Top Benefits and Features of (ATS)Applicant Tracking System.


ATS is an acronym for Applicant Tracking System. It’s a standard software program used by recruiters, hiring managers, and agencies.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows recruiters to work faster and more efficiently thanks to its automation and artificial intelligence-based capabilities. This software helps recruiters achieve their recruitment goals.

Accordingly, 94% of professional recruiters/hiring managers said that Online Applicant Tracking Software or Online Recruitment Software positively impacted their business and the hiring process.

The benefits of an applicant tracking system?

One of the most famous sayings says that old ways won’t lead to new opportunities. Like that, your business processes must upgrade to stay ahead of the competition and be a leader in the market.

You get a lot of benefits when you use an applicant tracking system for your business, instead of manual recruitment. It boosts productivity.

  • Save time

The main benefit of an online applicant tracker is the ability to save a lot of time during the hiring process. Applicant Tracking System have many unique and essential features that streamline manual processes such as job posting, interview scheduling management and finding the right candidate for the job.

Employers can save a lot of time by using hiring software instead of traditional recruiting methods.

The survey found that 86.1% of respondents believe that ATS speeds up hiring.

  • Reduce the cost of hiring

No business wants to spend large amounts of money hiring the wrong people. The more time it takes to recruit the right talent, the more expensive it will be. It is the truth. Analyzing the data reveals that advertising, job postings, and the recruitment agency are expensive. ATS is a cost-effective option.

Small businesses with fewer than 10 employees can save as much by using an online ATS system.

  • Enhance the quality of hire

According to the research, 78.3% of ATS owners say that it has improved the quality of candidates. It is due to essential features such as the pre-employee assessments test, automatic job matching, candidate matching feature, and an overall scorecard.

Top talent is only available for 10 days. Employers can speed up the process by using applicant tracking software to help them quickly hire high-quality talent.

  • Strengthened employer brand

Employer branding can enhance by using applicant tracking software. ATS allows for continuous engagement with candidates during the hiring process. The self-service portal establishes and maintains a relationship with candidates and makes it easier to apply for candidates.

We found that 75% of candidates believe that an employer’s culture and brand are essential when applying for a job. A well-respected employer brand attracts top talent automatically.

  • Enhance the candidate experience

Whether the candidate hires or not, the impression that the recruitment process left on each candidate is essential, both in terms of profit, the best and most discriminating experience for candidates will be provided by the ATS-based recruiting approach.

Regular updates to the candidate and the status of their application, chatbots, self-interview scheduling, automated emails, and other activities via ATS enhance the candidates’ experience.

The research shows that between 80 and 90% of candidates abandon the company after they have experienced a poor recruitment process.

  • Streamline your recruitment process

The overall process of recruiting is made easy by using Applicant track software. ATS allows HR to quickly find all the matching candidates in less than an hour. It is a significant improvement over using the software.

Furthermore, this will increase the accuracy and speed up hiring. Instead of using multiple software to accomplish different tasks, all information is available in one place with ATS. It makes it easy to manage the hiring process.

Why is an Applicant Tracking system necessary?

The talent competition is increasing, and it has become more difficult for recruiters and talent managers to find the right match for their organization. To hire the best talent, recruiters must face many challenges.

If you want to solve this problem, an ATS could be the right tool. You can reduce the risk of making fatal mistakes in your recruitment process by adopting an ATS. You can also reduce the cost and time it takes to hire compared with your competitors.

Many recruiters said that applicant tracking software helps them grow their businesses.

Features of Online Applicant Tracking System!

Recruiters should opt for technology over a manual process. It allows them to automate the whole process without human errors. It increases the ability to deliver a job.

The primary purpose of a recruiter when using applicant tracking software is to automate and organize the candidate pool. Some extraordinary and standard features make it possible.

Different ATS offer a variety of features that often include the followings.

  • Career page hosting

Companies can post an open position on their website using the job page. Many applicant tracking systems allow users to do this directly through ATS.

The ATS simplifies the process by allowing you to upload photos, descriptions, logos, and other marketing requirements.

  • A bunch of job boards

Posting job openings on different job boards increases the reach and chances of finding the right person.

Many recruitment sites, such as Indeed, Monster and CareerBuilder, have a partnership. You can create a job and post it on multiple sites in one click.

  • Managing interview scheduling

Interview scheduling can be a tedious process. ATS that provides an automated interview schedule makes the process faster and more straightforward.

Where candidates can set the date and time to suit their schedule, it also includes different calendar plugins such as outlook and Google.

Employers, recruiters, and candidates will save a lot of time with this interview scheduling feature.

  • Reporting and Analytics

Every recruiter and the hiring manager wants to know the overall performance of the recruiting process to improve the hiring process. Nearly every applicant tracking system can provide reporting and analytics.

This feature gives recruiters visual insight. Recruitment management has many great features, including user-friendly reports and analytics.

Applicant tracking software provides interactive and real-time analytics and reports that can be customized and are easy to access.

  • Automation of email communication

The recruitment process has become more critical than ever, with Candidate engagement becoming a prominent part. It is challenging to communicate with more than 100 candidates manually.

Recruiters and hiring managers can use online applicant tracking software to send mass emails to all candidates.

Automated Email helps employers engage with candidates, often correlational providing a good candidate experience and enhancing employer branding.

  • Resume parsing

Each applicant tracking system has a standard feature called resume parsing. Resume parsing is a great feature that allows candidates to apply quicker and create a well-organized candidate list.

This feature allows recruiters to import resumes from platforms like LinkedIn, Monster and Indeed.

  • Mobile friendly

The global mobile device is now a standard. Nearly all job seekers use a mobile phone when applying for jobs. According to research, 77% of job applications are made via mobile phones.

The more applicants complete their application process, the easier it will be for recruiters to use ATS on mobile devices. It is a crucial feature for both the employer and the candidates.

Are you searching for the best applicant track systems? Or are you curious to learn more about the online applicant track system? This blog will give you a comprehensive overview of ATS.

Last Thought

The applicant tracking system is crucial to the modern technology-driven hiring process. Its many advanced features and everyday use offer many benefits for users. As a result, more recruiters, HR managers and hiring managers are using applicant tracking software.


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