Things to Consider Before Buying Used Compactor


Compactors are heavy machinery used for construction purposes. They are considered best for paving jobs. If your company needs to update a fleet for the paving jobs, then you must look for a compactor. You can purchase new or used equipment. However, buying used equipment is more advantageous in many ways.  Many trusted brands such as Caterpillar provide good-quality used equipment at very reasonable prices that can perform best for the required construction jobs.

Regardless of the trust in the brands, buyers must inspect every detail of the used equipment by themselves. Compactors are of many types. You have to choose according to the need of your job. Choosing the right one is a little challenging that needs thorough research. You must analyze your job requirement before choosing the compactor as different compactors are designed for a specific job.

Here, in this article, a few tips are mentioned about the things to consider before buying a used compactor.

1.   Look for Drum

When you are going to buy a used compactor from industrial equipment suppliers, make sure to check the drum very first. The drum is the main part used in paving. If it is damaged, the paving job will be affected. The drums are generally affected by the stones and hard objects on the ground that damage the smoothness of the drum. The smoothness of the drum is necessary for the perfect smooth paving of the ground. It is important to check the drum. If the drum is attached with the Padfoot, you must check its condition. The Padfoot must be smooth as well and free from the dents. If a drum or feet is damaged, then you must move away for another option.

2.   Check Tires

Tires are a major part of any equipment. You should always check the condition of the tires before buying any equipment and so on the compactors. The paving ability of the compactor also relies on the quality of the tire. If it allows the machine to move smoothly, then the paving will be perfect. Otherwise, the tasks would be affected adversely. You can also use any tire measurement tool to assess the depth of tread. If you are unable to understand the reading, take help from the guidebook provided by the tire companies. If you find any crack and cut in the tire then you may ask the seller to replace it or else you will have to pay the extra cost of tire replacement.

3.   Check Articulated Joints

While buying a used compactor, you must check for the articulated joints of the compactor. Check closely, if it was properly lubricated before or not. You can check the machine by simply operating it a little back and forth. It will save you from spending extra money on the maintenance of the articulated joints. Your Industrial equipment supply needs to have proper maintenance to be in good working shape. For this purpose, it is really important that you check the articulated joints of the machinery.

4.   Inspect the Engine

It is important to check the engine if it is air-cooled or water-cooled. The air-cooled engine is an old type that has been wiped out from the market. Some old models of compactors are relying on this kind of engine. The air-cooled engines are not suitable to work in dusty and hot environments. This kind of engine requires a lot of services. In an air-cooled engine, excess fuel consumption and pressure gauge are important factors to check.

In contrast, the water-cooled engine is the newer one. But it also requires some important factors to check such as fluid leakages, cracks, and other warning signs. Closely inspect the valve and heads of the engine if they are cracked or leaked. Further, check the condition of the fan belt and filters as well.

5.   Check Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is another important feature of the compactor that defines its performance of it. Start checking the hydraulic cylinders if they are dented, cracked, and have scratches. In the hydraulic cylinder, all the tubes must be sealed tight enough. Any leakage and crack find, then you must avoid purchasing that compactor. Every component of the machine should go through a careful and deliberate examination. It is essential to see that hydraulic system of the machine is working properly as it should.

6.   Check the Operator Cab

The operator cabin is also important to check, as it is the portion from where the machine is operated. It must be free from any damage. The operator station must be equipped with the right and proper gauges and other instruments so that the operator could not find any difficulty to operate the machine. Check the lights, backup alarms, and horns are working properly or not. You can also check everything by simply operating the machine. Used compactor might be set on other modes, check if all the modes are working or not. The selection of the different modes must be error-free and function properly. While you may not think it is important but an operator’s cab should never be over looked.

7.   Inspect the External Condition

The external condition of the compactor also matters a lot. The external body of the machine is made of iron and it should not be rusty. Closely look at the bottom of the machine if the parts are damaged or fractured. The welded parts can also create problems. All these things collectively impact the performance and life of the equipment and its performance.


The used compactors are a good option to buy if you want to equip or expand the fleet for paving jobs. Different kinds of compactors are available at Industrial equipment suppliers, designed for different purposes. Choosing the right one for your fleet is an important and challenging task. Before buying any used equipment, closely check and inspect the machine from the inside and outside. Check the tire, engine, outer body, and all other details. If you find anything odd, move to another option.


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