Top 3 Places You will Really Missed to See Again

Latin American Tower

Here are Top 3 Places You will Really Missed to See Again

Latin American Tower

The Palace of Fine Arts adjoins the Alameda Park, and from the “quarter of palaces” it is separated by one of the main thoroughfares of the capital – Avenida Lazaro Cardenas (the second name is Eje Central), along which trolleybuses dart. There is also the Bellas Artes metro station (lines 2 and 8), the entrance to which is decorated in the style of Guimard – whoever was in the Parisian metro will immediately be struck by the similarity. Not only did the French build the metro, but in 1998 they renewed the design of one of Mexico City’s Central stations. The Latin American Tower is a symbol of the special relationship between France and Mexico.

Obliquely from the Palace of Fine Arts is the Torre Latino Americana skyscraper tower (44 floors, 182 m high). The feeling of “just a little bit of good old Manhattan” was given to Mexico City in 1956 by architects Augusto Alvarez and Manuel de la Colina. At the time, it fully reflected Mexico’s ambitions as a Latin American leader (the building was the tallest among countries south of the United States).


And the risk was great – in Mexico City and the soil, and the seismic situation is not the best, to put it mildly, in the world. Nature checked the tower for lice already in 1957, having sent an earthquake. The building survived. It survived in 1985. Well built, no materials were stolen!

So you can fearlessly climb to the 42nd floor of the tower to view the entire capital of Mexico and the smog above it ($ 3). An additional fee will be require for automatic telescopes on the observation deck. And one more nuance – the elevator stops on the 37th floor, tourists taken through the lobby to be transferred to another elevator. However, you can stop there and go to a small aquarium and a serpentarium. Tickets are sold near the elevators, you need to keep them until the end of the excursion, since there is a control at the exit. And at the San Juan de Letran metro station (line 8) on Avenida Cardenas, another high-rise building, Miguel Abed (1952, 109 m), looks like our houses on Novy Arbat.

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San Angel

The area is interesting for tourists with its Saturday night-time artists’ party, Diego Rivera’s house-museum and the monumental pathos of the university campus. The city tour with limo town car service or with local transportation. The southwestern suburb of Mexico City officially called the Alvaro Obregon Delegation, but the name San Angel more commonly used. There is no direct metro here – either from Barranca del Muerto (the end of the 7th line) drive along Revolucion Avenue 3 km to the south, or from Miguel Angel de Quevedo (3rd line) about the same to the west.

It is best to take a bus going along Insurgentes and get to the Avenida de la Paz, and then walk to the left for 200-300 meters to Avenida Revolucion. This intersection and the slightly off to the side Piazza San Jacinto are the very center of the area. Plaza San Jacinto is the best place for a romantic walk and yoga. In Mexico City, by the way, yantra yoga is very popular today, it gives a feeling of a cozy provinciality. Slightly shabby baroque church of the 16th century, mansions of the 18th century, cobblestone underfoot, shady trees. And no cars – the square is, as it were, fenced off from the city noise.


In the surrounding narrow alleys, houses, hung with bougainvillea, with high fences, all entwined with ivy. And this is some hundred meters from the noisy Avenids Revolucion and Insurgentes! The best time to visit is Saturday, when the entire square and the surrounding streets turn into a hangout-fair of artists, called the Saturday bazaar (Bazar Sabado). A huge series of easels and paintings, umbrellas, craft shops (ceramics, papier-mâché), the artists themselves – both young in baseball caps and respectable beards in denim suits.

You can go to Casa del Risco (no. 15) and view the fountain in the patio courtyard, made of multi-colored cups and plates. El Cafe Solo Dios serves good espresso, while Fonda San Angel serves classic Mexican cuisine. A special time for San Angel is mid-July, when a flower fair held here.

Jamaica’s Blue Lagoon

The town of Port Antonio located on the northeastern coast of Jamaica. In the vicinity of Port Antonio there are beaches, waterfalls, caves and pirate castles. Any traveler will find something interesting here. An interesting place in Port Antonio the magnificent palace built by the millionaire Alfred Mitchell.

Book a Logan airport car service for the beaches of Port Antonio are famous all over the world. The best beach is Frenchman’s Cove, where commercials regularly filmed. To the east is the huge San San beach. Therefore, few people get to the third city beach – Winnifred Beach.

The smell of freedom soars in the air of Port Antonio, which turns into the sweetish smell of marijuana in the evening. The deserted Long Bay Beach is about 20 km from the city.

But the main attraction of Port Antonio is the rugged Blue Lagoon. An excellent view of it opens from the sea.


View from the water of Port Antonio The urban environs of Port Antonio are famous for picturesque waterfalls, caves and river streams that make their way through the tropical jungle. 15 km from Port Antonio, you can explore the Nonsuch Caves, which inhabited by the Arawaks in the past.

Rich Falls is 40 km from Port Antonio. In a dense rainforest, a stream of water falls down. At the same time, it sometimes divided into separate jets, then it again combined together. As a result, 16 lakes formed among the wild tropical forest. To visit this beautiful attractions you can Book a best car service in Boston or hire a on road taxi.

You can enjoy more places if you want, you will definitely need to hire a ride for the next 24 hour to move to see more sights in MA cities.


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