To Get High Band in IELTS Exam, Paraphrasing is the Key

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To Get High Band in IELTS Exam, Paraphrasing is the Key

For all the IELTS aspirants to know the term ‘paraphrasing’ is essential. Many IELTS aspirants are familiar with this word but somehow failed to implement this logic in their IELTS exams.

If you check the meaning of this word in the dictionary, you will find that paraphrasing means to express the purpose of something written or spoken using different words. Paraphrasing means to restate the meaning of a sentence using different words in your style.

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For Reading Section

It becomes challenging to find out the perfect answer in the IELTS Reading exam when the question is a little tricky. Aspirants often go for finding keywords; however, the keyword might have been rephrased.

For example, you get a passage which states that ‘Amara is the prettiest girl in the class’ and your question asks ‘who is the most beautiful girl in the class?’. Now, here is your answer.

In the same way, you may need to read and understand the passage before you look for the specific keywords.

For Speaking Section

When it comes to the IELTS Speaking exam, aspirants often repeat the same idea more than once. It works in their favour to save some challenging situations. In the speaking section, you cannot replay or see the question.

Therefore, if an aspirant is struggling to get a new thought, rephrasing any sentence might be useful for them to impress the examiner.

For example: “As I have already mentioned before…” and later you can frame the earlier answer with some new words or synonyms to buy some time.

For Listening Section

Similarly, in the listening section, aspirants struggle to find the keyword in the recording. They commit mistakes in finding the exact word in the recording and fail to give the correct answer.

Also, you don’t get to hear the recording again, so it creates more trouble for an aspirant. Therefore, you have to be smart enough to catch the rephrased words in the form of synonyms or antonyms.

Understand the audio recording and analyse the questions before you try to listen to the specific keywords.

For Writing Section

In the writing section, aspirants have to express their ideas and thoughts more expressively. When it comes to writing tasks, you have to use paraphrasing to show the same opinion with the help of different words.

Paraphrasing is mainly done in the introduction part of the IELTS Writing exam. The introduction is the first impression a candidate makes, and it will help them to showcase the skills of English language proficiency.

You can use a range of vocabulary and ideas instead of repetition. Paraphrasing can help to provide support to the opinion stated in your response.


You can use paraphrasing in all the sections of the IELTS exam. Learn various methods on how to use paraphrasing and implement it in your exam.

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