Tips and Information About Real Estate Investment in Turkey 2021

Real Estate Investment in Turkey
Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey in general, especially in Istanbul, is one of the best types of investment in the world. For decades, Turkey has emerged as Europe’s most promising real estate market for a variety of reasons. The most prominent are:

Location of Turkey:

This is because Turkey is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. In addition to providing unlimited opportunities for real estate developers and investors by combining the real estate sector with commercial and industrial products, other sectors are refraining from suspending or slowing growth in these areas. the world

What is a property? What is your motivation for investing in Turkey?

Real Estate Advisor:

All permanent assets that cannot be transferred or transferred from one place to another are permanent assets.

  • The earth
  • Building
  • The apartment
  • Villa
  • Store
  • Hotel

Your property is not lost, stolen or stolen is one of the safest investments in the world. And You may be wondering why you decided to Real estate investment in Turkey alone? Here you can answer the following questions: 

Eight important reasons to Real estate investment in Turkey:

Turkish economy

If there is only one word for the Turkish economy, it is “growth rate”. For 14 years, the Turkish economy has been able to show a steady growth rate from $ 231 billion in 2002 to $ 85.7 billion. Billions of dollars in 2016, according to the Turkish Institute for Economic Research, “Real estate investment in Turkey” continues to grow due to these results.

This is not unusual for Turkey. Fifteen years ago, the Turkish economy was not among the top 100 countries in the world. Today we are ranked 16th in the world, but we are trying to be one of the top 10 economies in the world. In accordance with the birth of 2023

An environment that encourages foreign investment

One of the most important things that can motivate you to Real estate investment in Turkey is to create the right environment for business and project owners. Regardless of size. If starting a company in Turkey takes 5-7 days, according to World Bank statistics in 2017. Turkey is also known as the smallest country that imposes strict restrictions and conditions on average domestic investors, especially foreign investors.

Many facilities for foreign property:

The Turkish government offers housing to those who buy property on their land. The number of foreigners acquiring Turkish citizenship has recently increased as a result of recent amendments to the Turkish citizenship law. In addition to ease of operation, the property transfer (plumbing) procedure when selecting a property for purchase will be completed in 2 days !!

Population of Turkey:

According to the Real estate investment in Turkey, Turkey’s population was about 5 million a year. Most importantly, Turkey’s population is 5 million young people. Like the European countries, which are facing a serious shortage of youth and adults. Despite the fact that the Turkish people are a country that loves to blend in with other cultures, it is drawn from racism and discrimination among the general population.

Turkish infrastructure

Turkey has fascinating, amazing and complex infrastructure:

  • Internal and external extensions
  • Health Bank
  • power supply
  • Bridge
  • Asphalt road
  • Electronic network
  • Long distance communication
  • Transport
  • And all basic services are needed to improve living conditions
  • Therefore, 100% suitable is the property investment center.

External tax credit

Turkey imposes only 5 percent tax on investors. This is a small and acceptable percentage compared to the previous 33%. However, when comparing the taxes of European countries, Turkey is still the highest and lowest tax. And this is one of the main reasons for the success of Real estate investment in Turkey. And attract capital

Modern Turkish architecture

One of the main reasons for encouraging Real estate investment in Turkey is the use of Turkish architectural style. The building is designed to meet amazing standards that reduce construction time. It has remarkable results that are reflected in artistic and sustainable homes.

Turkish buildings also benefit from seismic slate. Soundproof glass and other techniques and technologies “The latest technology has arrived” such as apartments equipped with smart home systems

Real estate investment in Turkey

First, I spoke briefly about the situation in Turkey and its importance. But if you want to answer the question why Turkey’s geographical location is so different?. There are many reasons why Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, is a truly strategic place. 

The most important of these are:

  • Turkey meets the continents of the world.
  • The geographical importance of the center of Turkey and the whole country is not wasted. 
  • Turkey is located on the Anatolian Peninsula and surrounds it

The three main sources of water are:

  • Mediterranean
  • Black Sea
  • Aegean Sea

In addition to Europe, Turkey is a meeting place for Africa and Asia and an economic destination around the world. Real estate investment in Turkey also played an important role in its creation. Turkish popular culture These are characterized by openness, diversity and acceptance by others. 

  • Turkey’s role in energy transmission
  • Culture and the importance of places according to culture
  • Strategic and military importance of Turkey
  • And there are many reasons why Turkey’s position is more profitable than investing in real estate.

Important tips for those who want to Real estate investment in Turkey.

  • For a successful Real estate investment in Turkey, be sure to buy property in a suitable place.
  • Make sure the area where you buy your property is easily accessible and surrounded by good transportation.
  • Look in areas with good public services and amenities, such as the Belek district in Istanbul, or in central areas with high investment value, such as the Bagsila district of Istanbul.
  • Consider different investment styles. You can diversify your investment and get the most satisfactory results. For example, instead of buying two rooms !! Buy an apartment, shop, hotel apartment. And the trade office this will be easy for you. Especially for different options and opportunities. Turkey gives you real estate
  • How do I make a successful investment in real estate?
  • All you need to do to make a successful investment is consult with a real estate expert.

Place of presentation:

  • All information and information about the property to buy
  • A real estate consultant who advises you on investing in real estate will guide you to areas where you can expect significant investment growth and real estate recovery.
  • Before the big ones, check the certification and small issues for the hassle-free investment guarantee
  • Check the properties that best fit your budget.
  • A lot of free real estate consulting and services

Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property Company accompanies you on a property purchase trip in Turkey. We offer a wide range of services to make the process smooth and easy. Because we are eager to offer a wide range of housing options. And for those who, in addition to helping you to obtain Turkish citizenship, are looking to invest in real estate

Our services:

  • Legal Consultancy
  • Asset management
  • After service
  • Acquisition of legal services and Turkish citizenship
  • Buying and selling property in Turkey

For more information, please contact us through Real Estate investment in Turkey connected to the communication platform or website.


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