Tips to Stay Positive and Active Throughout the Day


Do you feel laziness throughout the day? Long office hours can make you passive and pessimistic at the same time. You can easily move towards the pessimistic side of the perspective spectrum and it is very common nowadays. There is a situation where you need to be optimistic but, rather than being optimistic, you behave pessimistically, and there you lose the bait. Yes, no doubt it is hard to be positive every time and to think optimistic but at least you can try. Being optimistic is the solution to most of the unsung questions. Maria Robinson has quoted that, “ Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” and this hits us hard.

Being always motivated, always optimistic is a difficult task but being negative and pessimistic will also give you nothing. It will only take your morale down at the bottom and the thing which earlier you could do easily now becomes difficult. If you are pessimistic, trust me, my dear friend, you are not going anywhere if you are still, you are just stagnant.

The same goes for laziness. If you are not active, you probably can miss out on many opportunities in life and may regret it later. But, why regret later? Here are some of the best tips and tricks that will help you to be positive and active throughout the day. You will find the ways through which you can convert your pessimistic thoughts into optimistic ones and also become more active to grasp opportunities.

Tips to Stay Active Throughout the Day

In this section, you will be finding out the tips and tricks to be active throughout the day. After following these tricks and tips, you will surely see the difference in your energy level.

1. Communication

Well, it is obvious to be passive when you are only engaged in your only. You will be getting a feeling of loneliness, frustration, and anger when you are isolated and this is what makes you passive. Talk to your colleagues, your friends, your classmates, whenever you are facing such problems.

They will help you out to take you out from this. There is a situation when you have no one to help you, in that situation, try to deal with it yourself by remaining active in something you like. If you are communicating properly with your mates, then it would rarely be a case if you are feeling dizziness and passivity. Communicating and reciting your thoughts is the best practice you can do to remain active throughout the day. Help your friends, go outside with them and hang out with them.

But, try to maintain social distancing in this coronavirus. Wear Face Mask Respirators and disinfectants and wipes before communicating offline in this pandemic.

2. Diet

Yes, it is a major decision of how your day will go. Do not take very heavy diets, they will make you lazy and drowsy. Have a good breakfast, a healthy one. It is the most important meal of the day and it is the meal that decides how your day will go. You can take breakfast heavy, but healthy.

Make sure that you are full until lunch, which will not induce cravings. I am again repeating the fact that make sure you are taking healthy diets, which also are tasty. You can go with muesli or oats or something like this. They are healthy, tasty, and also will fill up your stomach also. This way you will be active throughout the day because now you have the energy to work.

3. Breaks

Focus for 20 minutes, take 5-minute rest, again focus for 20 minutes, and again take a break of 5 minutes. This is scientifically proven that if you are focusing for 20 minutes, you are most probably going to retain things for a longer period of time.

This way you will also be active because you are now taking proper rest in between your work schedule. These breaks will help you to rejuvenate and also keep you away from imperative thinking. You will feel even fresher and thus ultimately active. Sanitize your hand in this short break.

4. Hydration level

The amount of water inside our body also plays a vital role in our activeness and passiveness. If your water intake is less than your brain will automatically become more active. You will not feel tired and will work at your best.

Sip water 2-3 times every 20 to 30 minutes which will maintain the water level inside your body. You can also opt for drinking tea or coffee because they will also keep your brain inactive and thus you will also be active.

5. Laughter is the best medicine

Yes, you heard it right. Laughter is the best medicine. Try to trick your body into being happy by sending happy messages. Your brain will think that you are in a good mood and will release happy hormones which will even make you more active and excited. Try to practice this, try to be happy. This feeling of being happy is a euphoric feeling and will lift you to the top.

6. Try to engage in exciting activities

Try to find out something new in you. Apart from being productive, be creative also. Try new things, work on new ideas, never live a monotonous life. If you are engaging yourself in some new exciting activities, you will be entertaining a new environment which will automatically make you active.

This is one of the best tried and tested ways to become active. Make sure, you are engaging yourself in an activity that you like.

Tips to stay positive throughout the day

Here are some tips and tricks mentioned which will keep you positive throughout the day and will form an optimistic environment around you. Follow these activities and you will surely see the difference in your perspective spectrum soon.

