Top Game-Changing Modern Recruiting Techniques


The digital revolution has transformed the recruitment process. In the last decade, there’s been a shift from traditional recruiting to an innovative use of recruitment tools and techniques. These include sourcing tools, job posting platforms, video interviewing, skill assessments and other techniques. Here are several modern tools and techniques that are helpful for recruiters:

 Applicant Tracking Systems

On the rise with large and small businesses, the ATS has rapidly emerged as the core software for the recruitment industry. This is where recruiters post jobs and collect resumes.  What are the benefits for businesses? Well, in summary:

  • Efficiency: Log all your hiring campaigns and candidate information in one system.
  • Candidate Data: With talent adding their details to your system, you have ready access to a pool of workers for any similar job role in the future.
  • Mobile Access: : Most ATS’s come with mobile apps and interfaces, so it makes it easier for candidates and recruiters to apply and also track applicants respectively 
  • Admin reduction: Again, do away with filing cabinets and streamline everything through one recruitment hub—no more excess of files lying in your office!

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Video Interviews

Whether a candidate lives 50 miles away or in another country entirely, the terribly archaic practice of dragging candidates for in-person interviews is coming to an end. It’s a waste of time and money when we all have access to Skype, Google Meets, and Zoom, to name a few tools of instant communication. Video interviews have changed the game, benefitting both the recruiters and candidates. 

  • It’s a time saver for all parties—you can remove the less suitable candidates after a brief screening call and then bring in your top selection once you have one or two you’re really set on. Video interviewing can benefit both recruiters and candidates in two forms.
  • Minimize phone screens:  Pre-recorded videos allow you to provide the questions you need candidates to answer so you can watch at your leisure, just as candidates can respond at their own..
  • Reduces conscious and subconscious bias: With video interviewing process, all candidates answer the same questions set, have the same thinking and answer time. This removes any variation in the interviewing process. One-way video interviews mitigate the bias from the hiring process. 
  • Save on travel costs: Video intervening saves your time and cost on travel. Because you don’t need to commute to the interview. A video interview platform keeps applicants out of traffic, and can eliminate the need to fly in your final round candidates, saving flight, transportation and hotel costs.
  • Provide a positive candidate experience:  A positive candidate experience is the key to keep attracting the best talent to your company. Employers must create a good first impression in front of candidates, especially if they don’t get hired. Using video interviews in your recruitment process will show candidates that your company is avant-garde and takes advantage of the benefits new technologies can provide.

Video Job Description

Come up with cool and unique concepts where recruiters can upload a video file or link a Youtube/Vimeo video on the job description page. Video job descriptions increase the authenticity of your job post because, in the video, candidates will see the team or hiring manager directly.  

  • Think Out of the “Job Description”: with the help of video job description, recruiters have the chance to sell your job to the candidate! Let them know why they should work with you! The video job description will make your job posting extraordinary and genuine.
  • Say bye-bye to wordy job descriptions: Create a job description video that lets your applicant know the perfect candidate for the position.

Rise of Social Media in Hiring System

This is not the most revelatory point to make but, yes, social media can be a great place to head to recruit. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or professional networks such as LinkedIn, you find a variety of professionals who are easy to get in touch with.

Text-Based Engagement

Engaging your candidate via text messaging is a recent method of technology in recruiting. Build relationships with candidates to get them excited about joining your company. Let them hear what you are looking for directly from the source, not from a job board.

  • Faster: Text based engagement is faster and more direct.
  • Flexible: Text recruiting is more flexible, allowing parties to communicate at any time.
  • Invites: Quickly send invites to candidates to apply for a job.
  • Notifications: Send notifications on the fly to keep candidates up-to-date on the status of their application.
  • Instant Feedback: Send messages asking for feedback about your recruitment process.

Open-Ended Job Posts

Your standard job descriptions are also changing. Some recruiters are trying out new tactics, like leaving off job titles. 

The idea is to encourage employers to hire according to skills. In the recent past, it’s been common to choose the candidate with the most experience.This must, surely, be the best option. Yet experience doesn’t account for natural enthusiasm, nor whether an individual will naturally fit into your business culture or your existing team. If they’re a great fit for your office, training them for six months or longer can reap dividends in the long term.

Skill Assessment Tools

Online assessment tools are the quickest and most effective way to improve your recruitment process. They make hiring easier for hiring managers, interviewers, and candidates. Recruiters only have to send out the link to the appropriate online assessment, for the candidate to carry out in the comfort of their own home. In certain cases, these tests can still be live monitored by the interviewer/recruiter if required. 

Cost Effectiveness:  Online assessment is cost-effective, due to the reduction in administrative time and resources to managing the whole exam creation, delivery, and marking processes.

Get the Best Talent In Less Time: Companies need productive employees, but talent acquisition requires a significant amount of time and resources to find talent. This problem can be solved with the online assessment tools for your recruitment process. 

Auto-proctoring techniques to prevent cheating in online test

Auto-proctoring is an online proctoring technique that uses audio-video and screen stock examinations to reject any fraud during the online skill testing. 

An auto-proctored online skill test is a more convenient and flexible option for students and the corporate sector. 

Auto-proctoring verifies biometric properties like facial recognition, keystroke dynamics, voice recognition, etc. It detects evaluation fraud in a test environment. Thus, auto-proctoring can monitor the candidate and test environment without human intervention.

  • Increase trust: With auto-proctoring, recruiters or hiring agencies can trust the online testing and assessment softwares.
  • Detects and flag suspicious activity: Auto proctoring coupled with online testing generates candidate assessment and behaviour reports quickly.
  • Customization: Customization is available as each company varies.
  • Reduce the manual work: Reduced manual work and interference



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