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Tips for Wearing A Lehenga to A Wedding

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Indian weddings and functions are a huge celebration in themselves. So for such occasions, it becomes important to choose beautifully crafted Indian evening dresses to get the heavenly look. When we think of choosing an Indian outfit for a wedding, lehenga is one of those outfits that comes to our mind. The ensemble itself looks sophisticated and when worn gives us an elegant look. In other words, lehenga is the epitome of beauty and grace. However, in order to get that majestic look, you should have an idea about how to wear and carry it properly. Because it is only when you carry it in a style, you look presentable. So in this article, we will be discussing a few tips that we all need to follow to wear a lehenga to a wedding.

Designer lehengas for a wedding will definitely give you a trendy and sophisticated look. But there is a way to wear a lehenga whether it is a designer one or a traditional one. You can choose a lehenga choli for yourself depending upon your choice of design, colour, fabric and also depending upon your height, body shape and size. Also you should be aware of a good boutique or an Indian store selling wedding and partywear Indian outfits either online or offline. If you are thinking of purchasing a lehenga online, you should consider buying it from the Like A Diva website that comes with so many beautiful collections of lehengas and other Indian outfits.

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Now let us look at some of the tips that we need to follow in order to wear a lehenga to a wedding.

Tips to Wear Different Styles of Lehengas to A Wedding

There are different styles of lehenga cholis that you can opt for depending upon whether you yourself are the bride or you are going to attend a wedding. When it comes to different styles of lehengas, the range generally starts from patterns, continues with colours, prints and motifs and ends with fabrics. You should always choose a lehenga that goes well with your taste and makes you feel comfortable. Because comfort is the most important thing. If you are not comfortable, no matter how expensive and beautiful a lehenga is, you won’t think of wearing it again for other functions. So it will not only be a waste of money, but will take unnecessary space in your wardrobe. Also if you are comfortable in your lehenga, you will not only look beautiful, but you will be able to enjoy the function to the fullest. Your fashion quotient increases once you are comfortable in your attire.

Now let us look at some of the different styles of Indian lehengas that you can gracefully wear to a wedding-

#1 Lehengas with Jackets- Jacket style lehengas are in trend these days. If you are someone who loves to follow the trend, you should definitely go for this style that will give you a unique look. In order to get that classy look, just wear a lehenga skirt and coordinate it with a top in the style of a jacket having a button and a front slit. You can also opt for a jacket lehenga having a crop top and dupatta. It is enough to get that chic and smart look in a wedding party.

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#2 Anarkali Lehengas- Anarkali suit is one of those Indian evening dresses that is never out of trend. It is an evergreen outfit that has been evolutioning since the retro era. And in this contemporary era, a new evolution of this outfit has emerged. Have you ever thought of anarkali lehengas? Don’t you think it will be something out of the box and can give you a trendy look? But to wear it, you have to follow a few tips. You have to wear it by coordinating with the skirt, so that it will not only look like just a lehenga, but it will look like a long anarkali top worn with a long skirt. This will give you a look of a princess and a flattering figure.


#3 Ruffle Lehengas- Confused on which lehenga to wear in a wedding party? Here is a tip- always opt for outfits that give you a dramatic and contemporary look. And for that, nothing is better than a ruffle lehenga, a designer lehenga that is an amalgamation of east and west. If you are someone who does not want to go for a traditional look, this lehenga is the best for you. The ruffle can be added either to your blouse or to your skirt or to the dupatta. Even if you do not want ruffles in your blouse, you can always choose a floral print blouse and a layered skirt and a ruffle dupatta. If you want a simple yet decent and chic look, go for this lehenga without giving a single thought.

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#4 Lehenga with Long Choli- If you are searching for a lehenga that will make you look graceful, you can opt for a lehenga with long kurti or choli. It has been inspired from the lacha style dress. So you can opt for this lehenga, if elegance is your motive.

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#5 Floral Print Lehengas- Not everybody wants to wear heavy attire for a wedding. Whether you are a bride or someone who is attending a wedding, if you want a simple and minimalistic look for yourself, you can always opt for a floral print lehenga choli. You can always go against the norm and think out of the box in the world of fashion. If heavy, highly embellished lehenga choli is not your choice, you can go for minimalist floral print lehenga.

