Top 5 virus protection apps for android

virus protection apps
virus protection apps

Nowadays hackers are very active. Whether you are using your laptop or the smartphone security of the device that you are using is very important. So, here in this article, we will discuss Top 5 virus protection apps for android. Install any one app from this list to secure your phone from different types of malicious activities. But before reading about these apps let’s have a look at the importance of virus protection apps.

Why virus protection apps are important for android users?

Suppose you are browsing an un-secure website and you download some files from this web. These types of files may contain a virus that can harm your device. Moreover, if you are using the app of any unknown publisher they can hack your device, steal your personal data and transfer the virus to your device. If you are not using any reliable virus protection app you can be in serious trouble. So, before visiting any malicious website or installing any app from some unknown publisher think twice before doing this task. You can simply use some virus protection apps to keep your device secure from such type of activities.

What are the qualities of the best virus protection apps?

A good and reliable virus protection app should have the following characteristics:

  • It should be trustworthy
  • Web Shield option should be available
  • It should have a good and fast virus scanning system
  • Wi-Fi Security feature is also very important
  • It must scan every newly installed app

Best 5 virus protection apps for android:-

Here is the list of Top 5 virus protection apps for android users:

Avast Antivirus – Scan & Remove Virus, Cleaner

Avast Antivirus is one of the most reliable apps in this list. Because it has a lot of security features. Besides these security features, it also has a lot of other device speed improvement features. That’s why it is one of the fantastic virus protection apps.

The following are some main features of this application:

  • A powerful Antivirus Engine
  • App Lock & Anti-Theft option
  • VPN (a virtual private network)
  • RAM Boost & Junk Cleaner
  • Web Shield & Wi-Fi Security
  • And many other useful features


Mobile Security: VPN Proxy & Anti Theft Safe WiFi

Mobile Security app is powered by McAfee, a well-known computer security company. So, you can have an idea about the quality of this app. They are expert in the field of security. This app provides you with a lot of useful mobile security features.

Here are some of the features of this app:

  • Spyware removal & app protection
  • Malware scan, virus cleaner and removal
  • Find my phone
  • Anti-theft feature with device lock security and thief cam
  • Wifi scanner
  • Device performance optimization
  • Backup facility

Because of all these essential features, it is included in our list of best virus protection apps.


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Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is also one of the best protection apps for android users. They allow you to scan your device and remove any malicious content for free of cost. There are almost 400 million users trust Kaspersky. 

Following are some of the features of this app:

  • Antivirus protection
  • Find my phone
  • Anti-Theft & App Lock
  • A powerful Web filter
  • Anti-Phishing


Phone Cleaner – Android Clean, Master Antivirus

Phone Cleaner is basically used for optimizing device but it also contains a lot of security and virus protection features. 

Phone Cleaner contains the following amazing features of virus protection apps:

  • Safe Browsing & WIFI Security
  • Free Antivirus
  • Phone Booster
  • App Lock & APP Manager
  • CPU Cooler
  • Junk Cleaner


Mobile Security, Antivirus & Cleaner by Lookout

This application is powered by Lookout(A mobile security company). It basically helps you to protect your data and device from malicious activities.

Following are some of the important features of this application:

  • FREE Mobile Security & Antivirus
  • App Scanning
  • easily identify, clean & remove viruses from an Android device
  • Signal Flare


Which of these virus protection apps do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section.

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