Top 10 Things to do in Brussels

Things to do in Brussels

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is also the Administrative Center of the European Union. Along with its elegant architecture and vibrant culture, Brussel has become the best city to visit in terms of culture, charm, and impressive urban spaces. If you are looking to book a ticket to Brussels, try the British Airways reservations options to utilize the best deals and offers without hampering your travel experience. 

The Grand Place

Let’s start the tour of Brussels from the focal point, the Grand Place. It is among the most visited places in Brussels, renowned for its lavish display of Baroque architecture. It is considered the most majestic square. However, regardless of its artistic relevance, Grand Place is also an amalgamation of modern and traditional architecture. The streets are filled with the hustle and bustle of locals and tourists moving at their pace, chatting, and enjoying the beauty of this fantastic city. 

Manneken Pis

Never has an item so small, a statue measuring just 50 cm, has brought so much tail to the point of becoming the emblem of a country. Its origin is unclear, and there are many legends about it; the one we like the most is the sculpture made in honor of a boy who, thanks to his incontinence, put out a flame that could have become a wildfire. So famous and beloved is this figurine created in the 14th century that for centuries it has been a tradition for governors and presidents to give him a little dress on his visit to Brussels. 

This is how they have accumulated up to 650 little dresses that can be visited at the Museé de la Ville. You will find the Manneken Pis near the Grand Place, between the streets of L’Etuve and Chene. Of course, the figurine that can be seen today is not the original since it was stolen in the seventeenth century.

Magritte Museum

Another of the country’s icons is this particular painter, who is conventionally ascribed to the surrealist current; however, his paintings have his voice. Besides the astonishing visual imagination, Magritte is praised by the world for its ability to transmit ideas and paradoxes through his highly realistic paintings. If you are an art lover visiting Brussels, Magritte Museum is a place to visit that holds around 250 Artworks by Magritte himself. 


The comparison between Atomium and Eiffel Tower is quite relevant as both are the results of two world exhibitions. Also, they both are icons of their respective cities. Like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Atomium in Brussels holds an essential place for all the locals. The most striking thing about its design is that it consists of an atom’s enlargement, 165,000 million times.

Belgian Chocolate

A treat for those with a sweet tooth! The museum is dedicated to this famous Belgian specialty, Choco-Story Brussels, which traces its history of chocolate and presents its production processes from cultivation to manufacturing to packaging. Travelers and tourists even have the option to attend a demonstration by a master chocolatier, and the tour ends with the tasting session of various types of Belgian chocolate. Travelers have the opportunity to choose from multiple guided tours of Brussels that allows them to visit the best chocolate factories in the capital. 

Museum of Fine Arts

Again, for the Art fanatics, Brussel has a lot in store. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts is a collection of six museums that store more than 20,000 beautiful art pieces by renowned artists. It holds a museum called the Old Masters Museums with art from the 15th to 18th centuries, including a lot amny Flemish Renaissance and Baroque artwork. Another museum called the Modern Museum stores modern paintings that are of the present day. Visit this place to indulge in the world of art, history, and culture.

Cinquantenaire Park

One of the largest and most impressive parks, if not the most, in all of Brussels. With more than 30 hectares of extension, this space was enabled in 1880 to host the National Exhibition, an event to celebrate the 50 years of the country’s independence. What stands out the most is its landscaped esplanade, perfect for taking a break, and the semicircular colonnade that starts from a massive Central Arc de Triomphe. You will also be able to see other buildings that, such as the Great Mosque, the Beyaert Tower, and the Palais Mondial, are part of the complex.

The Beer Museum

As we all know, Begin chocolates and beer are renowned worldwide. So why not try the beer museum as well! Brussels is also recognized as the beer capital of the world. Furthermore, apart from the museum, you try various beer types at the local bars and cafes. Located on the Grand Palace, the beer museum provides a rich history of Belgian Brewing traditions by showcasing the utensils they used, its brewing tanks, and various fermentation tools. 

The Royal Park

If you wish to relax within the city’s serenity, The Royal Park is the place for you. It is also known as Brussels Park, which helps visitors exude peace and has become the ideal place to connect with nature within the city. Have a picnic, read a book or relax and breathe in the natural air at this park surrounded by beautiful fountains, reading rooms, kiosks, and a lot more. 

Halle Forest

An excellent plan to connect with nature and have an outing peaceful and relaxing is to visit the Halle Forest. It is situated on the outskirts of the city and covers approximately 550 hectares of vegetations and trees. It is a beautiful and exciting experience during the spring season to visit this forest as when it burns with hyacinths, and it gives a bluish hue that has led to nickname the forest as Blue Forest. Besides, during this season, there are many airlines offering cheaper fares for flights to Brussels. Try booking your flight using Air France reservation options to have the best deals and discounts along with better flying comfort. 



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