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E-learning videos can have very different formats depending on the needs of the course, the message, or the brand image. Sometimes, in e-learning videos, the teacher has a more significant role. Other times, a presentation or the computer screen would play more significant role. So use a great screen recorder would be helpful when recording your computer screen.

It can also be for technical reasons. You do not have access to a space or studio where you can record the teacher. You must do it from your home or office, etc.

What if we want to record screen and voice simultaneously? We could record the voiceover and then synchronize it with the video. However, the editing work is not simple.

Luckily, various tools and platforms allow us to simultaneously record the presentation, our microphone, and even our webcam. We share some of them so you can choose the best suits you.


It is one of the best and most popular software to record screens on a PC. It is distinguished mainly by its speed and power. OBS Studio is a program that fulfills all of its functions since it offers 60 FPS video processing and does not impose a limit on the recording time.

With this program, you can create recordings of the highest quality and in different video formats, so it is easy to mount them on any of your social networks. But the function that attracts the most attention is that it allows you to upload what you record directly to YouTube.

Likewise, you can make live broadcasts, and if you consider it a completely free program, it is possible to ensure that we are facing one of the best options you have today.

Screen Recorder Robot Lite

This tool is possibly the best option for those looking for a free program to record Mac screens. With this practical and lightweight program, you will be able to record high-quality videos and edit them like a professional, thanks to its multiple editing functions.

The new Microsoft Office 2021 Pro Plus is now available. A completely renovated new office, sure to surprise you, is the original license associated with your Microsoft account. You can change your PC whenever you want and reinstall it as often as you need.

If you don’t know much about handling this type of program, Screen Recorder Robot Lite has a primary mode that will allow you to do great things with just a few tools.

You will be able to add background audio to the video, reduce it, rotate it, cut it, paste different fragments, and even eliminate the noise you find annoying.

You can save the finished videos in different formats and export them directly to your social networks and YouTube. And although it is undoubtedly a great alternative to free programs, it has a limitation in terms of the time it allows you to record since you can only film up to a maximum of 10 minutes.

But do not worry since this is a restriction that can be eliminated. If you decide to pay for the license, it should be noted that it is not expensive.


RecordCast is a free computer screen recording application that allows you to run recordings directly through your browser. Yes, you don’t need to download anything and install it on your computer, so it doesn’t burden the hard drive.

RecordCast is indeed an ideal application for teachers, tutors, and sales marketing who need tools to explain via video. Moreover, the operation of RecordCast is straightforward, so you will not waste your time learning this application.

If you want to record clips for YouTube and don’t want to edit them with a separate video editor, RecordCast is an excellent choice.

Camtasia Studio

This screen recorder is one of the favorite programs for those users who usually record the screen on a PC. Among its many functions, the recordings of videos with a high-quality full HD and the export of the files to different formats stand out.

If you are one of those who like to carry out live broadcasts through YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, Camtasia is the best option you can turn to.

One of the strengths of this program and what makes it one of the best of its kind is its comfortable and very intuitive interface. It’s all because it allows you to slow down and speed up both the speed and the sound of the image.

It has other functions such as sound effects, filters, special effects, and adding text and images. All the material that you produce with the help of Camtasia will be in HD and 4K quality.

The main version of this program is paid, but it has a completely free version, which allows you to use almost all the functions to the maximum of their power. A negative point of this version is that the recording time is limited.


This application is a PC screen recorder that includes many unique features, the same ones that make it stand out among the vast variety of software designed to record PC screens. Action! It is more than just a simple screen recorder tool, and that is where this program shows a vast difference from the rest of the competition.

In addition, it allows you to transmit everything you record with your webcam or any other that you have connected to your computer, all through a USB or HDMI cable.

Its main advantage is the quality with which it is capable of capturing video images, and that is what makes it one of the favorite programs for Fortnite, Free Fire, LOL gamers, and other video games that are so fashionable.

You can also export all the recorded material to the main video formats. Therefore, uploading the content you record to your social networks, or exporting it to any video editor, will not be a problem.

And it is that if you use this program, you may want to resort to another to edit the material since this point is not the strong point of this software.

