Top 25 Indications That Your Ex Still Loves You

Top 25 Indications That Your Ex Still Loves You

The feeling of being in love may be amazing, but losing that love is an entirely other experience. Unquestionably, it is simpler to fall in love with someone than to break that person’s heart. There are a lot of difficult-to-explain complicated emotions involved in this process. Understanding and processing these emotions are even more difficult. The lingering idea that “ex still loves me” is present throughout it all as well. Confusion results from this. This is so that subsequent questions like “Do I love him?” and “Should I ask him?” may be answered.

The voyage is terrifying. Just hang on and persevere if you’re experiencing this. It’ll require time.There are other rules you can choose to go by, such as the no contact rule, while you are taking a break from a relationship or have just ended one with your partner. Each plant is unique and has a slightly different requirement for soil nutrients, more water, or sunlight. However, the plant will thrive and realize its full potential if you become aware of its demands and then cater to them.

Similar to how you can see the difference when you merely provide the bare minimum—or worse, not enough—to keep the plant alive.Here are some details about the rule as well as indications that it’s effective.The top 25 indications your ex still has affection for you are included in this post.You can also contact our Love problem solution astrologer to know if you want to get back with your ex.Make sure to contact him soon so that the word EX would never appear  in your relationship.

Top 25 Indications That Your Ex Still Loves You

The following is a list of the 25 warning flags you should look out for if you’re wondering whether “he still loves me”:

1: Retains Their Interest In You on Social Media

It’s kind of anticipated that you and your ex could opt to stop following one another after a split. But if he’s still on your friend list or following list on social media, it’s one of the main factors that can give you the impression that he still cares about you.

Even worse, your ex could regularly monitor your postings on numerous social networking sites.

2: He Mocks You For Good Fun

If you and your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend are still friendly, he or she can make light-heated fun of you or try to taunt you during informal discussions.

This is a reliable sign if you’re trying to figure out how to tell if your husband still loves you. It’s a positive sign if your partner still attempts to make you laugh by making jokes or tease you.

3: Makes An Effort To Stay In Touch With You

It’s typical to observe ex-lovers not communicating after a split. But if you believe he still cares about me, he could text or phone you at random times or on special occasions like your birthday to see how you’re doing.

4: Your Ex-Partner Frequently Sends You Images of Locations or Objects That Make Them Think of You

This rule does not just apply to former lovers. Even if you’re wondering if your spouse or boyfriend is still in love with you, pay attention to if he sends you images of things or locations that make them think of you.

It may be anything, such as a bag you both adore or a song you both enjoy.

5: He Will Be Good To Your Loved Ones

Do I still have my boyfriend’s love? Do your former or your current spouse make an attempt to keep track of your relatives and friends?

Does he check in with your close friends or family members through phone call or text message? If so, there is one indication that he still cares.

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6: Frequently Displays Nostalgia

If you have chats with your ex loves and he brings up some happy recollections, it’s another strong hint that he could be missing you and still feeling something for you. It may be something as straightforward as going grocery shopping together or that one special date you had with him.

7: Your Ex Attempts To Touch You Inappropriately

When your ex-boyfriend displays some physical closeness toward you every time you two encounter each other, it’s an indication that he still cares about you. This should not be mistaken with making you feel uncomfortable or approaching you inappropriately.He could just be approaching you for a hug or extending the time he spent shaking your hand.

8: If You’ve Been Distant From Your Ex, They May Feel Wounded

It demonstrates a lot of vulnerability if you make an effort to put distance between yourself and your ex through your words or actions and he expresses how it has affected him. Additionally, vulnerability results from strong emotions. Consequently, you can consider it to be “one of the indicators my ex still desires me.”

9: You Notice Him Getting Several Rebounds

Usually, the person you start dating straight away after breaking up is not someone serious. It may be the case that “he broke up with me but still ex loves me” if you’ve seen that your ex has been seeing someone or more since you two split up.

10: He Takes Note of And Appreciates The Details About You

Once more, this is not limited to ex-lovers. It’s also important to consider your present partners. If he does pay attention to and notice seemingly little facts about you, it can be his way of letting you know how much he values you.

11: He Isn’t Looking For A Partner

Although many individuals get back together after a breakup, your ex could be one of those persons who just needs to be alone themselves.

But if you believe he still cares about me, it may be because a lot of time has passed since you two broke up and he hasn’t moved on.

