Top 7 Smartphone Problems (with their Solution)

Top 7 Smartphone Problems (with their Solution)

You can adjust without a meal but can’t skip using your phone right? Smartphone Technology has become an inseparable part of everyone in this 21st century. And we all are aware of the role smartphones plays in our life. For dating, calling, paying, and meeting, everything is fixed through this simple-looking gadget. No one is perfect so this smartphone also doesn’t come flawless. We often face many issues on our mobile that made us short-tempered. But we should know how to solve some minor smartphone problems that usually seem to happen to all of us. 

Here in this post, you will see some great solutions for your most common smartphone problems that you can solve by yourself. Everyone is using smartphones so everyone should be aware of how easily you can fix some problems without giving pause to your work. You must dont like to survive even for a while without your phone because this is your all-time favourite companion. Let’s get prepared for the most common issue your mobile phone could ever deal with. 

Fix your phone anytime anywhere with the following short tips that are going to be live savers for you.

Top 7 Smartphone Problems (with their Solution)

#1. Slow user interface

After using your phone for more than 1 year you could experience a slow user interface. There are many burning reasons behind this issue but you dont need to worry anymore. To solve this problem, make sure to delete all the files that are unnecessary and dominating your phone’s storage. Also, you can transfer the files, and photos to the external hard drive to free up the storage as much as you can. 

In addition to this install the application that you did not use long ago. If you can’t delete it, then you should clear the cached data. For clearing the cached data of any app go to the setting >, apps you can select a particular app and then select the clear cache option. 


#2  Battery fully drained

Several users are facing this poor battery life issue every day of their life. If such a case happened to you then adjusting the brightness could be proved a life-saver trick.  

In the setting, you can change other functions like screen time, and auto-brightness when you are not using them. You can prolong the battery life of your device by changing some basic locations, display brightness, and screen time in the setting. If you want to find out which app is sucking most of your battery, simply go to the setting and click on the battery section.

Top 7 Smartphone Problems (with their Solution)

Nowadays every android phone comes with an inbuilt battery saver mode which can increase your screen time. Using these quick tips saves you from pausing the most important task in the middle. You should keep trying to change other settings if one option is not working in your favour. If nothing works for your device then make sure it the time to switch to a new one.


#3 Apps not downloading

Sometimes it happens that you can’t able to download any application in your play store. Many users complain about this problem but dont worry it will be solved in a minute. It happened due to the corrupt cache so clearing the history of the google play store would be useful. You can also choose to clean the app’s cache by simply going to your phone setting. Try to restart your phone after you finish your cleaning work.


#4 overheating issue

If you continuously use your smartphone without any breaks then you must be suffering from this issue. Many times this problem is connected to your battery so keep charging your phone in a safe place and try to keep it away from the sun’s heat.

Top 7 Smartphone Problems (with their Solution)

Whether you are a gamer or a full-time android user you should always choose to take a short break from using. This is helpful for your device as well as good for your health. If your smartphone keeps overheating then you must avoid using it while charging.

#5 full storage issue

If you are a person who loves to save photos, favourite music, and videos then you are more likely to face this issue. Thousands of android users regularly face this storage problem but thanks to god you won’t be listed in them anymore. Next time whenever you deal with such an issue stay relaxed and focus to clean data which unnecessary occupies your space. You can move all the old memories, and videos, information to a safe place like shifting to the external hard drive. 

This is the most common smartphone problem which every user faces at least once in their life. when you feel your smartphone getting slower than the 90’s internet this could be the major reason behind this. Unnecessary data, apps not only grab a large percentage of your phone’s storage but also leads to other issues. 


#6 connectivity problems

Are you frustrated because of not connecting to wi-fi or bluetooth? Well, you can solve this issue by just following a couple of simple steps without taking stress. When this problem comes before you, first of all, enable the aeroplane for some time.

You can also choose to turn the on and off the connection and then try to connect again. These tricks almost work with everyone.

#7 your smartphone is not charging 

Several times it happened that after making lots of effort you can’t able to charge your smartphone. it can be caused due to damaged charging port. But before you assume anything first find out whether the problem is in your charger or charging port. If your charger is working then dust and dirt on the charging port can cause this deterioration.

 Dont panic there is a chance that you can solve this before visiting any repair shop. To clean the dust you can use a new toothbrush, toothpick, and cotton cloth. Dont go hard as it can double your trouble try to gently clean the charging port by switching to different methods. After cleaning this if your problem dont find its solution then it’s time to take your phone to the repair centre. 

There are many smartphone problems but we have covered the most common problems which most of the population complains about.

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Summing up

There are also other smartphone problems you could face but these are the most common issue that everyone complains about. Next time when you are stuck with any of these smartphone problems you can able to fix them on your own. If any of this won’t work in your favour then a professional technician can help you to get out of this trouble.

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Smartphone has become the most significant part of everyone’s life, therefore, everyone must aware of how to keep them safe and trouble-free. These are simple tricks which can help you to rescue without taking help from others. The only motive behind this effort is to teach you some basic tips which are always proven life-saving for everyone. 


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