Tips to Recover Deleted Items From a Recycle Bin

Tips to Recover Deleted Items From a Recycle Bin

The recycle bin of Windows is used to store the files deleted from your system temporarily. Recovering the deleted files is an easy and DIY process. But still, many people seek hard disk data recovery in Singapore or nearby areas.

The files in your bin can’t be physically removed from a hard drive; they only can be logically deleted.

In this blog, we will discuss everything which you need to know about recovering deleted files from the recycle bin.

Why Does Data Loss Occur?

As you know, data loss majorly affects documents and other files. There are many reasons for data loss. The most common reasons for occurrence are:

Software updates

There are many cases when data loss occurs because of an application update or fake upgrades. Remember to always upgrade your system by authorized means.

Man-Made error

So, now coming to the most common reason is human error. It is inadvertently deleting any folder or a file, accidentally emptying the Recycle Bin, and formatting the wrong partition. All these are data losses because of human errors.

Natural accidents

One more reason for data loss is mishaps. Dropping off the laptop, overheating, exposure to sunlight, coffee spills, and other reasons are prominent for data loss.

Natural calamities

Flood, hurricane, and earthquake are some usual reasons. Basically, natural calamities are not in our hands. It can occur anytime, anywhere, which leads to data loss and severe injuries or mishaps.

Virus attack or malware

You might be aware of hackers. They used to trouble people in various ways; malware and virus attacks are among them. So your files might be lost due to malicious hackers. 

System setting error

Do you know the recycle bin automatically deletes files after a short period of time? And this process goes on faster than your expectations. It is possible that you might have changed the setting to an empty bin. And it could be permanent file deleting after every 30 days.

Well, there are many causes for data loss. But the fact is, in some cases, the data loss could be really irreplaceable for files or photos. We understand the situation of data loss causes panic initially when you realize there is no chance of computer hard drive recovery.

How Can You Recover Items from the Recycle Bin?

Manually method of restoring data

The easiest way of recovering files from the recycle bin is by the recycle bin folder. 

Suppose you want to restore the file name XYZ, right-click on the file, and then choose the restore option. After that, click on the restore file. It is useful when you are recovering within 30 days of deleting the folder. 

Using a Professional third-party Software

You can use free data recovery software if you are unable to recover the deleted files through the manual method. When the file is not visible in the bin, it means it’s not available in your system. However, that file still presents logically in the storage media. The file is not deleted permanently until or unless it is overwritten. So, don’t worry, your files can be recovered!

Let’s follow the below-listed steps for recycle bin recovery.

  • First, search and install free data recovery software of the Windows operating system.
  • Now launch the app.
  • It’s time to choose a disk or partition that consists of the Recycle bin of Windows.
  • Then click on search for lost data and start scanning.
  • Choose the file which has to be recovered and select a place for storing it.
  • For file, recovery click on the Recover option.

Before restoring the file you use, it is possible that it will be overwritten. It happens due to using the disk for different purposes. This is why we advise you don’t use this disk for installing and downloading the free software. It’s recommended to use a flash drive and different removable storage devices to download or run the free data recovery software.

Make sure to choose a location where you want to store deleted files. 

Never try to save files to their real folder or location. It may cause the permanent loss of a particular file. So, have patience; once you recover a file, it could be transferred anywhere.

So the basic rule is first to recover then move it to any folder.

The Need for Free Data Recovery Software

There are numerous free data recovery software available over the internet. As we have mentioned above, data loss impacts valuable information. When the files you are searching for are not available in the bin, you seek free data recovery software.

So, when nothing helps, the data recovery software comes into play. Many mishaps can lead to the permanent loss of important files. It has the ability to recover permanently deleted files.

Saving or protecting files is a major concern for every individual and business owner. And keeping your backup is very important for data protection. To save your files, you can opt for regular backups. So many choices are available such as backing up external storage or cloud backup.

You can download any free tool for an easy proposition. It helps in easy operation and downloading files with ease. In this way, you can recover all files from any mishaps.

How to prevent documents from being moved to the bin?

There are numerous ways to prevent files from deleting. The first one is changing folder or file folder permissions. You need to limit the users who can delete a file or a folder. A second option is a tool for third-party file locking, which prohibits the deletion of documents.

Follow these steps to change the permission of deletion of files:

  • Go to the folder directory you want to save, choose properties, security tab, and advanced.
  • Select disable inheritance
  • Now choose the group or user you want to allow, and go to edit.
  • In the Type dropdown, choose the deny button.
  • After that, click on OK and then YES.

So following these steps will enable you to grant permission of deleting to specific groups or users.


The most preferred way to prevent data loss is a regular backup. Moreover, you can check for the best free data recovery software to get files back.

We hope this article will help you in finding the best way for computer hard drive recovery. If you are equipped with suggestions, please share them with us. Please write your views on the topmost hard disk data recovery in Singapore and nearby areas.


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