Things You Must Know About Teeth Whitening in Dubai

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Many try at-home teeth whitening kits that promise a lot but don’t quite deliver. The truth is that teeth whitening in Dubai should be performed by a qualified dentist. At the same time, before proceeding with the procedure, you should note some very important things. All are presented below.

Teeth absorb like sponges

You may not know it, but teeth have pores, just like a sponge or your skin. If you put something in your mouth and it has color, the color will be absorbed. That’s why it’s a good idea to avoid dark berries, tobacco, coffee, and wine. All of this will discolor your teeth.

Over time, teeth become darker due to discoloration. They don’t naturally turn white. Stains need to be removed. This is where dental whitening comes in.

Whitening does not harm your teeth

Any kind of abuse damages your teeth. This includes aggressive brushing. However, with proper guidance, the dentist can perform professional whitening that is completely safe. During the procedure, agents are used to open the pores of the teeth and remove stains. The teeth are then naturally rehydrated and remineralized.

The delivery device is very important

A major problem with home teeth whitening kits, aside from the low percentage of active substance used, is that the dispenser does not fit properly, which is what happens when you go to the dentist. Therefore, some parts of the tooth must not come into contact with the bleaching substance.

Customized teeth whitening trays are much more consistent than UV lamps, teeth whitening strips, tip trays and similar teeth whitening products. However, you should be aware that custom teeth whitening trays can be quite expensive. In the US, for example, they can easily cost over $500.

Tooth sensitivity is normal after teeth whitening

Over 50% of people have naturally sensitive teeth. This is often caused by damaged teeth, cracked teeth, thin enamel, and genetic factors. While these procedures are being performed, it is perfectly normal to experience additional tooth sensitivity. This is because the teeth become temporarily dehydrated. Fortunately, however, this sensitivity disappears after about 36 hours. Fluoride treatments after whitening are recommended to nourish the teeth and also to promote rehydration after whitening.

Removing stains overnight is often impossible

Contrary to what you may have read online, no whitening product is capable of whitening your teeth in a day or just a few minutes. It is chemically impossible for bleach to penetrate deeply enough and do so safely.

Bleaching can last from 4 days to several months. If you have severe discoloration, you need to be patient and go to the dentist for each session. Once the stains are gone, maintenance is much easier.

Veneers and copings cannot be bleached

If you have artificial veneers and caps, the doctor will match the color to the surrounding teeth. This means that the material will end up being created with a lighter or darker color. It cannot be changed. Veneers and copings cannot be colored or bleached. In addition, teeth whitening will not affect the dental work done in the past.

You may not have perfect white teeth

Not to mention the discolouration, the natural color of the teeth is fixed at birth. Bleach can only remove stains. This is something that many dentists don’t mention. It’s almost impossible to know exactly how white your teeth will be.


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