Tips For Newcomers in Canada

Canada Immigration Tips

After getting permit, people start planning for their new beginning in Canada. You will enjoy your initial days at a new place, but don’t forget the important things before living your home land. We have mentioned below few tips and checklist you should create before arriving Canada.

Things you should gather before arriving Canada

Make sure you have sanctioned someone for your due works on your behalf in your home town.

You should keep in your mind not left any work unfinished. But you can’t predict the future, so, it’s better if you give someone power of attorney to your trust worthy person. So that he/she can handle the situation properly on your behalf.

Gather your important documents before arriving Canada

You should make a checklist for you documents. We all have lots of documents which we think we won’t need immediately or on daily basis, but we don’t know the future. So it’s better if you don’t leave any documents behind.

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate or Divorce certificate
  • Death certificate for deceases spouse(in case)
  • Education certificates(degree and diplomas)
  • Vaccination details
  • Medical condition details like prescription and test results etc.(if any)
  • Driving license

It’s important that all the above documents should be in English or French or translated to English or French.

You should be fluent in English (speaking and writing)

If you are moving to Canada you should know the local language to communicate with locals. Mostly the people in Canada either speak English or French. And the immigrants from India prefer to use English as they already use it in their country also.

And if you want to learn English for IELTS, TOEFL or CELPIP, we can arrange classes for you.

Look for a home before arriving Canada

Before arriving you should plan about your stay. If you want a home we can help you to find a home with the help of our partners. And if you have your friends and families already staying their ask them to arrange for your stay or else if you are going to stay in a hotel or airbnb, don’t forget to book before your arrival.

Get yourself ready for the jobs in Canada

You need not to worry if you are going to Canada with a job. Connect with new people of the same field and make some new friends. It’s better if you know about your jobs culture, guidelines and the people you are going to work with.

In case you find the job after arrival as immigrant in Canada

Before leaving your homeland make sure to gather few things for your job, which you are going to need in Canada:

  • Keep your education certificates and diplomas with you.
  • Relieving letter from your last company.
  • Know about your education and professional qualifications which are officially recognized in Canada.
  • Know about the demands of your profession in Canada.
  • Know about how to find and apply for jobs of your field Canada.

You should be familiar with the education system

If you are going to study in Canada, then you should know the location of your school or Institute and the distance of your institute from you hostel or PG or wherever you are going to stay. Learn about the public transportation for traveling.

If you are family person and have kids then you should know about the schools in your location and learn about the procedure for the admission. And learn about the transportation.

Must apply for Canadian Healthcare 

Canadian Healthcare system is well-known for being so wide and effective. Each province of Canada has different sets of rules and regulation for Healthcare. And the locals should know about the eligibility criteria for the facilities they provide under Canadian Healthcare.

Need to have SIN

When you reach Canada and look for the job at that point you will need to have a Social Insurance Number, if you don’t want any legality issue. You can apply for SIN by visiting any Canada Service Centre near you.

Must have a Canadian ID

It’s not good idea to carry your passport or PR card while roaming around the city. So it’s better if you apply for Canadian ID. IF you are in BC then you need to have BCID, which will be valid for 5 years. And if you are in Ontario then you need to have Ontario Photo card which will be also valid for 5 years and both will cost CAD $35.

Need to have Canadian Bank Account

This is very obvious, but we still recommend you not forget to open a bank account in Canada. It will help to get your pay check and if you have a good credit history, you will be able access the lots of facilities.

Below we have mentioned few banks where you can have a bank account:

  • Scotia Bank
  • BMO
  • CIBC
  • RBC
  • TD Canada Trust

Need to have good mobile plan in Canada

It’s better if you have personal phone with a good post-paid or prepaid plan. In your day to day life you need make calls to your friends and families and it will not be possible without as good data plan.


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