The Use of Fleet Management Software in Different Industries

The Use of Fleet Management Software in Different Industries
The Use of Fleet Management Software in Different Industries

A large number of vehicles are difficult to manage. Fleet management systems can make this practice easy through their features. But not all fleet businesses are the same and neither are their requirements.

The waste management industry requires geofence to make sure that it covers all garbage bins. The healthcare industry uses this same solution to avoid all the dangerous and forbidden regions along its route. That is only one instance where employing a single feature can bring two different outcomes based on separate contexts.

This article will explore how different industries can benefit from investing in fleet management software keeping in mind their requirements.


What Industries Can Make Use of a Fleet Management System?

Any form of fleet business can benefit from investing in a fleet management system. Keeping an eye on all automobiles manually can increase the workload for managers as there is a huge margin for human error. Adding technology to your business will result in easier jobs and error-free outcomes.

The industries that can profit from fleet management software are:

  • Logistics and transport
  • Construction and mining
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Public transportation
  • FMCG
  • Rental vehicles
  • Waste management


Let us discuss in detail how the fleet management system is functional for different industries.

Logistics and Transport

The logistics industry includes transportation, customer service, inventory management, the flow of information, and order processing. Large fleets work for the delivery of goods during this process.

Fleet management software has a lot of features that optimise the fleets, keeping them safe. These features include:

  • Route Planning – Transporting goods to multiple locations in one trip can be difficult. That is why managers can use the system to decide the best route possible, minding all the halts and sequences.
  • Vehicle Maintenance – The system sends out alerts whenever any maintenance process is due for the vehicle. This keeps the automobiles in good condition for their task.
  • Driver Behaviour – One mistake from the driver can cause heavy losses to the owner. That is why driver awareness is vital, especially with delicate consignments. Every time a driver accelerates, corners harshly, brakes abruptly, over speeds or idles, managers are alerted instantly.
  • Security – The battery disconnection alert saves the fleet owner from loss as the managers is alerted immediately. The remote locking feature also helps save the car from theft.
  • ETA and POD – The customers and managers get real-time ETA while the vehicle is on the road. Automatic proof of delivery (POD) or use of the OTP, digital signature and QR scanner helps send out proof of completed delivery to both managers and customers.


Construction and Mining

In the locations where construction or mining is going on, it is usually difficult for managers to be present physically. This is why it can be helpful to have fleet management software. It helps you organise and run your equipment placed at a remote location from a distance. So, what are the features that can ease keeping an eye on fleets in these areas:


  • Real-Time Tracking – The GPS tracking software allows managers to know the exact location of their equipment. That helps them maintain order in more than one site at the same time.
  • Vehicle Idling – The system sends out alerts whenever the engine is left running even if the vehicle is not in motion. The heavy machinery used in construction and mining consumes a large amount of fuel. Thus, idling can lead to heavy losses if not regulated.
  • Service and Maintenance – Daily travel on construction or mining sites can lead to wear and tear of machinery. Managers can set reminders for vehicle check-ups to make sure they stay in perfect condition. That makes sure the safety of the driver or vehicle is not endangered.
  • Geofence – Marking all the dangerous routes or locations with a geofence can keep the vehicle from harm’s way. Taking a car taken within this region sends out an alert to the managers, regardless if it is deliberate or accidental. They can also not leave the field without a reason if the field itself is made a geofence.


Medical and Healthcare

The medical and healthcare industry is responsible for the lives of several people. There is no margin for error in this sector. That is why fleet management software can help optimise fleets running 24/7. The feature that can help in the smooth functioning of these fleets are:


  • Route Planning – The vehicles running in an emergency need the shortest and quickest route available. Marking traffic-heavy regions as geofence will save the driver’s time. This feature can also help in creating a tour for equipment delivery.
  • Sensor Integration – Transporting medicines and vaccines that need to be stored in cold temperatures is difficult. Adding sensors to the software allows the managers to maintain the temperature and makes this process easy.
  • Driver Behaviour – The medical sector requires drivers to be cautious of their driving habits. This is why this feature makes sure that safe practices are being adopted in transporting the patients, equipment or medicines.
  • Real-Time Tracking – With features like ETA, it becomes easier to decide what vehicle to use for emergency transportation. You will know what time the vehicle will reach its designated destination and the patient can be assured accordingly.



The agricultural industry has a very important role to play in most economies around the world.

Keeping the fleets organised can be difficult. That is because for managers it is impossible to directly watch the equipment and vehicles when they are so widespread on the field. Fleet management software steps in to help in this case:


    • Accurate Measurements – The system will help you calculate the exact tiled area of your field which is not possible by people alone. It can be done using the method of the concave hull.
    • Geofence – All the forbidden fields and the places where cattle graze can be marked with geofence. This ensures that the vehicles do not enter these marked areas, causing trouble or endangering the cattle.
    • Surveillance – The real-time tracking feature of the fleet management system gives the managers an option to keep track of their vehicles. This becomes necessary when the vehicles are on a large field and difficult to navigate.
    • Insightful Reports – Make sure that the vehicles are working in their optimal state. The lack of maintenance can lead to the equipment wasting fuel and increasing the losses of the owners.


