Tips to generate new business leads during a global crisis

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Tips to generate new business leads during a global crisis

With the worldwide covid crisis declining and the world economy reverting to the pre-covid times, businesses worldwide are increasing their marketing efforts by twofolds to get back on track. 

Businesses with a B2B focus were the ones that faced the majority of the disruptions. The scenario made it impossible for the businesses to conduct in-person meetings for lead generation with prospects.

However, the fundamental of lead generation and profits is based on the incremental requirement for a business to survive. While most businesses have somehow managed to maintain their profits, the journey has been a little difficult for some. 

Here are three strategies that can help you generate new business for yourself while being stuck in a global pandemic.

  • Revamp your online presence

Every crisis is an opportunity to reach out to your prospects in newer ways. Social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc., have been rolling out new features to engage individuals to increase their dwell time.

According to a survey conducted back in 2020, marketers around the globe spent more than $12.6 billion on social media ads. This number is expected to grow to $15.9 Billion in 2021. Since more people are stuck within their homes, their only getaway in crisis is the digital world. 

It is crucial now more than ever to look back and overhaul the activities you are doing on digital platforms. Look at the data present out there and analyze what all activities can work out for your business. Start putting out valuable content that can help increase engagement rates. 

To revamp your online presence, you should first start by optimizing your website and social media handles. The more eyeballs your website attracts, the higher number of leads you get for your business. Having a documented strategy for your digital assets is not considered by most B2B businesses. Businesses need to keep a check on the performance of their content. Content made just for the sake of it will never give leads. 

Traffic rates on your website and other platforms, engagement, VoC capture, sharing, and conversation around your brand, backlinks, and so on are some essential metrics through which you can decide the performance of your digital assets. 

  • Virtual Events

In a world where physical meets, events, and seminars are prohibited, do we have a method that can help us to network and nurture business relationships?

Yes. Virtual events or webinars are one of the most efficient mediums out there that can also help you garner leads. They pose an excellent opportunity to position yourself as the industry leader,engage with your prospect, and interact with them empathetically. 

Virtual events have gainedpopularity because they are not very costly for a business to execute. To expand your marketing and sales funnel, the inclusion of webinars as a strategy to generate leads is a must.

However, formulating and executing a webinar can be challenging for some. You need to ensure that you have enough time to promote the event across different mediums. Once you are done setting up the event, leverage all mediums to promote it rigorously for maximum attendance. 

The people attending your event are the hot prospects that are waiting to get converted. They are the actual individuals who are interested in your offering. Make sure you develop an efficient webinar. Record the whole event to repurpose it and use it for your other content platforms. 

If you look closely, the shelf life of a webinar is not just limited to the live interaction. Record it and share it across all your social media for maximum engagement.

  • Re-targeting 

Your website may have several people who end up landing on it, but they don’t end up reaching your final goal, which is converting them into a customer. They might not end up buying your product or service. 

There can be several reasons for the prospect not buying your offering and require some persuasion to convert them into a customer. That’s where the re-targeting campaigns can help your business!

Re-targeting campaigns can reignite your stalled leads. You can personalize the requirements of such prospects and show them how your business can add value to their requirements.

Setting up re-targeting campaigns through your website, social media platforms, mobile applications, or any other medium can help your business get the right boost. This strategy can help your business engage with prospects that once confronted with your company in some form. 


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