Top 5 Most Incredible And Breathtaking Virtual Event Examples

Virtual Event Examples

The covid-19 pandemic shackled the progress as well as the reach of event industries. This was a major setback as organisations around the globe incurred great losses. They were not able to connect and carry out the required communication. Undeniably, this was a great haphazard. But fortunately, the times are changing now. Industrialists soon realised their way around this tricky situation. They started to utilise virtual event platforms to host effective brainstorming sessions around the globe. This helped them yield marvellous results within a span of time. Since then we have observed an incredible inclination towards virtual events.

What Are Virtual Events?

Virtual events have empowered individuals to host informative brainstorming sessions with the utmost ease. Virtual platforms facilitate participants to partake from any corner of the world and move in a virtual space freely. The Virtual events are quite interactive as well as effective. They not only allowed the organisations to reach a global audience but they also helped them save unnecessary expenses like travelling cost, sitting arrangements, organisational costs, and so forth. In this article, we are going to talk about the five most breathtaking virtual events that will inspire you for the good.

1.Apple’s Virtual Product Launch

The audience around the globe speculated an interactive virtual event hosted by Apple. This session lasted for about two hours and the audience witnessed 20 different speakers. Starting with Apple CEO, Tim Cook, who talked on the topic related to social justice and the pandemic. The audience witnessed a multitude of speakers who successfully captured the audience attention. Virtual event platform was effectively utilised in order to promote their upcoming product release.

2.MG Hector Plus Virtual Product Launch

We observed that the Hector Plus successfully utilised the maximum potential offered by virtual event platforms. They were able to launch Hector Plus Automobile in front of a live audience with utmost ease. This brand miraculously utilised the top-notch features offered by virtual event platform. This entire event created a buzz of more than 7000 live viewers speculating them.

The main purpose of hosting this exuberant live event was to welcome a new product in the MG hector plus family. This event was seamlessly hosted as well as brilliantly exhibited of all the products as well as services. Moreover, all of the speakers were well prepared. They retained the audience’s attention for quite a while with their incredible abilities. Without a doubt, this was an extraordinary virtual event that was a huge success.

3. INBOUND By Hubspot

We all must have heard of Hubspot by now. This is an incredible leader in the world of marketing. Inbound is one of the most anticipated annual events that is organised by Hubspot. Inbound hosted an exciting annual meeting that was in a virtual avatar in 2020. This event lured in ample amounts of attention from every corner of the world. This was a 3-day informative session that was greeted with incredible excitement from the participants from all around the globe.

We got to learn incredible tips and tricks and participate in a variety of conceptualising sessions hosted by none other than prominent speakers like Rand Fishkin and former professional baseball player, Alex Rodrigeuz. The event organisers marvellously generated an exciting buzz among all the virtual attendees. In order to do so, they used effective strategies like amplifying the entire event platform with live comedy sessions and so forth. Unquestionably, this was an astonishing virtual event enjoyed by all the virtual attendees.

4.SBC Digital Summit

This is one of the most prominent events that was most awaited by gaming enthusiasts around the globe. The SBC digital submit is widely recognised in the betting as well as the gaming industry. This event was hosted from 27th April to May 1, 2020, and it lured in a great audience engagement in no time. The SBC digital summit curated an advanced digital platform that facilitated virtual attendees with an immersive space specially designed with captivating elements. This event miraculously depicted every element of the normal in-person events. All the participants experienced a virtual lobby that led them to a vast virtual space consisting of an exhibition hall, virtual booth, conference hall, and so forth.

5. Zoomtopia

Zoom is one such video hosting platform that gained extensive popularity in the pandemic. From informative workshops to educational classes, Zoom successfully provided an incredible platform to all the individuals around the globe. It was then when Larry and Toby Milstein came up with a unique idea to kick-start zooms popularity. They planned on throwing a Charity Gala with the facilitation of this incredible platform. This led to the amalgamation of Zoomtopia.

This was a well-designed event that came along with an invitation, a proper guest list, breathtaking performances and each and every element that curates a real-life ball. Additionally, a hundred percent of the ticket sales was given to the World Health Organisation to meet the expenses incurred due to covid-19.


Virtual events are our new future. These innovations facilitate individuals as well as organisations to host real-time immersive brainstorming sessions around the globe. These events are a great way of maximising audience attendance as well as engagement.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the event Industries suffered a long pause. But, fortunately, the virtual world came to our rescue.

In the above-mentioned article, we have talked about 5 most popular virtual event examples that you should take inspiration from. This event was a great success and miraculously captivated their audience throughout the event. We trust that this article would be extremely beneficial and you will be able to gain insightful information from the same.


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