Public Transportation

Public transportation has a very high need for security as it deals with transporting many humans. That is why it would require the help of fleet management software for a large number of vehicles it runs daily.

The software can make the jobs of managers easier with its many features, some of which include:


  • Route Planning – This feature can help the fleet managers ensure none of the stops is accidentally skipped in spite of all the vehicles on road. It ensures that there is no overlap between the paths of two automobiles.
  • ETA – The managers get the estimated time of arrival for all vehicles. They can make changes in the schedule and route of the vehicles according to these updates.
  • Data Organisation- It is confusing to keep records of licenced and trained drivers manually. But with such a high-responsibility job, it is a necessary exercise. The software allows you to add the documentation of the drivers in one place and keep them organised.
  • Driver Behaviour – With such a high-risk job, the drivers are required to have a high level of discipline. This feature can help managers keep an eye on the driving habits of the driver through a constant alert system.
  • Security – The parking mode, controlled lock and battery disconnection alarm features save the vehicles from the threat of theft. The panic button gives the vehicles and passengers an extra layer of security in case of accidents or breakdowns.



The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry fleets deal with the delivery of perishable goods. It requires quick solutions for all problems so that no product goes to waste. Some of the features that can help in the optimisation of the drivers’ trips using fleet management software are:


  • Route Planning – With such limited time available to cover long distanced deliveries while simultaneously having several stops can be stressful. This feature helps the managers to optimise the best travel routes for the goods.
  • Driver Behaviour – In this industry, the drivers have a lot of pressure to complete tasks as quickly as possible which can cause careless driving practices. Managers can save the drivers from the risk of accidents by keeping constant supervision on their driving.
  • Sensor Integration – Transportation of milk needs to happen at a specific temperature so that it does not go bad. installing cabin thermometers and linking them to the software is an effective solution to this problem. It helps managers control the vehicles’ temperature remotely.
  • ETA and POD – ETA feature of the fleet management software help the managers to see if the delivery of goods can be made between its consumable stage. POD gives extra reassurance of delivery and eliminates the chance of goods theft.


Rental Vehicles

People these days have full access to online renting services. This has boosted the number of vehicles being added to this industry, increasing the fleet sizes significantly.


This presents many issues like the inability to control the drivers when they are not your employee. Fleet management software comes in handy not only to track the vehicle but to hold the renter accountable for the vehicle as well. Some features of the system helpful for fleet owners are:


  • Real-time Tracking – Having the live location of the rented vehicle is necessary when it is not your designated driver behind the wheels. This removes the risk of vehicle theft. It can also help in alerting the driver if the vehicle is headed toward any dangerous place using the geofence feature.
  • Service and Maintenance –The vehicle needs to be in its best state for the renters to show interest in them. This is where this feature comes in handy. It alerts the managers of any pending licence or checkup of the vehicles.
  • Invoice management – The managers can keep track of all the expenses through the monitoring of fuel consumption and Damages done to the car. The renter will have to pay for these costs in the final bill.
  • SOS button – This panic button ensures the safety of the vehicle and the driver both. This works in case of emergencies like an accident, breakdown or breaches of safety. The driver can alert the manager and ask them to send help quickly.


Waste Management

A properly managed waste disposal system is necessary as it affects a lot of people. The fleet needs to work tirelessly to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of their allotted area. But this process can be difficult to monitor from remote locations.


A good fleet management system will help you reduce the human effort required and instead let technology aid you. So what features will be the best for this business?


  • Route Planning – This feature allows the managers to set a path including all the bins in the area requiring garbage collection. Thus, the overlapping of routes is avoided. It can also help with the time management of the job and help cover maximum bins in a single trip. No bin is abandoned on the route using the geofence feature of the system.
  • Sensor Integration – Sensors to help detect the filling of bins can be integrated with the software. This way every time the bin needs emptying, the managers can include it in the route decided for the vehicle. Load sensors can also be attached to the vehicles to monitor how much weight it is carrying. More weight than ideal can lead to heavy fuel consumption.
  • Real-Time Tracking – The managers can see the live location of the vehicles. The nearest vehicle to the location is sent out in case of emergencies such as overflowing bins.



All these industries we just talked about can cut down their labour and extra costs with the help of fleet management software. TrackoBit allows you to customise the system as you like. Do not want fuel monitoring, we will remove it for you.

So why wait? Try out the software for yourself!


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