Are you planning to travel?

Well, you are not alone!

As the cases of covid-19 are graphing down people are stepping out of their houses to enjoy Mother Nature!

But the common problem which is faced by most of the travel freak people is to travel on a budget!

As a prominent cab service in Chandigarh, we can understand how difficult it has become for people to travel on a budget these days!

There are many reasons for this like decline in the tourism sector due to pandemics.

Inflation all over the world also impacts the aim to travel on a budget.

But do you know what!

You need not spend your whole fortune just travelling to beautiful and exotic places!

 And also you need not wait to win a lottery ticket.

Here are some of the best tried and tested tips that are going to impact your pocket positively!

Travelling is very important to keep our mind fresh and you keep yourself enthusiastic. 

It not only reduces the pressures on the mind but also provides you with new energy to come back and give your best to the work. 

And now when you know ways to travel on a budget, why miss this opportunity?

Do you make travel plans spontaneously?

Well, this is good if you have the luxury of time and money!

But what if you want to travel on a budget?

If you wish to travel on a budget, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of this immediate or spontaneous travelling!

The first step is to always make a plan before you travel!

Are you wondering how this can help you to achieve the goal to travel on a budget?

Well, it has been seen that last minute flights and accommodations are costly in comparison to one done in advance.

Another reason is if you plan you have ample time to compare and choose the budget-friendly options.

Don’t worry!

You need not make a minute-by-minute schedule. You just need to have an idea of the fun which you are going to do!

This is the first and the most important step to planning!


So! Have you ever thought of travelling out of the season?

Well, what does it mean to travel out of the season?

Travelling out of season means travelling when the tourism sector is not on the hikes!

This is generally the time when there are no holidays in the schools; there is no break in the organizations, no special festival and no seasonal traffic!

 Now, if you travel in such a situation you will have to spend less money as compared to the situation of hike season!

The reason here is that this is not the peak time.

This means there are not so many bookings! Thus the place or the service becomes more affordable!

This will help you to achieve your goal to travel on a budget!

So, just research the best time and enjoy your trip while spending less money!


Do you know what costs you the most while you are travelling?

Well, it is accommodation!

Accommodation can cost your wallet quite high!

So, what to do in this case to travel on a budget?

Sharing a room will naturally divide the cost and will make the travel more affordable!

Many apps provide you with a square room in a locality in someone’s house where you can stay and get a closer view of that area and locality.

This is a great alternative as the prices are going to be reduced to half and the entertainment gets doubled!

The idea of staying with your friends and family in that area never gets old!

This is the best way to sit with your distant lost friends and family members and enjoy your trip with your near and dear ones!

These ways will help you to travel on a budget to places where you have never travelled before! 


Another tip to travel on a budget is to make bookings of your flights and taxi services in advance.

Now, why is this important? And how is it going to reduce your expenses?

If you make the bookings in the offseason, then you are going to get good facilities at fewer prices.

You can easily get the taxi service in Chandigarh or that area if you are a bit advanced in your approach!

Do you know how much a spot ticket can cost?

Especially while coming back from the trip!

It is the time when you have made many expenses and if you are thinking of getting immediate tickets, the situation even becomes more adverse!

So, plan and make the bookings prior to the journey. 

Preferable in the off-seasons to get the best benefits!


Do you want to know pro tips to save your money and travel on a budget?

You can simply go for cheap lunches. This can be brought to a supermarket or fresh from a local food market!

This is a better option rather than dining at excessively overpriced restaurants or cafes!

Now there is a new trend where you get a kitchen as well as the rooms. Here you will be allowed to cook and in this way, you can minimize this expenditure as well!

Drinking beer every time with your dinner will add to your budget!

So, follow these tips and travel on a budget!


The main point here is that everyone wants to travel and make good memories. 

But people stay back due to the high costs of travelling and tours!

Here it is very important to understand that there are many smart ways with the help of which you can travel on a budget!

Always make bookings in advance!

Make sure you travel out of the season. This will help you to enjoy more in fewer budgets as well!

Always book the tickets before and don’t go to costly and wallet-draining restaurants!

Follow these tips and make beautiful memories on a smaller budget!

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