Movavi Screen Recorder

It is a PC screen recorder packed with so many tools and features, which will allow you to edit and record the content while explaining how to use another format or play a video game. That is the power of Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

The interface of this software is so complete that you won’t need help from external programs to edit the material. Since you will be able to add effects, transitions, cut and join video segments, increase or decrease playback speed, add music from your library, and many other options, make it one of the best programs to record PC screens on the present.

The problem with this unique software is that its best features are reserved for its paid license only. But do not worry, since it is very cheap.

Still, you can use the free version and get the most out of it. But, if you plan to have it as your main program, you should choose to pay for the license.


Ezvid is an entirely free program that allows you to record your computer screen for up to 45 minutes. Don’t let its basic video editor fool you because although it’s not as powerful as the others, you’ll be able to carry out special editions, making your videos look like professionals have made them.

Cut and paste different snippets from your screen recordings with Ezvid. With its help, you will have the opportunity to make live broadcasts through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, all with the help of a simple but effective interface.

It is an excellent option for everyone who needs a good program to generate content without investing any money.


Although its license is paid and somewhat expensive, this is still one of the best option for those looking to record the screen of a Mac. The sheer number of features that ScreenFlow has makes it worth every penny you spend on it.

It is specially designed for gamers. They can show off their skills by recording their exploits and skills in any video game. And it is that in this aspect, the program has an enormous advantage over other software. It is capable of recording games with a very high graphic demand and high quality.

Its comfortable interface will allow you to incorporate any effect and filter to the image. You will also be able to add music and audio from your PC’s library.

When you finish, you can export your work directly to any social network like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For this reason, it is the favorite of many professionals.


A simple program perfectly fulfills all the functions to record the screen on a paid PC should have. What is most striking about TinyTake is that it is compatible to work with both Windows and Linux operating systems.

It is not the best or the most powerful software to record screens you will find on the market. However, you will get a video and audio quality that is comparable to other programs.

It is also noteworthy that if you want to export your videos to other platforms, TinyTake will take care of it without this, implying lowering the quality of the content.

The very unfavorable point is that it does not support the streaming platform. Thus with this program, it will be impossible for you to broadcast live with your PC. Instead, it makes up for it by giving you up to 2 hours of continuous recording.


Bandicam is a very light screen recorder. It will allow you to record your video game skills with the fantastic video quality. If you are one of those who like to teach their knowledge through tutorials, this program allows you to select a specific part of the screen so that only that is recorded.

Some of the most striking features that Bandicam has are:

  • It can record game sessions with much better quality than software designed exclusively to fulfill that role.
  • The total weight of the files is much less when compared to other competing programs.
  • It has an incredible recording capacity that can last up to 24 hours.
  • Its incredible capacity allows you to capture 4K videos with a resolution of 3840 × 2160.
  • Users can create their videos faster and more efficiently. Besides, they can make the video result look as professional as possible.
  • You can record your video game sessions while simultaneously capturing your image with your camera and then superimpose it on the video edition.
  • You can use it to take screenshots and save them in different formats. Later you can add them to your video edition.

QuickTime Player

Last but not least, we have one of the most popular screen recording software. QuickTime Player has remained at the forefront of this type of program for so long. The fact that it is free, simple, and very versatile software. It perfectly fulfills the functions.

An advantage for those with an OS X operating system is that QuickTime Player is already pre-installed with the other components of this system. You will not have to pay for any license or download additional accessory packages.

You can just do simply recording the computer screen with this tool. Still, it is a job that it does more than perfectly. It allows you to produce content of the highest quality and export it to the different formats.

But the reality is that you need robust software capable of offering you the necessary graphic captures, sound quality, and image effects, which allow you to create high-quality content. For this, it is interesting to have some of the best desktop computers and some of the best headphone brands.

Final words

When choosing the best one from the list, I suggest you go for video quality, resolution, and customization. These things will be essential for you when you take a smooth, high-quality video screen.

Now let me say goodbye for now. Remember to share your ideas with the application you select to test it. You can help others to select it. So please stay safe and stay connected with us. Thanks.


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