Top Horror Films To Get Excited About In The New Year

Top Horror Films

Top Horror Films, We’re just 4 months in to the year, and it appears that horror film fans across the globe already are occupied with new releases to look forward to.

The horror fans of the world are suddenly very fortunate as of late. This particular part of the film industry has started to blossom into a glitzy and well-known cinematic culture. While we’ve certainly suffered the weight of sequels and remakes innumerable It’s not a doubt that we’re seeing several of the very creative and original horror films of our time.

Even when the awards season comes around, reality hits again. It’s the Horror or film noir style’s distinct and subversive artistic expression could be viewed as an unappreciated light outside of the spotlight.

However, if we don’t feel down over this is the reason it isn’t in the light source is the reason for its endlessly brilliant? Every year, we get plenty of remakes of classics, and endless sequels until the point of there’s no turning back (Fast And Furious is to the point that it’s not even down the moment we got here so it could continue to see it) But it’s balanced with rare gems that demonstrate why horror is the ultimate vehicle of free expression.

The fact that the genre of horror remains somewhat underground in general is what makes it simpler to create something. Horror directors, especially independent horror directors, are more likely to be more risk-averse however, why is that?

Top Horror Films

Horror has been the fertile ground for underground artists. Films created by artists, for artists. Normal guys in their bedroom, working on ideas with their friends following the band’s practice, these are the actors who are behind the cameras in the genre of horror films. The horror genre film is considered to be one of the Heavy Metal of film culture.

The horror artists appear to have a smidgen of fun, which more serious screenwriters and directors often lack. The lack of seriousness into the process of creating the story that results in the innate creativity that comes from the freedom of expression that results in a gorgeous screenplay.

It’s hard to pinpoint the reason it is that horror filmmakers have something else flowing through their veins. Something that isn’t taught. Something that comes with you from birth, and that’s the thing that makes horror the eternal beast it always will be.

So , without further delay this is the top horror films, both that are both in and out from the limelight, that you should take a look at in the new year…


The film is sure to bring terror into the lives of every parent who sees it.

I’m not sure I’ll hire an infantsitter anytime in the near future…

A couple struggling to revive the passion in their relationship, hires Emelie (Or whom they believe is Emelie) to care for the daughter of their son and 2 brothers.

The youngest brother, as well as the most powerful of the siblings. Has the burden of protecting his brothers while he uncovers the truth about Emilie’s motives in the following night.

With a fantastic child’s performance and a compelling story it will be a frightening film that will shock your in a way that you’d never think of. In a time when we are constantly terrified by gore and jump terrors (not that it’s wrong) this film goes into your mind and scares the audience in an incredibly psychological , but frightening way.

The film is definitely an underrated gem that it’s easy to overlook and therefore deserves its place as the #1 film on the list.

10 Cloverfield Lane

J.J Abrams ‘ horror film is an amazing feat of imagination. That makes us hopeful that the writer/director will continue his explorations of the Genre. It’s always thrilling to see a beloved story presented in a fresh way, and if remakes or sequels are something that should be considered it’s the right method to go about it.

We meet Michelle (Played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who decides to leave town in following a devastating breakup, and drives down the highway at night in a mess of bad emotions. The next day, Michelle finds herself chained to the wall in an underground bomb shelter. Michelle is welcomed by Howard (A spectacular rendition from John Goodman) who claims to have saved her from a crash in the evening.

However, as her senses come back, Michele struggles to trust Howard of his intentions. As her along with Emmett (played by John Gallagher Jr) can’t resist the temptation to risk their lives in order to take glimpses of what’s in the outside of the shelter.

Top Horror Films

The film is terrifying because it is based on three characters in an extremely difficult situation. Through the film, you will are trapped in a hot-box with the three characters as they as. An observer trying for a sense of moral center. Of of course, Michelle is the obvious source of logic in this movie, isn’t she? The fact that we’ve seen a glimpse of “What’s out there” leaves us. With a huge advantage over the other characters. However, to view it from a perspective of the character is quite different.

They don’t know none of them to what’s happening in the bunker. Howard is just a normal person trying to keep his neighbor’s alive for his future Human race. and Michelle as well as Emmet are just confused and scared survivalists trying grasp the mystery.

It’s the thrill experience of a lifetime, and is certainly a film worth a visit to your local Theatre.

The Neon Demon

The Danish-American film noir is slowly catching the public’s interest as it moves into post-production for release later this summer.

The Neon Demon stars Elle Fanning as a model who is just starting out who is target by the group of obsessive. Dangerous women who will do anything to acquire what she wants.

The group include Keanu Reeves as well as Abbey Lee, and Christina Hendricks. A long time collaborator with director Nicolas Refn.

A lot of the story is still a the unanswered questions, but a glance at the actors and art alone will leave you with questions and wanting to know more.

A fascinating nugget of information about these characters is their connection to the Countess Elizabeth Bathory De Ecsed. Who believe to be one of women who committed the highest number of murders in the history of women. And was one of the films primary sources of inspiration. If the dark nature of its sources is an indication of the plot that Nicolas Refn will be bringing to us. We are going to be in for a truly bizarre and memorable performance.

Top Horror Films

After the captivating cinematography and dark concept work of his previous work (Only God Forgives, Drive). This is a new the pace of Refin making a shift from the realm of male bad guys in trouble into. A film focused on female characters. It’s a great advancement in a genre which has been mostly dominating by Male leading characters.

Although Keanu Reeves is a part of the actors in the supporting cast. One the most exciting casting options that the viewers can anticipate can be Christina Hendricks. Hendricks has demonstrated her acting abilities for her role as Joan Harris in the emmy award-winning television show Mad Men. And continues to set the bar higher in her film roles including her subtle character. As a character in Refn’s most acclaimed works, Drive to her supporting part in Dark Places, she steals the spotlight wherever she goes.

The path to Television into Film is a hazardous one and. Very few actors are able to sustain the momentum in the transition. However there is no doubt of the truth that Christina Hendricks has all that she needs to keep the viewers glue to her in awe of what she’s deal to date.

The Witch

As dark and bleak as horror movies are, this one certainly is the most bleak.

Dark and melancholy It is one of the more enjoyable horror films of the year.

After being force  to leave the village farm worker (play in the film by Ralph Ineson) and his family have to live in an isolate farm close to the woods. As tensions increase following an unidentified youngest child trust is challenged within the members of the family. After being accused of jokingly Witchcraft from her siblings (Played by Ellie Grainger and Lucas Dawson). The mother (played by Kate Dickie) is driven into a state of panic. Over Thomas’s faith in The Lord as well as The Devil.

The film is sure to make you cry at the screen while watching the hope. Gradually fade as the story sags towards its end.

The children’s actors appear to shine above the adults in this movie, giving amazing and hilarious performances.

The images are stunning and are reminiscent of classic films from the 60’s like Eye Of The Devil. Updating the cinematography and the slow-burning climax of old-fashioned horror. That’ll leave an itch on horror enthusiasts’ backs that will never leave.

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