1. Get around optimistic people

Your friend circle, your company, your mater plays a major role in deciding whether you will think positively or negatively. Thus, it is important to surround yourself with positive people so that you also become and think positive. You should be cultivating and living in a positive environment.

The quality of output you are getting depends upon the quality of input you are in taking. It is essential to have positive influences in your life that will boost your self-esteem and make you optimistic.

Let’s see through an example. If you are surrounded by three negative people and they are always talking negatively. Even if you don’t want to be influenced, you will get influenced in a very short period of time. You will start taking in their tone to match them up and that’s the end of the positivity inside you. You can handle this by eliminating the three most negative people in your life. They will only hamper your outcomes and positivity and nothing more.

Also, you can also spend more time around positive people, watch good and happy shows and channels on TV, this will also help you to make you optimistic.

2.Try to see positivity even in negativity:

If you are able to master this practice, no one can stop to have an optimistic mindset. See, the situation will go on the negative side, it’s all about life. But, it is us how we manage to keep ourselves straight and positive in those bad situations also.

If you will see a half-filled glass of water, what will you comment, is it half-full or half-empty? This all about life is, if you are thinking that it is half full, you are seeing opportunities even in that glass.

But, if you are saying that it is half empty, you are seeing the pessimistic side. You can take a pause, think for a second that what positive I can take out from this bad situation. If there is no positive you can take out, mark this as your experience and take a pledge you won’t repeat the same thing. Take time to process the scenario in your mind, it will surely give you one positive lesson.

3. Never make things hype

If you are going through a bad phase, and you are frustrated, you become vulnerable to bad thoughts. You will make even molehill things a mountain and then cry on your own shit. You can recall some words in your mind like, “NO”, “STOP”, “IT’S EASY”, repetition of these words will block your mind to think further on the situation. This is how you can stop your mind to stop making small accidents a hype. You can stop, breathe, refocus, and then again act accordingly.

Question yourself in between, and ask if you are doing wrong or right. You will get your answer. Don’t forget to refocus on things.

4.Take things slowly

It is recommended to you how fast the situation goes, take time to think, and then act. This will make you positive from the inside and will also boost your self-confidence. Whenever you are seeing that situation is going out of hand, take It slowly.

Slow down the situation, think about the positive side, try to re-evaluate, and boom, you have successfully managed to overcome a bad situation. When you talk fast, think fast, eat fast, act fast, you miss things up which is a major reason behind your pessimistic mindset.

5.Try to be a positive person for others

Be a person to which people admire. Be a positive person, add positivity to someone else’s life. Through this, you will be making a chain and in this chain, you will automatically learn how to be an optimistic person.

What you give, pays back to you. If you are gardening positivity, positivity will get back to you. As previously mentioned, what you get depends upon what you give and vice-versa. Spread positivity all around, help people, listen to people, boost their mood, and pick-a-boo, you will also receive positivity at the end.

6. Work out

Work out is the best practice you can imply to be positive. When you are working out, you are shedding all your negativity at becoming more like a happy plus optimistic person. You can take a morning walk, go to the gym, join various health camps, and you will surely notice the difference in your perspective spectrum soon. So, a workout is highly recommended for a better and positive lifestyle. Use Fogger Machines in Gym to keep yourself safe.

7.Take criticism in a healthy way

Criticism is one of the biggest fears of fears. It can even hold you back from what you want to do in your life. You will surely get hurt whenever you will face any criticism, but you don’t have to worry now. Criticism is good in fact, they are there to make you a better person. Take criticism in a better way, in a positive way.

If you hear someone criticizing you, you can take a vow at that time that you will remove this bad from you. Act in four-step, never reply instantly, listen to the criticism properly, remember that it isn’t always about you, and in the last step, you can let go or reply to whatever you will good.

8. Talk to someone close

In life, it is obvious that you cannot be happy all the time. Talk to someone special whenever you feel sad and pessimistic. Talk to your mother, father, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, and whoever you are comfortable with. This will make you feel good and also boost a sense of positivity inside you. Self-love is also one of the best things you can practice. Here is one article which you can follow to cultivate self-love.

These are some of the practices you can follow to be optimistic and active throughout the day. Make sure you are following them daily and remember to clear all your self-doubt that is residing inside you. They are your biggest enemy.

Think positive, you will become positive. Start your day in a positive way. This will surely help you to become a better person. Do whatever you feel is good for you.



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