Tips to lengthen men’s hair quickly and easily


If trendy hair is always the main attraction for shows, it’s no mystery. Men are also obliged, not just women, to pay attention to hair specifics.

And in recent years, his hairstyle is more hype-long. In general, with this long hairstyle, they adopt the pattern of famous public figures looking more charming.

There is nothing wrong with trying to imitate the long hair trend if you want to look different. Here there are a lot of sound effects you can have.

In addition to being more macho, you can also have your interest in women’s eyes. Females claim to be more attracted to long-haired men than men with short or shaved hair, according to some research in America.

Some men think, however, that the method of making long hair is long and complicated. As a result, what they were interested in at first suddenly gave up.

Arguably, this statement is not completely accurate. It turns out that there are many simple and inexpensive ways to lengthen men’s hair, and you need to know. Here in this article, we will share the natural ingredients that can help your hairs grow longer.

Natural Ingredients for Hair Growth

Using natural ingredients is the first way that you can try. No need to worry, it is very easy to find these natural ingredients and the price is low.

Another advantage is minimising the potential side effects if you use natural ingredients. You may also assume that the first technique for your hair is the best.

  1. Using Eggs

Perhaps you didn’t think chicken eggs could use to promote the growth of hair so far. And it turns out that eggs contain a large number of proteins and minerals, which are ideal and safe for hair use.

You may use the yolk portion of the egg. Try choosing free-range chicken eggs to make the results more optimal.

But normal chicken eggs are also all right if that isn’t there. It’s very easy;

  • Take just one egg and put the yolk apart.
  • Beat the yolks until all of them are uniform. Apply to the base and outer hair equally after this.
  • If so, let stand until it dries for about 30 minutes. During this process, you can also use a shower cap to prevent any other particles.
  • Using the hair shampoo for men before the last phase is clean. You may also apply conditioner to ensure the pesky scent of egg yolk disappears easily.

  • And repeat this step 2-3 times a week for optimal output. Some men used this technique and have managed to make their hair grow more rapidly than normal.
  1. Using Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been commonly used as a natural hair nutrient from the outset. Thus it is used in many shampoo brands use aloe vera extract.

Well, if you use it to support hair growth, this natural ingredient is also very appropriate. But not with shampoo, but directly using aloe vera gel from the leaves.

  • Take some fresh leaves of aloe vera and cut them into pieces. In a container, collect the gel until it is about enough to cover all parts of the hair.
  • After that, apply the aloe vera gel evenly to the hair and let it stay for 60 minutes to absorb the nutrients properly. Rinse with shampoo when done, so that the hair is not sticky.
  • Do it every day, and it’s better to take a shower in the afternoon. In addition to promoting quicker growth, if you use this approach daily, your hair will also be healthier and less dry.
  1. Using coconut milk

Who would have thought that coconut milk, the same as cooking ingredients, can also be used to aid the process of hair development?

  • Prepare the shredded coconut plus clean water if you would like to try it.
  • Then squeeze the grated coconut until adequate amounts are obtained of the coconut milk. If so, add the coconut milk and wipe it evenly on all areas of your hair.
  • Allow a while to dry the cocoa milk, about 20-30 minutes. Then wash your hairs.
  • This process is pretty inexpensive, and it’s very convenient for you to find the ingredients. Do it consistently at intervals 2-3 times a week for best performance.
  1. Using Olive Oil

Olive oil has also been used as hair nourishment for a long time in addition to aloe vera. This natural ingredient is considered to be capable of nourishing the hair of men and is sometimes used as a baldness remedy.

This is because there are substances in olive oil that are ideal for hair growth.

  • Pour enough olive oil into the palms and apply it thoroughly to all areas of the scalp.
  • Let it stand for approximately 30 minutes. If you rinse with shampoo and dry your hair, it’s just like other natural ingredients.

Non-natural ingredients for hair growth

You may also use non-natural ingredients in addition to natural ingredients to support hair development. Like;

  1. Take Supplements
  2. Consume Biotin
  3. Using Hair Medicine

1.Take Supplements

The first way you should try is to take supplements. The basic idea is that the hair development and growth process will not also be optimal if your body lacks vitamins and nutrients.

It is necessary to ensure that your body has proper nutrition. Here, daily supplements can consume additional nutrient and vitamin intake.

Choose omega-3 and omega-6 supplements. Or you can take supplements with zinc, vitamin B5 and vitamin D as a choice.

These substances have been tested to improve hair strength and longevity. In addition, zinc content can also avoid and resolve problems that men with long hair, i.e. hair loss, often encounter.

  1. Consume Biotin

Biotin is also called vitamin B7. This form of the vitamin is essential for man’s hair health.

Examples of bad results are getting brittle hair and nails if the body lacks Biotin. Biotin is also very effective in improving hair resistance to break or split easily.

In addition, you can also use Biotin to assist with the hair lengthening process. The trick is to take a 500-700 mg daily dose of Biotin.

Do this phase, while still monitoring the changes for several months. Experts say that the optimal time for Biotin to be absorbed is about three months.

There are, therefore, two positive effects that you can get from this Biotin at once. Your hair is also getting stronger and healthier, in addition to faster hair development.

  1. Using Hair Medicine

Hair medicine is divided into two divisions, namely oral and topical medicine. Generally, men also use these two forms of medications to treat issues with hair loss and premature baldness.

Basically, enhancing hair growth is the way this medicine functions. So you can also use it to aid the hair lengthening process easily. For hair medicines, it is better to concern with the doctor.

Hope the tips and ways I have mentioned in this article will help your hair grow more. Once your hairs got your desired length try to care it.


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