Top 10 Best Estate Cars of Today

Best Estate Cars
Best Estate Cars


The nice thing about station wagons is the breadth of the class. This is simply a consequence of the fact that no matter what type of car the audience wants. There will always be a part that wants to be more comfortable. Rarities like the sweeping 1960s Mini Traveler and the V12-powered Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Trigger Brake can be found in the world. Even the dreary middle ground is full of variety. Look beyond the big boot and some fight for opulence. Others use all of the tricks from the book to make life easier for their owners. And one couple quietly gave priority to dynamics. A handful, we could add, does it all, albeit for a price, so what are the best options for those who just want one car for everything? So here we discuss the Top 10 Best Estate Cars of today.

1. BMW 5 Series Touring

The midsize BMW star is our premium midsize sedan of choice, and it can be argued that pumping up the rear body only adds to the overall appeal of top-notch ride quality. The second reason is that BMW, with its robust range of diesel and gasoline engines, prioritizes economy with four cylinders; to ensure that having a six under the hood is always comfortably easy to move forward, or opt for a tax-efficient plug-in hybrid. The fact that the car of the G30 generation is not as concise as its predecessor is less important for the touring version, whose 1700 liter load space fits perfectly with the lowered rear seat. an M5 Touring at the moment, not even an M Performance M550i or M540d Touring Option, so the fastest regular ‘5’ is the 328 hp six-cylinder petrol 540i xDrive.

2. Skoda Superb Estate Car

This is a car “well on the way to becoming one of the best family cars in the world”. It’s not hard to see why either. Skoda’s chiseled flagship has an enormous load volume of 1950 liters with the rear seats folded – even more than a Mercedes E-Class T-model. Now there is also a petro electric version, the Superb iV Variant, which combines the 1.4-liter TSI engine along with an electric motor. If you can incorporate the roughly 25-mile electric range into your routine, fuel economy (and taxes) is just another reason to consider the great Skoda. However, finding notable flaws in the ergonomics of the cabin, the quality of the materials or the finishing of the rolling is also silly considering the range starts at far less than what you would pay for the usual premium competitors. For even more versatility, Skoda offers a folding front passenger seat with its own ISOFIX anchoring for child seats as well as a height-adjustable trunk floor and, if required, the usual nets and shelves. The only trick he missed is forgetting to put a 40:20:40 split back seat on the team list.

3. Alpina B3 Touring

Probably the most compelling everyday offering on this list is also the most expensive. Indeed, it may seem silly to pay more than £ 60,000 for a Series 3, especially one with no M badge on the trunk lid; But Alpina’s skillful revision of the chassis and engine of the production model has resulted in a combination of handling, performance, and comfort that is so convincing that it earned the last car a five-star test recommendation in 2020. They are among the favorites of our test drivers. and the luxurious Alpina interior, which optionally uses the same leather as Rolls Royce, is another reason to consider these 190 mph station wagons. D3 S for more than a hundred horses. This is a fast all-wheel-drive station wagon with excellent driving manners; the balance and involvement of a realigned salon; reasonable exclusive attraction; and all the family living space you could really want.

4. Ford Focus Estate

The cheapest car here outweighs its weight by far, both in terms of driver attractiveness and functionality, especially since its footprint of almost 4.7 m in length is significantly larger than before. This increases the trunk volume from 375 liters on the hatch to 608 liters and increases to 1,653 liters with the seats folded down. For family vehicle long-distance tasks, we would specify our Focus Variant with the adaptive dampers from Ford, which help to massage a ride quality that would otherwise drift into the realm of grain. ST version, which is available in both diesel and petrol versions and with up to 276 hp in the latter.

5. Mercedes E-Class Estate

Is the E-Class, which is also available as a coupé and sedan, even more convincing? We don’t think so, because if a big Benz’s role is to transport the whole family in enviable comfort, then the farm is where your money should be. On this list, only the cavernous Skoda can keep up with the absolute loading capacity of the Mercedes. The driving comfort and effortless handling are so cultivated that driving the E-Class Estate is almost as relaxed as sitting in the front passenger seat. If the road starts to bend it is better served elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have high-powered (E63 S) or diesel plug-in electricity (E300de) if you want.

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6. Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Jaguar did a lot for the rational appeal of its somewhat long-toothed larger executive option, the XF, when it made a major overhaul of the interior, slashed the engine range, and cut the list price by a four-digit figure in early 2021. Now it is available for less than £ 38,000. A ‘D200’ four-cylinder diesel isn’t much more expensive, and you can get it with all-wheel drive as well, haven’t dropped any of their Ingenium in-line six on the car and probably won’t in the future. But whichever engine sits in the nose of the Sportbrake, it gets the best handling chassis in this class and one that changes direction wonderfully thanks to the weight and responsiveness of Jaguar’s branded steering. More of a family car, now finally with a cabin and infotainment system worthy of a premium manager.

7. VWG Arteon Shooting Brake Car

As the regulars of the family car niche know, there are family cars and family cars – and a fire brake can pull a very special family car. Brake version as part of the latest facelift and made something really cool out of what used to be a pretty cool car. This is a car that can accommodate two rows of adult passengers and lots of luggage, and it also has a subtly luxurious and luxurious cabin, if not too luxurious. 197hp is available, as well as a 215hp ‘hybrid PHEV, available with a £ 40,000 mustache that could appeal to fleet operators. With its Allpaw Golf R drivetrain, it could tempt some more enthusiastic drivers looking for an attractive and distinctive yet alternative performance truck.

8. Audi A6 Avant

Audi may have diversified its offering to include superminis and a mid-engined supercar, but a midsize executive all-wheel drive, preferably powered by an effortlessly smooth-running V6 diesel, illustrates what the car is all about. of the week in terms of mechanical sophistication, technological sophistication, and perceived cabin quality, the Audi surpasses its compatriot. In addition to a large luggage capacity, this car offers an authentic Audi experience. Audi’s range of engines for the car reads like a restaurant menu, offers conventional four-cylinder petrol and diesel; Six-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines; two different petrol-electric plug-in hybrids; and then two more high-performance cars in the S6 and RS6. Whatever you have, choose air suspension whenever possible.

9. Volvo V90

Just five miles on a V90 is enough to show you clearly where Volvo’s priorities are in developing this car. The ride quality lives up to that promise of isolation from the outside world, and while the suspension may seem a bit thin at low speeds, as a freeway cruiser it does justice to the best. and comfort, but the V90 ultimately lags behind the front-runners in its class due to its loose body control, slight inaccuracy in drive control, and relatively clunky four-cylinder engines. T6 Recharge, a petrol-electric plug-in hybrid, is one of our most popular electrified powertrains from Volvo.

10. Peugeot 508 SW

With its higher roof, the 508 Station Wagon immediately outperforms its limousine brother, as the headroom in the rear is not so restricted. Of course, for some competitors, this property isn’t that spacious and it’s not that great to drive either, but it drives well enough at speed, steers with pleasant precision, and is without a doubt the most beautiful family car in any segment. Anyone who has not set foot in a Peugeot for a long time will be pleasantly surprised not only by the fit and workmanship of the interior but also by the imagination of the visitors. Inexpensive engines, if not particularly expressive, are another reason to at least consider the 508 SW. Meanwhile, the high-performance hybrid 508 PSE raises the dynamic bar significantly for the 508; It’s expensive, but if you like the idea of ​​a particularly versatile family car that interests you for a country road and can impress you with its urban economy, it deserves your attention.

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