Tips to Shop for the Best Gaming Keyboard


When it comes to building a gaming setup, you’ll be talking a lot about numbers. Higher and larger is typically better, especially when it comes to things like CPU speed, RAM, and hard drive space. When it comes to picking the ideal keyboard, though, you’ll be greeted with a whole new set of measures, as well as shapes and colors that may not make sense at first. What is a dome switch, anyway? What’s more, let’s help you out in selecting the right ones:


The majority of individuals don’t give essential mechanisms any thought. We normally just use the software that was pre-installed on our laptops. Membrane switches, which are simply pressure-sensitive pads that are appreciated for their low profile and silent keypress, used to be the territory of portable devices. However, they are unsuitable for intensive typing and gaming. Some computers and tablet keyboards still utilize them, but most laptop manufacturers have moved on to scissor switches, like Apple’s problematic butterfly mechanism.


The sort of mechanism beneath each key isn’t the only consideration when choosing a keyboard. What the keys and buttons can do, as well as how many you have, are important considerations. The majority of keyboards feature 88 to 101 keys. That’s a significant difference, and it all boils down to whether or not the keyboard has a number pad and/or macro buttons. A number pad is usually included on most keyboards, and you’ll undoubtedly find it handy when playing games. If you know you won’t need those keys and want something that will fit on your desk more compactly, opt for a tenkeyless deck, which does away with the number pad.


So you’re concerned about the appearance of your keyboard, and that’s OK. After all, it’s on your desk, and you don’t want anything that clashes or attracts too much attention. The majority of gaming keyboards are blingy, which is good at home but not so much in the office: You should look for something more muted, or at the very least anything with LED lights that can be turned off. Don’t purchase a keyboard that doesn’t allow you to change the colors: you never know when you’ll need a change, and the animated rainbow beneath your fingers could be a bit too relaxing.


The last thing that you have to consider is the corsair k100 RGB price. You just cannot go and book any product without having a budget in mind. All you need to do is to make sure that the keyboard that you have planned to buy fits your budget. Look at the corsair k100 price and enjoy your purchase. 


Because you’ll want to keep your keyboard for at least a few years, it’s better to pick the one that addresses your most pressing issues. Most folks only require one that is both comfy and easy to maintain. Corsair decks like the K100 are built to last, and they employ Cherry MX keys, so you can easily replace the keycaps as they wear out. In the Engadget office, we’ve also fallen in love with Roccat’s new Vulcan model, which has a chiclet-style key layout that feels similar to a laptop keyboard. It’s also a lot less difficult to clean than other gaming decks.


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