Tips to learn Quran online for beginners

online quran learning
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Do many people ask how to learn Quran online? The question is widely asked by those eager to start their learning journey worldwide. At first, learning online must seem challenging, especially when someone does not know how to read Arabic. But with the help of a competent Quran teacher, the learner can be as expert as the one on the YouTube channel.

There are many tips one should be following for making the online Quran learning journey much easier. Here we have gathered a list of tips that will help learn the Quran online for beginners an easier. The tips will help you master reading, recitation, or memorization as a beginner.

Clear Your Mind:

Before starting to learn, the first thing to do is clean your mind from stress and unwanted thoughts. A clear mind means you can better focus on your learning goals. The key to learning quickly is important to start with a fresh mind. You can choose the time when you feel most relaxed and fresh. The best time to learn is in the morning after Fajr.

Make a learning environment:

You can create a proper learning environment to learn without interruption. Make sure that you are sitting in a peaceful corner of your house. It is important not to get distracted by the different things going around in your surroundings.

Ensure that your computer/laptop/tablets/smartphones or whatever the source of learning is connected to the internet and you have the relevant classroom app installed.

Note down the learning points:

It is essential to take notes while learning the Quran according to the Tajweed rules. Many people try to make notes on laptops and mobiles as it is easier to take notes. But we recommend using pen and pencil with paper for better learning. Many researchers have confirmed that taking notes by hand is comparatively slower and tiring, but it is far better than noting down on some screen device. The act of writing the information foster retention and comprehension.

Stay engaged with the teacher:

When you are learning something from scratch, there will be several questions in your mind. Do not stop yourself from asking those questions to your teacher. One should think twice before speaking, but when you are learning, the rule is not necessarily to be implied.

It means you should listen to your teacher patiently and ask questions to understand lessons better after they finish. According to the studies, speaking and asking the question is essential for meaningful learning. As the famous proverb says, “Asking questions is half-knowledge.”

Learn through short intervals:

When someone is learning from the beginning, it is hard to grasp the entire lecture hour in one sitting. The best thing you can do here is to learn in short sittings and take a break from time to time. The ideal single session is half an hour to an hour. More than an hour means it will be challenging to keep everything in mind, and many important points can be skipped from the mind.

Start learning form basics:

Those people who are not familiar with Arabic and Arabic letters, it is recommended to start Noorani Qaeda. Noorani Qaeda is the starting book where one can learn from the Arabic word.

Hire a reliable Quran Teacher:

It is essential to choose a reliable and knowledgeable Quran tutor online. The one with a good grasp of language, knowledge, and experience teaching online can teach better. You can search for online Quran teaching institutes with an authentic reputation for ideal tutors.

Let’s wrap:

So that’s all for now! Learning the Quran online is not a challenging task. Make sure you follow the tips and make the Quran a daily part of your life. Recite two or three lines daily at least and go up to pages. The more you read, the more you will learn effectively and quickly.


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