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Mozilla Thunderbird is one of those email clients that can save its emails into MBOX files. To access these email files you need to convert them into PDF file format.

PDF is the safest file format for all types of data. This format of files can be transferred from one device to another device. It is also possible to use this format in legal terms. PDF files are safe as it allow users to make files password protected.

In this blog post, you will view the steps of the CubexSoft MBOX to PDF Converter utility. This tool is the perfect software to convert all emails into PDF document file format. You can operate its features and options on any Windows OS including Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and so on.

Procedure to Convert Thunderbird Emails to PDF

thunderbird mbox to pdf

Step 1. Download and start the software. Add Files option to select Thunderbird MBOX files.

Step 2. Preview all files and select saving option from the Export tab.

Step 3. Utilize other options which are related to the process.

Step 4. Click the Convert tab and wait for the completion of the process.

These steps of this software allow you to convert unlimited Thunderbird email files into PDF documents.

Features of Tool to Save Emails in PDF

There are many features provided by this software:

  • It can process batch email data in one go. This means the tool is capable to load unlimited email data and save it into PDF.
  • With this, both professional users and non-professional users perform this procedure. This includes all required options and sections with a simple and user-oriented view.
  • Email properties are the most important element of any email. The tool is capable to save every email into PDF with each element of the file. It can save elements like attachments, email header, email footer, hyperlinks, images, and many more.
  • Thunderbird MBOX file conversion process also includes email attachments. The tool can convert attachments of files also and save them in .pdf extension. This helps you view your email attachments in PDF document. You will be able to transfer your attachment files separately.
  • The file structure is essential for every file. The Thunderbird MBOX to PDF Converter utility contains feature to maintain the structure of email data. This will help you to view with a simple view.
  • Saving of conversion emails can be saved on the required location computer system. This option or feature helps you to find your converted Thunderbird emails on the exact path of your computer system.
  • The setting of PDF pages can be performed with this software. This provides you a complete setting section where you can set the PDF page attributes according to your requirement.

Convert Thunderbird MBOX to PDF for Free

This is the common question that is asked by multiple users of MBOX-based email clients. The answer is, you can only transfer few emails into PDF document with a free solution. You may use manual methods for this, but it is known to all that manual procedure is not suitable for important and large size email files.

When you have few files for this process, then I suggest utilizing the free demo edition of the software. This amazing utility provides a free edition also. You can download it and start the process to convert your MBOX files into PDF folder. This edition of the software helps you to convert the first 25 MBOX files.

Some Users Queries

I have many MBOX email files on any computer system. I want all those email files into PDF file format. Is there any direct solution to convert batch MBOX email files into PDF file format? The method must contain function to handle the large size email files so that I can convert MBOX files with all email data.

This tool allows you to convert all types of MBOX files along with all elements of files. This software can process large size MBOX files with all other email files. Users can easily understand the procedure of this advanced software as it allows users to choose the folder where all MBOX files can be saved. The tool can load all MBOX files within a single time procedure. No need to perform steps again and again to convert batch MBOX files.

Can any software process MBOX files from Mozilla Thunderbird and Mac Mail app together? Or I have to use the manual method. The tool must contain options and sections to convert MBOX email files along with attachments of files.

Yes, the CubexSoft MBOX Converter tool can perform this process. With this, Mozilla Thunderbird MBOX and Mac Mail MBOX both can be converted into PDF file format together. You can understand the procedure to convert Thunderbird MBOX to PDF with lots of email files. No change in the steps to process these email files together. You just need to choose the folder where you stored all your MBOX data including these email client data. And, then the software can perform this process with the same structure of files.

Is there any other tool also software this process?

You can follow the steps of these tools also to check and compare the options to convert MBOX to PDF:

  1. MailsMagic MBOX Migrator
  2. PCVARE MBOX Converter
  3. ToolsToExport MBOX Migration Wizard
  4. SoftWeak MBOX File Converter
  5. SoftSpire MBOX Migration Tool

These tools are the secondary options to convert MBOX email files into PDF file format. To use these software for free, you can download their free edition and follow the steps to convert some MBOX files. The complete MBOX file conversion process can be done with the use of their licensed edition. You can view the process of the software and check the step by step procedure to export MBOX to PDF files directly.

Wrap Up Words

Finally, after this exclusive discussion, every user of Mozilla Thunderbird saves the email files in PDF files directly. Emails are really important as email is the formal communication form. You must not go any unauthorized free tool. This explained utility is sufficient for this process. Download it and try it for absolutely free.

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