Top Holiday Destinations in Rajasthan

holiday destinations in rajasthan

There are many places to visit in Rajasthan where you can go with your family, friend’s and loved ones. Here you get to see views of spirituality and natural beauty, along with colourful culture. We are telling you in this article about the main holiday destinations in Rajasthan. This article will help you make your holiday trip full of joy.


Ajmer Is One of the holiday destinations in Rajasthan. It is a city located in the middle of Rajasthan. It has many places to visit. Its geographical structure and weather attract many tourists towards it. In ajmer we can vist Ajamer Sharif Dargah, Taragarh fort, Anna Sagar lake etc. if you are coming from Jaipur then hire tempo traveller in Jaipur You can also book tempo traveller from Delhi, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Ajmer.

Ajmer Sharif Dargah:-

The Ajmer Sharif Dargah is one of the famous visiting places in India, even though its visits the people of other countries. It is a very popular place because it is consider one of the most important religious places of the Sufis. The Ajmer Sharif Dargah is one of the famous visiting places in India, even though its visits by the people of other countries. It is a very popular place because it is consider one of the most important religious places of the Sufis.

Taragarh Fort:

Taragarh Fort count is one of the strongest forts in India. This fort use to guard the city of Ajmer. It is also popular as the residency of many kings. Many people say that it was the home of famous emperors of the Chauhan dynasty like Prithviraj Chauhan.


Anasagar lake is an artificial lake. this lake construct by the grandfather of Maharana Pratap  “Maharaja Anaji” of Ajmer. “Daulat Bagh ” garden situated near “Anasagar” lake. It constructs by Mughal Emperor which makes this lake more beautiful.


Pushkar is a beautiful city. It is popular for Brahma Ji temple and Pushkar Lake. It is the only place where Lord Brahma Ji can worship by people. The Pushkar lake has a beautiful sight, It has about 52 ghats and a number of temples. The place is also very popular for the Pushkar fair in every fair. our taxi services in Jaipur provide you with a wonderful tour package which you can’t resist.


Bharatpur is a district in Rajasthan, It situates east of Rajasthan. It establishes by Maharaja Surajmal in about the 18th century. Bharatpur has many places to visit which will give a wonderful experience. We can visit here in Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur Palace And Museum, Lohagarh Fort, Laxman Mandir, Deeg, Band Baretha, Dholpur Palace etc. Bharatpur Is One of the holiday destinations in Rajasthan.

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Keoladeo National Park:-

Keoladeo National Park is known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, The Keoladeo Ghana National Park Is known as one of the biggest national parks in India.  It recognises as the best bird destination word. This is an artificial wetland. It is very large in size, at this time expanding about an area of 29 sq kilometres. This is a popular place for different types of migratory birds which come here to make their flock like– geese, ducks, raptors, waders,  flycatchers, syberian birds and many more types of birds.

Lohagarh Fort:-

Lohagarh fort is the strongest fort in India as its name suggest- It prooves as an iron rock. lohagarh fort has withstood even after a number of battles. Most of the fight done in this fort against the British there were many attacks from the British side but it survive all attacks. The Lohagarh fort is not only famous for its strongness, but it is also famous for hai beauty a flamboyant is showing off its architectural beauty among all of us. It is a fort which is emitting an aura of rugged strength and courage. There are many things inside it which hold historical importance. It also consists of many cinetops inside it like the Moti Mahal, the Kamra Mahal, Kishori Mahal Kothi Khas and Mahal Khas.

Visit Bikaner:-

Bikaner is a beautiful place which establish in 1488 and is found by Rao Bika. Bikaner is in the northeast part of Rajasthan. It is 330 kilometres away from the capital of Rajasthan. Bikaner is a place which is blessed in geographical structure. Bikaner is an adventuring place, which gives extreme amusement. We can visit many places like –  National Research Centre on Camel, Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh palace, Shri Jain Temple, Laxminath Temple, Ganga Singh Museum, Sadul Singh Museum etc.

Junagarh Fort:-

This fort built in the year 1593. It constructs by Maharaja Rai Singh. Many people of that place believed that the king ordered putting many crocodiles in the water at the surrounding fort for its protection. Junagarh fort built so beautifully, in its construction we can see the style of a fine blend of Mughal, Gujarati and Rajput in its architecture. Its courtyards use to beautify the fort. The amazing and memorable architecture built inside the fort will inspire everyone who sees it. Some of the memorable things inside the fort are –  Chandra Mahal, Anup Mahal,Hawa Mahal,  Diwan-e-khas ,Dungar Mahal, and Ganga Mahal.

Lalgarh Palace:-

This palace was constructes by “Maharaja Ganga Singh”. Lalgarh palace built in the year 1902. Maharaja Ganga Singh constructed this palace in the memory of his father “Maharaja Lal Singh Ji”. Lalgarh palace construct using red sandstone which is an excellent example of the architectural prosperity of our wonderful past. In its construction Rajput, Mughal, and European architectures blend excellently well which makes it a beautiful palace.
This palace can mesmerize anyone with its beautiful architecture.  Massive lawns and houses for peacocks are built in Lalgarh palace. We can also find here a big library, cards room and many billiards room.


Chittorgarh city is on the west side of Rajasthan. It is also known as the land of warriors, people also called it “chittor”. Chittorgarh city establishes at the bank of the “Gambhiri” river. It comes under the Mewar region in ancient times. there are many places which transmit positive energy. We can go to spend our summer holiday at many places like Padmini Palace, Kalika Mata Temple, Meera Temple, Chittorgarh fort etc. Chittorgarh Is One of the holiday destinations in Rajasthan.

Chittorgarh fort:-

Whenever we think about the famous and biggest forts in Rajasthan even in India then the name” Chittorgarh fort” will come to mind of all. It considers the oldest fort. It is consist of  19 beautiful temples and it also has 4 palaces. We can also see 20 water bodies around the fort.

Victory Tower:-

The victory tower is constructed inside the Chittorgarh fort. This tower was constructed by the Mewar King, Rana Kumbha as the symbol of pride in the victory of Mahmud Khilji’s forces. It is a 9-floor tower and in front of it, there is a Jain temple.

Sawai Madhopur:-

Sawai Madhopur city is in Rajasthan. it is famous for “Ranthambore National Park” which was declared a world heritage by UNESCO. Madhopur is a planned city, it is founded by “Raja Madho Singh” in the year 1751-1768. It is an adventure park. Madhopur enhances knowledge. It gives an unforgettable experience.

Ranthambore National Park:-

The Ranthambore National Park is popular in the world. It is a national park. It consists of many types of animal species. which are rare to see, There are many animals taken under care by the authorities according to government guidelines. We can find a variety of animals and birds like- sloth bears, Nilgai, hyena, lion, chital, wild boars and many animals can found here.


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