12: He Shared His Feelings With A Mutual Buddy

If a mutual acquaintance informs you that your ex-boyfriend has admitted his continued love for you to another mutual friend, it is one of the simplest and most direct methods to determine whether he still feels the same way.

He could be trying to tell you something by doing this.

13: Everything About You Triggers A Strong Response From Him

Another clear indication that your ex-lover still has feelings for you is when he exhibits strong emotional responses to anything that reminds him of you (such as a memory, a sentimental item, a movie, etc.).

14: He Is Depressed

He wants you to know this if you get the impression that he’s miserable or if he’s expressed his sadness to you in any way. He likely wants you to understand how devastated he is that you are no longer his cherished.

15: He Calls You When Intoxicated

Your ex may occasionally or frequently call you while intoxicated. In any case, it could be his last remaining means of expressing the love he harbors for you. He probably feels less hesitant to communicate these thoughts after a few hard drinks.

16: He Still Views You As His Go-To Individual

You are undoubtedly still his go-to person if you are the first person he turns to for guidance, confides in you, or discusses good or bad news after a split. As a result, you can find yourself thinking, “He still loves me.”

17: You Might See Him Everywhere

He may be trying out numerous approaches to meet you, and he may be keeping track of your schedule specifically so that he ends up meeting you, if you suddenly discover him frequenting places and activities (where you attend) that he wouldn’t ordinarily be at.

18: He Interacts With You In Hot And Chilly Ways

Your ex-boyfriend could be nice to you and appreciate you one day, but act unexpectedly cold toward you the next. His actions demonstrate a lack of clarity regarding his feelings for you.

19: Despite Your Requests For Him Not To Contact You, He Makes Many Attempts

You’re definitely becoming tired of his constant messages or phone calls. Even though you’ve asked him to leave your life alone, he just won’t. Because he finds it difficult to be alone. He thus makes an effort to contact you.

20: He Makes An Effort To Change His Behavior

Still interested in you? It’s likely his way of saying that he can be better for you if you saw him working on things that you would find objectionable before the split. He thus takes great attempts to resolve the problems you had with him.

21: You Have A Strong Intuition That He Is Attracted To You

Gut instincts are crucial. It could be sending you signals, but you’re probably not noticing them. Therefore, it is probably accurate if your gut tells you that he still has feelings for me.

22: He Cares Deeply About Your Pleasure And Well-Being

He may have mentioned this to you directly or indirectly, but it would be great if he had demonstrated it.

23: He Admitted His Love For You

Nothing is more straightforward than this. You may be certain that the idea in your thoughts that “ex still loves me” is accurate if your ex has come right out and told you that ex loves you.

24: He Cares More About Your Happiness Than He Cares About Being In Your Life

Perhaps your ex loves told you that ex loves you so much that he doesn’t need you in his life. It suggests that he may have strong enough affections for you to see that he might not be a suitable fit for your life.If they insist on talking to you right away and press the matter, you could decide that it would be better to talk to them now rather than wait. Don’t feel compelled to speak to them just because they are around; instead, do what seems right to you. After all, if they ditched you, they might not have given any thought to your sentiments until you made the decision to cease communicating with them. If you have a chance to see someone else in the same area as you, keep this information in mind.

25: He Always Has A Question For You

You’ve heard from other people that your ex is inquiring about you, which is one of the other key indications that the no contact rule is working. This can be a tactic used by female dumpers to inquire about their former partners’ well-being after they have discarded them. They could worry whether you still care and if the split affected you if you remain silent, don’t respond to their texts, or don’t post on social media. They may have had to turn to talking to others about you or asking mutual acquaintances how you are since they won’t be able to receive the information they need from you.


When doing this for your former relationship, there are a few indicators that the no contact rule is effective that you may focus on.When you believe it may be a good idea to stop communicating with your ex, even for a short while, keep an eye out for the indicators listed above.Counseling is another option that might be helpful following a breakup. Working with an astrologer could be helpful if you find that you don’t feel like yourself or that you want to remain alone.If you’re curious, you should research this since they could be able to explain your feelings to you and they might also be someone you can talk to.

Additionally, you must make sure that you give yourself the time necessary to decide what to do next. If you don’t want to get back together with someone, resist any pressure to do so. Even if you really want to reconcile with your ex, you owe it to yourself to do what is best for you. They should respect you enough to give you the time you need if they want to date you again. Apart from this, to remove tension in husband and wife, you can directly connect with our world famous astrologer through our page dainikastrologyservices. Who is fully capable of solving any of your love problem solution.


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