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Mumbai, because the town of dreams, will get quite suffocative typically, as a result of the excessive crowd and pollution. With deadening traffic and limitless folks on the streets.The center simply needs for a brief escape to an additional tranquil place. you’ll barely even see stars within the sky after you gaze up within the town.

However, a fun encampment trip close to metropolis is simply what you would like to rejuvenate from the exhausting town bustle. Luckily, the metropolis is simply hours removed from the Sahyadri, thus you’ll continuously drive all the way down to feel on the brink of nature and tranquility.

In fact, an encampment trip with bonfires and watching sounds much better for a weekend getaway close to the town. Hence, we’ve listed out a number of the most effective encampment sites and places close to metropolis. you’ll pack your trekking luggage to travel on an evening encampment trip close to metropolis. Further, you’ll conjointly relish some watching close to metropolis as there area unit several encampment sites! Here the area unit is our high ten encampment sites close to the metropolis.


Pawana Lake

Pawana Lake is the most well-liked camping ground close to the metropolis. The sparkling lake has been attracting an excess of millennials and travelers to line camp here and revel in a good weekend. placed at an ideal distance from metropolis and Pune, Pawana Lake may be a nice camping ground that you simply will take. The place is packed virtually each weekend as folks flock over to flee the town life and be cuddled by the scintillating nature that surrounds Pawana Lake. 


Vasind Riverside encampment


Nestled on the brink of the town rests this tranquil haven for a good encampment expertise. One amongst the noted places for encampment in the metropolis is the riverside encampment trip close to Vasind. From Vasind train depot, you’ll get one amongst the jeeps to require you to the Bhatsai riverside.

it might be ideal to succeed by four PM as you’d get to catch the sunset and even find your tents. Huddle up some tents and create a balefire for a night at the riverside in Vasind. The ambience of the place is incredibly reposeful and calming to the senses. you’ll amp up the volumes in your phone and hear music, even dance a bit perhaps, as you pay some time at the camping ground close to metropolis


Harishchandragad Trek and encampment

Another nice encampment escapade close to the metropolis is Harishchandragad in Malshej steps. The enticing peak placed in Malshej steps is one amongst the cool places for encampment close to the metropolis. you’ll trek up to the highest of Harischandragad in conjunction with your buddies and find your tents.

There’s a selected spot wherever you’ll line up your tents in conjunction with the others for a fun encampment trip close to metropolis. The encampment spot overlooks the natural depression that makes for a good read. you’ll flip your cameras out and begin clicking footage as you relish an honest barbecue session. Plus, you’ll conjointly strike up conversations with strangers in neighborhood camps.


Panchgani encampment and watching

Better legendary for being encircled by 5 hills, Panchgani may be a lovely place to go for encampment close to the metropolis. The stunning hamlet within the interior of the Sahyadri ranges is a good place for a pleasant encampment session. Either you’ll carry your tents, otherwise you will rent a tent at the summit for watching.

Several tours present themselves in Panchgani for watching and balefire. The arrival time for watching and encampment in Panchgani starts in the dead of night. Do carry your sweaters because it gets super cold at Capitol Hill station. it’s one amongst the favored encampment sites close to metropolis that you simply would fancy.


Prabalmachi encampment

Do you fancy trekking and would love to explore the Sahyadri home in a geographic region? Prabalgad Fort in Maharashtra is one such trek that you simply would fancy. It falls within the medium level of trekking and is super fun for the trekking enthusiasts.

As you trek up, you’ll soak within the lush foliage. Prabalmachi is additionally noted for being a camping ground for several. Usually folks tend to explore the encircling areas of Prabalmachi throughout their trekking expedition. 


Kolad encampment and Rafting

Camping and rafting in Kolad may be a terribly noted activity. Visiting Kolad is one amongst the favorite weekend activities for several journey junkies. The World Health Organization cannot choose an extended trip. Kolad may be a common camping ground close to the metropolis. you’ll stargaze as you camp close to the metropolis if you visit Kolad.

Several tend to succeed each day before the rafting activity as they get to camp within the geographic region and soak within the fantastic thing about watching close to metropolis. The town does not get to witness a sky packed with stars, thus it becomes an awfully mesmerizing expertise to stargaze and camp close to the metropolis.


Igatpuri Camp

Snuggled up by the Western Ghats, Igatpuri may be a pretty place close to metropolis for encampment. For an ideal weekend getaway from the town, you ought to check up on Igatpuri for encampment and watch close to the metropolis.

There are several encampment sites placed close to the lake in Igatpuri that are ideal for your encampment and watching expertise close to the metropolis. you’ll pack your own food or book meals as there area unit stalls conjointly obtainable within the neck of the woods. 


Karnala camping ground

Barely an hour and a 0.5 hours from the metropolis rests the tranquil camping ground of Karnala. placed right next to the favored Karnala volary and Fort, the camping ground close to metropolis may be a hit among encampment enthusiasts. many of us value more highly to drive down from metropolis and Pune to expertise encampment in Karnala. The place offers a good deal of natural serenity. 


Bhandardara encampment 

One of the foremost common encampment sites close to metropolis once Pawana Lake has to be Bhandardara. located close to Igatpuri, Bhandardara usually plays host to several campers and travelers. The World Health Organization flooded over from the town to flee the noise and pollution.  Either you’ll carry your own tents and drive. All the way down to the place for an encampment and watch expertise close to the metropolis. 

Kundalika Rafting Camp

Many think about Kundalika rafting camp to be one amongst the most effective in geographic region. Simply a couple of hours drive from metropolis. It would lead you to at least one of the most effective places to camp and stargaze close to metropolis. It’s a hotspot for journey junkies and encampment enthusiasts.

The placement is bewitching with trees and foliage on all sides.You’ll hear the Kundalika watercourse flow within the background . You fancy watching with some barbecue and balefire. The expertise is actually moving for those that want to flee from the chaotic lives within the town



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