Top 3 Benefits Of Learning & Playing Guitar


Guitar Is A New Language

Making music with a guitar can evoke certain emotions in the listener and even tell a story with or without vocal (or other) accompaniment. By learning to play the guitar and thus the dialect of the “musical language”, we can expand our understanding of music and the world. I’m talking about tablature and written notation, which are literally written languages.

However, the song’s arrangement, harmonic movement, rhythm, lead/melody lines, and the overall feel and emotion of the guitar piece are part of a language in their own right. By learning to play the guitar, you are effectively learning another language! In addition, studies have shown that learning to play a musical instrument, such as the guitar, helps strengthen the same areas of the brain that are responsible for language processing.

Guitar Improves Memory

Consider all the reasons why learning and playing the guitars has to do with memory: Memorizing songs (with rhythm, harmony, melody, timbre/tone) Fingerboard notes (depending on tuning, which may vary) Chord forms (depending on the tuning, which may vary) Theoretical knowledge of music (rhythm, harmony, melody) When learning and playing the guitar, we awaken the hippocampus, which activates neurogenesis, the creation of new neurons.

Guitar Can Help Build Relationships

Music brings people together. So it’s obvious that learning a popular instrument like the guitar will give us many opportunities to build relationships with others. Let’s start by thinking about the teacher-student relationship.

If you decide to go the route of hiring a guitar teacher to help you learn, by default you will develop a relationship with that teacher. This applies to face-to-face lessons and one-to-one online lessons.

Once you learn to play well enough, you can become your own teacher and build relationships with your own students. Some online resources to consider for online guitars tutors are Fiverr, Preply, and Upwork.

They say that birds of a feather flock together. Learning the guitar will make it easier for you to network with other musicians. It’s amazing to think how many close friends I’ve made through music (over 50%). Maybe our friendship wouldn’t be strong if it weren’t for jams, shows and a general love of music.

Whether you start a band or not, mastering the guitars will get you noticed by other musicians. Speaking of getting noticed, if you develop the skills and confidence to play live. You’re sure to meet venue owners, music fans and other musicians.

Music excels as a social art and facilitates meeting new people and forming deeper relationships. To top it off, through playing music I met my amazing friend, specifically as a guitarist!


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