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Pear Deck is an add-on for Google Slides that enables teachers to create interactive presentations for their students. It has a low learning curve and may easily be integrated into your daily routine in the classroom. Additionally, its use is not required for each and every class; yet, I feel that it would be helpful in a number of settings. There is a free version of Pear Deck, in addition to a premium version of the software. There are a lot of features available in the free edition, which makes learning it worthwhile. You should give some thought to purchasing the premium edition of Pear Deck if you are interested in having access to more advanced features, such as automatic grading.

Joinpd is a connection portal that is made available by the pear deck and allows users to join an ongoing online presentation. You can join a presentation by using or entering a code at, and then connecting to the presentation that your professors or classmates are delivering right now. You may do this by using it, and joining a presentation. On the portal, there is a text area where you may enter your code in order to connect to your computer or mobile device without having to go through any further login or access procedures. is where new users may sign up for a Join pd comLogin account.


To begin using Pear Deck, you will first need to create an account with Pear Deck. To set up a login account for peardeck, just follow the procedures that are listed below.


  • To get started, go to their official website, which can be found at


  • A page with the option to “Join pd com” will then display in the upper right corner of the screen.


  • Select one of the available options and set up an account.


  • You will be given a choice between three different options; go with one of them.


  • At this point, a pop-up notice will appear with two different options.


  • There are two alternatives for logging in; the first is “Log in with Google,” and the second is “Log in with Microsoft.”


  • Choose one of them to be the account that you will use to check in to the site.


  • At that moment, will check your account and validate it.  your account by doing so. In order to create an account, please enter your postcode or school post number in the space provided in this form. Additionally, ensure that the other box has the correct name of your educational institution. You can use any five-digit number for the Postcode.  – How can I take part in the presentation being given by Peardeck?


On the website, you can find instructions on how to take part in the Peardeck presentation. Follow the procedures below in order to participate in the peardeck presentation that will be held on


  • Visit and sign in with the email address and password associated with your Google account.


  • When you are through with the current presentation, you should click the “Disconnect” option in order to end it.


Where can I get the code for the PearDeck app?


The Join Code can be found in a variety of locations, including the following:

  • Additionally, navigate to the Share tab located in the upper right corner of the display.


  • In order to join, you will need to provide that code.


How do I join a Pear Deck session if I want to participate?


To participate in a Pear Deck session, you must first enter the session code into the Join Session portion of the Pear Deck website or into the address bar of your web browser. The session code consists of a mix of four to eight different letters and numbers (for example, ABCD-1234). In the event that your instructor uses an email address as their session code, and in the event that you are using Pear Deck with Google, you will be able to join a session by entering the email address of your instructor as the session code.


What steps do I need to take in order to sign up for a Peardeck class using my JoinPD account?

You only need to perform one easy action, which is to follow these instructions:


  • Open up your web browser and go to the address bar where you may enter in


  • When you arrive at the screen that follows, navigate to the top right hand corner of the website, and then click the “Sign Up” button.


  • A pop-up window with two options, Google and Email, will appear before you.


You have the option of choosing any one of them, or you may choose both of them at the same time.


Join on Board Your Peardeck Join the Conversation


  • To get started, navigate to


  • On the homepage, enter the five-character Pear Deck Code.


  • You have the option of either sharing or emailing the session URL after selecting the checkbox that says Give Students the Link (see the first step above).


  • Enrolling in your class is as simple as clicking the link, so don’t hesitate! Please click here.


  • After a week, the membership codes become invalid, but the session URL will continue to work.


  • Assume that you want students to take part in sessions that extend longer than one week. Come on in and join them.


  • You may log in as an anonymous user by using the avatar of your choice or by entering your email address and password for Google or Microsoft Office 365. The parameters for the login will decide it.


  • If you have premium access and choose a student-paced activity, you will have the option to see the Dashboard.


  • To join at any time, simply click the “Join” button that is located in the top right hand corner of your screen.


  • The actions of the students, a dashboard with a red join code.


Questions That Are Typically Asked


1. Where Can I Find the Class Join Code for PearDeck?


If you are a student, there is no need for you to generate a code because the process is quite straightforward. Your instructor will provide you with either the code or the website for the pear deck online lesson. If you are a teacher, in order to obtain joinpdcom code, you should connect or sync the information that you have prepared on Google Docs or Powerpoint with the PearDeck Portal.


2. Is there no cost for students and teachers to use PearDeck?


Of course! there is no cost involved. However, just a portion of the service is offered for free. Everyone, including lecturers and pupils, is welcome to begin utilising the free version of the service for as long as they see fit. On the other side, customers also have the option to sign up for a premium membership in order to have access to more features and instruments.


3. When does the expiration date for my Pear Deck join code?


Your Perdeck join code can only be active for a maximum of four days at a time.  In that case, you run the risk of losing the code, in which case you’ll need to generate a new code by re-synchronizing your work with the portal.


4. The Pear Deck Enter Code Option Does Not Work; What Could Be the Problem?


Because it is so easy to log into, the pear deck portal works perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with it. If you are the instructor, you should either generate a new code or ask your student’s teacher for the updated code.

Download the Google Workspace app.


Students have the ability to bring the power of interactive issues to Google Slides with the use of Pear Deck for Google Slides. Imagine if you are able to keep the interest of each and every learner in your class each and every day. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the Pear Deck.

You will be able to add the enchantment of Pear Deck’s inventive evaluations and interactive questions to your presentations by downloading the add-on for Google Slides called Pear Deck for Google Slides.

Thank you.


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