The use of modern technology in the educational landscape


The use of modern technology in the educational landscape

Technology helps in making the lives of individuals easier by providing them with more efficiency and productivity and helping them complete the tasks on time. In the last few years there have been several advancements being made in the field of Technology that has made it an indispensable part of our lives. Considering the current economic situation with the advent of the covid-19 pandemic today  it is only because of technology that their educational landscape has been able to continue with the exchange of learning processes and work towards being more efficient and productive by using these modern technologies. Initially when the concept of online learning was first introduced there was very little to no information present regarding how to use it and implement it in the daily learning process. Despite people being aware of how to use these applications with the help of the internet, there was little training present for the teachers on how to teach the students and for the students on how to attend classes. there was also large questions regarding whether online education will be as effective as offline education and will help the students cover all aspects of their syllabus. in such a situation all Educational Institutes including the school management, college management’s and other professional bodies started taking the help of specific softwares that would help in solving these issues. one such software that was used especially by the School Sector was the school management software. Through the use of this software it was possible for the school sectors to efficiently manage the total number of students present along with keeping track of their grades and other associated records. It also helps the institutes in undertaking new admission processes having all information under a single banner to the use of the system. It was soon found that the school management software helped remove any kind of Administrative order or bias that is generally present and make the entire system become more efficient. The tracking was developed in such a manner that against each student their performance was measured along with assessing the fact that they were paying the school fees or not. Moreover, through the use of the system it became easier for the school to gauge the progress being made by the students and work towards taking the necessary precautions as some of the students were not performing according to school standards.Another factor software that was used at this juncture by the college programs included the enterprise resource planning software or ERP. The use of this Institute ERP helped the college students stay up to date with what was being provided in the college regarding their education process.The rule of this enterprise resource planning software is pretty simple as it aims to manage the administrative processes and other associated aspects of the college programs. Through the implementation of this software on college websites it becomes easier for students as well as those college management to keep track of their progress and other associated factors. It is through the use of this software that the colleges are able to provide the necessary educational resources to the students especially during the time of the pandemic. It is based on The resources provided by the school that the students would study the subjects and examinations will be taken on the same.Each of these factors highlight how the technology helped in ensuring that the educational institute could effectively manage their educational processes and ensure that it is free from bias.

Advantages of using technology

It is important to note that there are several advantages present when it comes to the use of technology in the educational sector. One of the first advantages is that it helps in increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the entire functions performed by educational management and it makes it more productive. It also causes information regarding every student to be on a single server making it easy to access and analyze them whenever required. It also helps in reducing errors which are otherwise very prominent in administrative and clerical work. all these factors combined together highlights the importance of using modern technology in the present system.


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