Top 6 Best Antiperspirant for Hyperhidrosis


When it comes to antiperspirants and deodorants, people are not always sure which one should be used. This is because they both do different things and have different ingredients. Antiperspirant prevents you from sweating by blocking the sweat glands in your armpits, while deodorant is just a fragrance or masking agent that hides odour.

Also, some people wonder which antiperspirant is best for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the underarms). It usually occurs on your palms, soles of your feet, underarms, and sometimes on other areas like the face. This article will help you to find out more about which clinical deodorant is the best for you and how to choose the right one. 


What is Hyperhidrosis?

Before we get into the best Antiperspirants let’s learn why we need them in the first place. Hyperhidrosis is a medical term for excessive sweating. Excessive sweating is a very real and embarrassing problem. One of the main causes of this condition is hygiene. Other causes are psychological, dermatological, and physical factors.

It can also be caused by many skin diseases like; eczema and psoriasis. Now we know what hyperhidrosis is and why we need antiperspirants in our life, let’s find out which antiperspirants are the best.


Best Antiperspirant for Hyperhidrosis

Now that you know what hyperhidrosis is, let’s find out which antiperspirants are the best for Hyperhidrosis. Most people buy a clinical deodorant to prevent sweat odour, but one of the most important things is that you choose a good one that will still be effective when applied.

1. SweatBlock Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes:

These wipes are one of the best for this condition. They’re easy to use and you can use them any time of the day. I even used them during my school days when I felt like sweating too much. The SweatBlock wipes are a bit pricey but they work better than any other product out there.

2. Carpe Underarm:

Carpe Underarm is very effective and has a lot of positive reviews as well. While most deodorants are just scented or fragranced, this product is actually a solution to excessive sweating and odour. It is a tested product to manage hyperhidrosis and combat excessive sweating without irritation.

Carpe Underarm helps to block the sweat glands that cause you to sweat excessively. It also helps in preventing future outbreaks of hyperhidrosis without causing any skin irritations or acne. It’s made in the USA and has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon.

3. Duradry 3-Step Protection System:

Duradry 3-step protection system is also a very good antiperspirant and a great choice for hyperhidrosis. This product is highly recommended by people who suffer from excessive sweating problems.

Duradry has a double-action formula that is meant to prevent your armpit sweat glands from over sweating and sending it to nearby areas of your body. It reduces the amount of sweat produced by 70% and then dries out the remaining moisture.

4.  Right Guard Xtreme Defence:

Right guard is another great option for this condition caused by excessive sweat. It’s effective in controlling sweating, rash, and irritation.

It’s also all-natural and safe for your body. It is not allergic and doesn’t contain any chemicals or alcohol. Right Guard Xtreme Defence works pretty well and has a number of positive reviews on amazon

5. Arm & Hammer UltraMax:

Arm & Hammer is a very effective clinical deodorant for sweating, especially when you’re in a certain condition or you need something that works fast. This product has maximum strength and a very good effect on excessive sweating. It fits any lifestyle, while giving you defense against perspiration. The scent is just like regular deodorants but it works better than most other products. 

6.  Gillette Clinical Strength:

This clinical deodorant is another one of my favourites. It’s an effective antiperspirant that reduces sweating by up to 40% and lasts up to 48 hours with just one application and a clinically tested formula. It doesn’t have that strong odour like another clinical deodorant in the market. The scent is not so good but it’s definitely tolerable and it works much better than others. This product is highly advisable for this condition as well as underarm odour problems.

Optional Treatments

1. Medication:

You can take things like vitamin B or zinc to control excessive sweating. These are not very efficient as most of them don’t work well so make sure that you read the reviews on Amazon before buying any of these products to see if they can really help you.

2. Warm Compress:

Warm compresses are usually applied for the underarms, but they can also be used anywhere on your body that has excessive sweating and odour problems. Just dip it in warm water and apply it to the affected area, this should help to stop excessive sweating.

3. Other Methods:

Some people use other methods like botox or even surgery but these are usually expensive and not always effective. Make sure that you consult a doctor before undergoing any of these treatments.

4. Laser Treatment:

Laser treatments are more commonly used for excessive sweating on the face, underarms, and hands. However, they are also useful in other areas as well. Lasers are useful in the treatment of underarm sweating as they can precisely target, heat, and destroy the sweat glands, which are found in a particular layer of tissues under the skin of the underarms. 

Laser treatments on the underarms creates a permanent hairless look. It permanently damages the sweat glands. This can be used to treat hyperhidrosis problems in your armpits that result from too much sweat.


If you are struggling with hyperhidrosis you know how frustrating it is to try to find a product that has the same effect. Since there’s no cure for this condition, the best thing you can do is to purchase a clinical deodorant that’s effective and doesn’t cause any harmful side effects. The best clinical deodorant will not only reduce your sweating but also will help you avoid embarrassing situations. Try out the antiperspirants we have described in this article and see which one works best for you.


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