Tips to choose perfect glasses for oval face


When you’re on the hunt for the ideal glasses to complement an oval face shape, navigating online stores can be a game-changer. The virtual marketplace offers a plethora of spectacles frame shapes that beautifully enhance your facial features. While each face is distinct, certain guidelines steer you toward selecting the perfect eyeglasses for your face shape. Exploring the category of Eyewear Parts and Accessories naturally folds in crucial elements like frame styles, sizes, and materials. This exploration ensures you find the right fit, enhancing both your visual clarity and personal style.

For example, various polarized sunglasses are available in an online e-commerce store for oval faces. In other words, the facial features and shape can determine the type of spectacles that match your look.

Particular Eyeglasses Online stores have a dedicated specs category for oval face shapes. In addition, these are the pair of frames that are crafted for you. 

Here we will explain the common face shapes and give you recommendations on the best frames for oval faces. In addition, we will provide details to find the perfect frame according to your oval face shape.

Tips To Select Glasses For Oval Face 

There are specific tips and tricks to select the perfect spectacles for an oval face shape. 

  • See the type of frames

The first and foremost thing is to know the type of frames that suit your facial features. For this, the size refers to the width of the frame. In a particular case, suppose it is large or small; it can quickly slip or create pressure points. 

For the perfect fit, you have to do specific tasks. Moreover, you can orient yourself to the width of your face and let your hair fall naturally. Also, you can ignore this rule when you want to choose your desired frame shape.

For example, nickel specs are smaller and fashionable cat-eye or butterfly frames are larger with your face.

  • Watch out for nose bridge width

The second tip to explore the best specs for oval face shape is to look out for nose bridge width. Indeed, the bridge width is the shortest distance between the lenses below the nose bridge. 

Moreover, it is measured from the inner edge groove of one eye to the grooves of the other. This tiny piece of the spectacle frames has more importance for face shapes. 

For the perfect fitting of specs, the bridge of the eyeglasses should fit the width of your nose. In other cases, if the specs do not sit properly on the nose, it can lead to unpleasant side effects. 

For example, those side effects are headaches or pressure points. In a situation, the optimum visual performance suffers because the optical centre will also drop when the lenses slip.

  • Look out for the height and width of the lenses

The height and width of the lenses are the factors affecting your field of vision. Moreover, your field of vision gets restricted with small lenses, and your eye captures external viewing zones with larger lenses. 

Remember that the lens should not be wider than your face, and the eyebrows should remain visible. However, there is an exception when purchasing polarized sunglasses online as the eyebrows are deliberately concealed for optimal sun protection.

However, the lenses are measured at the widest and highest points for your face. In addition, the point in the middle is practically where you should be looking through.

  • Consider the length of the temples

In the fourth tip or step, you have to consider the length of the temples. Instead, it determines the wearing comfort of your spectacles, as they must sit adequately. If they contain more area, the lenses have no hold, and if they are short, they sit rigidly. 

In this manner, it leads to headaches and pressure points. For example, the optician or online retailer will adjust the temples to fit you in such a situation.

  • Explore colour options that match your skin tone

Similarly, the shape of your oval face helps determine the frames that look best on you; skin tone does this. Indeed, this skin tone is more vital than hair colour and decisive than eye colour. 

It is because the skin tone sets the tone for high fashion frames. So, you can select a shade closest to your skin tone. We know that you have a warm complexion if you have a yellow, golden, or bronze cast on your skin. 

In such a situation, you can avoid contrasting colours like pastels white and black frames, which are not fashionable. For example, the best frame colours like a light tortoise, gold or honey, brown shades, beige, and olive green. 

Therefore, you can select frames from the colours mentioned here. On the contrary, you have a cool complexion when your skin has blue or pink undertones. Moreover, you can avoid colours that make you look bad and ugly. 

Instead, you can grab frames that are dark tortoise, silver, pink, purple, black, blue, grey and mauve.  

Other Parameters That Affect The Selection Process

We know that the proportions of oval faces are harmonious and balanced. The cheeks are more pronounced in such cases, while the chin and forehead are narrow. In addition, the oval face is about twice longer as its width. 

It gets easier to find the perfect pair of spectacles for people with this facial shape. However, they can wear any style and shape of frames, whether bold, round, or angular.  

You have to ensure that the lenses are not bigger or smaller for selecting frames. Furthermore, it is best to avoid narrow frames as they lengthen the face visually and make it look longer.

Also, grab the frames that suit an oval face with a vital bridge. In addition, they are wider than the broadest part of the face and geometric in shape. In contrast, you can avoid frames that have overlarge lenses that cover up more than half of your face.

It will give you more confidence while wearing a pair of specs on the oval face. The best method or tip for finding the right frames is to remember that opposites attract. 

You can pick eyeglasses that contrast with your facial contours and bring balance to your prominent features. You can “ virtual try-on “ numerous spectacle frames at online stores to see the styles that compliment your appearance. 

However, frames must emphasize the strong points and minimize the weak points of your face. It is because your face looks perfectly balanced with those frames. 

For an oval face, it can emphasize the face’s natural balance and add angles to its soft curves. You should grab those frames that look wider from the widest part of your face, the area around the eyes.

In this manner, square, rectangular, or geometric shapes are the most suitable spectacle frames for oval faces. Also, you can select the frame styles for polarized sunglasses that suit your oval facial feature.

With the help of a D-frame shape, cat-eye design, and edgy aviator sunnies will enhance your oval face look. But, primarily, people with oval faces perfectly fit most frame shapes. 

Moreover, this face shape is considered universal, with a narrow forehead and chin. Hence, you can explore the latest and trending spectacle frames that work best on you.

Which glasses are perfect for oval face shape?

Almost all types of glasses are perfect for oval face shapes, but specific shapes look attractive. However, they look best with square and rectangular frame shapes. In addition, round, cat-eye shape, aviators, and square frames give the oval face shape a unique and beautiful look.


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