kitchen, it also makes the cleaning process afterwards much easier. 


Cleaning Up Is Easier

Cleaning up in a clutter-free kitchen is much easier than in an unkempt kitchen and untidy one. Wiping surfaces becomes much more of a habit when you’re not having to relocate piles of clutter from one space to another. It’s also easier when you know exactly where everything should go when you’re putting away washing up or unloading the dishwasher. When cleaning and tidying your organised kitchen, you’ll feel a much greater sense of pride. 



Initially, you might not care about what lies behind your cupboard doors. But, once you start to organise and tidy different areas of your kitchen, you’ll feel a much bigger sense of house pride. Are you tired of things falling out of cupboards when you’re looking for a certain item? Or feel as though you’re constantly just piling clutter on top of clutter? If so, then it’s time to rethink the way your kitchen works for you. Even if you don’t have a lot of storage space, then you can help your kitchen to reach its full potential with the right organisation tips. 


If the thought of kitchen organisation seems overwhelming, then start small with a cupboard or two. Then, slowly make your way around the rest of the kitchen. These ideas and tips will help you and your kitchen get organised for good – once you’ve organised it, you’ll never look back!


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