Three Top Tips To Help Students Appreciate Mathematics Better!

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Mathematics is the scientific study of quantifications and logic. It uses logic and reasoning to understand the quantifiable nature of every entity in nature. From abstract shapes & artificial objects to natural processes and artificial phenomena, mathematics is everywhere around us. Math is the language of nature and indispensable in studying science & technology.

Unfortunately, in students’ eyes, the intricacies and difficulties associated with mathematics often overshadow its essentialities. Studying and solving mathematical problems are nightmares for many and the subject itself is a nightmare for numerous school & college students alike. Demotivation, sheer unwillingness, and an utter lack of appreciation of the subject’s importance define the student consensus on mathematics—no wonder students resort to professional math assignments help from cheap & random academic writing services.

This is indeed a serious problem that perpetuates educational systems around the world.

 Why do Students need To Learn Maths?

Hundreds of thousands of students worldwide avail themselves of professional maths assignment & homework help services to circumvent their math struggles. And, while such services may bring some short-term respite, students stand to gain nothing in the long run.

Cheap math assignment writing services that offer assignment & homework help online can help one meet deadlines and even score excellent grades. But, they cannot help a student become better at math. Unless a math assignment help service offers tutoring assistance, online services cannot contribute in any way to the development of a pupil’s math skills. Focused understanding, diligent practice, and motivation & appreciation for learning mathematics are necessary for a student to master mathematics.

Learning mathematics is essential for personal and professional development.

· It is key to developing and improving problem-solving, logical reasoning, critical thinking, numerical and perceptive skills.

· Proper mathematical skills are essential for pursuing a career in natural sciences, applied sciences & technology, social sciences, finances & economics, research & development, administration, and almost every other domain.

       ·  Mathematical skills are crucial for managing finances, teaching, tutoring, and more.

It is, thus, imperative for teachers to motivate students and aid them in appreciating the importance of mathematics. In addition, students themselves need to find the motivation & inspiration to love math and determine different ways to understand the value of this subject. Below are some intuitive tips that can help a student appreciate mathematics better.

Tips To Help Students Fall In Love With Math 

Before we begin, let’s get one thing straight. The tips and ideas mentioned below are not set in stone. They can be modified as per needs and circumstances, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for improving a student’s engagement with mathematics.

With that in mind, let’s begin right away.

· Making Math Lessons FUN

Difficulties with challenging concepts and math anxiety arise when students feel stressed and pressured. Boredom & anxiety can be eradicated by making math lessons fun and enjoyable.

Games, quizzes, and competitions are some tried-and-tested methods for making classes exciting & enjoyable. Whether in an online or a traditional class, math games can help students connect & engage better. Teachers should choose games that align perfectly with their lesson plan.

Here’s a list of some popular math games.

1.Card games such as War, Ten or Twenty, Closet To, Make 25 with 5, Math Memory, Math Boggle, Target Number, etc.

2. Online math games at sites like Math Playground, Math Game Time, Get The Math, Fun Brain, etc.

1. There are also numerous math game apps for students to learn new & reinforce existing concepts and improve skills further. Popular ones include Monster Math, SplashLearn, Marble Math Junior, Kids Math, The Math Tree, Khan Academy Kids, Moose Math, etc.

2. The Prodigy Math Game is another popular math-inspired video game that transforms math learning into an epic virtual adventure. Students come across different math concepts, rules, & techniques, solve problems through quests, and earn rewards when successful. 

3. Different kinds of math board games can help learn rudimentary math facts while also developing socio-emotional skills, teamwork & collaboration. For example, a tic-tac-toe board involving math facts or a math bingo game can work wonders.

· Informing Students About Math’s All-Pervasiveness

Educating students about the crucial role of mathematics in our world is another excellent way of boosting their math motivation.

1. Entertainment à 

Almost all of the entertainment we enjoy wouldn’t be possible without math. Social networking, video streaming, digital movie projection & audio systems, television broadcasting, computer games- encoding/decoding, signal processing, secure data transfer, encryption, data processing, and every other stage involves mathematics in some way or the other.

2. Technology & Engineering à 

Given that math and science are two sides of the same coin, the relationship between tech and maths is a given. All major engineering disciplines, from civil & electrical to software & IT, employ mathematics heavily.  

The content management services of Netflix, the designing of AI chatbots, the Word Wide Web, Google’s Search Engine, nuclear plants, SpaceX, Star Link, biomedical instrumentations- mathematics lies behind the design, operations, and every other aspect of all the different technologies integral to the 21st century.

3. Finance, Commerce & Economics à 

Maths is indispensable to the finance & economic sector. Moreover, with the advent of fintech, mathematics has become more crucial to the smooth running of the global economic machine.

4. The Many Marvels of Mathematics In Our Society à 

Maths is inherent in every aspect of our lives. From a country’s education system to its administration, mathematics lies at the heart of almost every critical decision-making process. Math is everywhere, developing annual budgets, implementing new economic policies, handing out stimulus packages to industries, etc.

Mathematics lies behind the design of plants & the operational processes of the manufacturing sector, the energy generation &b distribution of the power sector, and the development of medicines & medical equipment in the healthcare sector. The avionics of airplanes, the engines of automobiles, the construction of irrigation dams– math lies at the core of everything. Thanks to mathematics & mathematicians, humans have better survival rates against diseases, cleaner water, more food, and the provisioning of resources essential for humanity’s survival!

Informing and enlightening learners about all such myriad applications of mathematics can be a great revelation to many of them. Expect better appreciation and motivation for the subject, for sure.

· Encouraging Students To Explore & Expand Their Knowledge

Motivation and encouragement can be instrumental in building enthusiasm towards mathematics. And, what better way to enthuse than offering multiple avenues of learning more & improving skills.

Teachers can address the gap in knowledge & understanding of a student to nudge them towards fulfilling that gap. For instance, one can present a few simple exercises involving familiar situations, followed by tougher exercises on unfamiliar situations on the same topic. Doing so can dramatically reveal the gap in understanding and encourage motivated learning.

Here are some practical ways of encouraging students to explore more.

1. Show a sequential achievement à 

 When teaching, showcase to students a logical progression of concepts. Point out how a particular method differs from and is similar to the previous approach to help students grasp it quicker. Teachers should guide students in understanding specific concepts and pointing out how effectively one has mastered an aspect of the domain.

2. Present a challenge à 

 Intellectual challenges excite and engage the human brain. Therefore, presenting students with challenges can compel them to react with enthusiasm.

Teachers must take great care while selecting challenges for the class. It should align with the lesson, be at par with the students’ abilities and enlighten them on various concepts & their applications.

Teachers should also point out to students the usefulness of learning & exploring a topic further. The potency of different concepts, their rules & regulations, logic, proofs & propositions, and myriad applications – teachers can bring together so many things to indicate the usefulness of a topic.

3. Use recreational mathematics à

This step is quite similar to using math games to enthuse students and appreciate mathematics better.

Digital & physical math puzzles, games, and the like are excellent at recreationally teaching mathematics. For example, math Twister, Math Tic Tac Toe, Math Board Game Race, etc., are popular games for elementary students. Also, Round The Block, Bouncing Sums, Shaving Equations, Twister Math, and Number Builders are pretty effective for high school students.

Here’s a list of some recreational math activities for elementary and high schoolers alike.

And, that brings us to the conclusion of this write-up. Hope the expert tips here guide readers well and allow them to appreciate mathematics better!

Remember, hard work and practice are vital to mastering mathematics. If you genuinely require math assignment or homework help online, then seek assistance only from reputed companies that offer quality math assignment help, research paper writing services, or MBA essay writing services.

All the best!


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