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#6 Banarasi Lehengas- A flat A line Banarasi lehenga will be the best choice for you, if you want to get that traditional look in a highly embellished Indian evening dress. It comes in different patterns and styles, with different colour combinations. You can get a lot of options in Banarasi lehengas. Apart from that, these lehengas never go out of date and are always on trend. These evergreen lehenga cholis are a must, if you want that royal look in a wedding function.

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#7 Pastel Coloured Lehengas- If you are someone who does not like bold and vibrant colours, you can always go for lighter shades and hues. In this case, you can always go for a pastel coloured lehenga that will not only give you a regal look, but also will make you look trendy. Pastel colours like light pink, beige brown, off white, dusky pink, baby pink,turquoise and mint green are some of the colours that will give you a classy and chic look in a wedding party.

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Tips to Wear Lehenga Cholis According to Height and Body Size

No matter, whichever designer lehengas or Indian evening dresses you are choosing for an Indian wedding party, it suits you only when you have worn it based on your height and body type. If you are thinking that wearing a lehenga won’t suit your height and body type, then you are very much wrong. Lehenga is that Indian attire that can suit any body type. Only thing is that you need to know the way to wear it properly so that it gives a flattering look to your body. This ensemble is made for everyone. So this wedding season, choose a beautiful lehenga choli blindly. However, you need to follow certain tips to wear it in style to get a royal and decent look.

Let us have a look at some of the tips.

#1 Tips for Women with Short Height- If you are someone who wants to wear a lehenga to a wedding, whether it is your own or of someone else’s, but a little hesitant to wear it because of short height, do not worry anymore. A beautiful lehenga choli will definitely suit you and can give you an alluring look. The only thing is that you need to follow some tips to look taller than your original height in a lehenga choli.

If you are wearing a designer lehenga to a wedding, do consider wearing a pair of heels with your lehenga. Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear any kind of heels to look taller. You have to choose a pair of heels in which you are comfortable in walking and dancing. Make sure that your skirt is not sweeping the floor. Secondly, wear your skirt in such a way that it is placed in your high-waist; make sure that it is not tied much higher. If you are thinking of draping the dupatta over one of your shoulders, make sure that the front part is shorter than the back part. In this way you can look taller than your original height. Also if you are choosing to wear a lehenga to a wedding, do select the lehenga that has a thin border and always wear a blouse that is shorter in length. All these will create an illusion of height.

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#2 Tips for Women Who Are Tall- Sometimes, it just happens that, if a lehenga choli is worn in the wrong manner, a tall woman may look shorter than her original height. Therefore it is necessary to wear a lehenga in a proper manner to look perfect and tall. For a tall woman, it is always recommended to choose a lehenga that is heavy and highly embellished with heavy patterns and large motifs. Also choose a lehenga in which the skirt has a heavy and thick border. Heavy work and the blouse is highly embellished that you do not need to cover it. Apart from that it is always recommended to wear a pair of heels with your lehenga.

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#3 Tips for Women to Look Slim in A Lehenga- If you are someone who would like to look slim in a lehenga. You need to know some secrets that can make you look slimmer. There are certain tips which you need to follow to get that slim look in lehenga. A lehenga will definitely make you look splendid, if you follow the tips to look slim. For women who are bottom heavy, a flared lehenga will suit the best. If you have an hourglass body, choose a lehenga that has a fishtail cut skirt. Even if you are plus size, you can drape a lehenga in such a way that you will look slimmer.

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Also in order to look slim, always choose lehengas with dark, bold and vibrant colours with small patterns. Do keep this in mind that in order to look slim in a lehenga. You should always opt for a heavy dupatta and drape it over your body to look slim. And of course when wearing a lehenga, a pair of heels is a must not only to look tall but also to look slim.

Summing Up

Designer lehengas for any wedding functions will give a regal look to your getup. While wearing a lehengas choli, you only need to follow a few steps to look gorgeous and classy. Always remember to choose lehengas depending upon your choice, comfort, season and functions. After that you are good to go with your get up.


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