Things That are Involved with Smash Repairs After a Collision

smash repairs

At some point, you will have to take your vehicle to a local collision repair shop after an accident if you are like most drivers. There are several auto body repair shops that are offering a complete menu of auto body repair and restoration services ranging from paintless dent removal to professional detailing as they are featured in the nationwide smash repairs referral networks.

That is not always the case here although most of the services are providing to repair the damage resulting from a recent collision. These are the most common types of repairs that body shops perform in general.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

In the body panels and doors, stray grocery carts, hail, and flying rocks can all leave a few noticeable dents. Even the minor dents that can be causing some more expensive paint damage later on when remain unpaint as paintless dent removal is the process that uses by the body shops.

A trained technician uses a variety of special tools to gently and slowly push the dents back into place without having to harm the factory paint job is what the PDR needs with no fillers or sanding. PDR is an extremely cost-effective and longer-lasting way to get your ride look great again overall.

Auto Body Painting with Smash Repairs

In order to protect an older car’s exterior from the elements, or simply to improve esthetics with a new paint job might require after an accident. With the bodies that come with the scratches, rock chips, paint swirling, or other damages is what the smash repairs shop routinely do the paint jobs. These are the steps that trained technicians used while doing so:

  • The bare metal and cleaning with the surface that is sanding down.
  • It is applying and allow to cure with the corrosion-resistant primer.
  • The surface is carefully clean and the primer is scrape down.
  • Several layers of paint allow drying for up to 7 days as they are applying with a sprayer.
  • This will give the finishing a high-gloss appearance with the application of a clear coat.
  • They are then buffing and polishing with the exterior.

Window Repairs and Replacements

It includes chips, cracks, and breaks as the auto glass damages come in various forms. Other times the total windshield or window replacement is quite necessary though the damages can be repaired. There might have a full-time glass repair technician on their payroll if your vehicle is being repaired at a local body shop due to an accident. In order to perform the window repairs or replacement before the vehicle is picking up, they do not partner with the glass repair shops in the area that can send out a technician.

Frames Testing and Straightening

Roughly 50% of all vehicles sustain frame damage after an accident according to the studies.

During the subsequent accident, a frame that is unknowingly weak or bend can place the occupants of the vehicle unnecessary. A vehicle with a bent frame will probably cause your tires and steering components to wear out prematurely or when they are track unevenly down the road and due to mishandling.

These are the steps that the technicians take to help make sure that your frame is safe after an accident:

  • Signs of damages virtually inspect visually for the frame.
  • The vehicle is placing on a frame alignment machine if any damage is present.
  • Till it is back to its original factory specifications, the machine is then straightening out from the frame with the use of hydraulic force and torque.
  • Your vehicle will be tracking normally and become safer to drive once the frame straightens out.

How Do You Find the Right Auto Smash Repairs Shop?

When you are new to an area, finding a good and reputed auto body shop will be offering all these smash repairs services being a challenging job. You can check out the referral network in order to find one. They have huge years of experience when it comes to highly trained technicians who use their equipment and services.


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