The time you can save from a tender writing service

a level tuition
a level tuition

By hiring a Tender Writing Consultant, you can continue your usual work whilst they handle the general challenges of this process. The time saved here can be priceless in no end of ways. You can also be sure the process will be done and undertaken in a most effective way and manner too. This is why and how this can add no end of value in terms of process. It is a great investment for a business to also make too.

Professional bid writers prepare documents and pitches for clients to help them win contracts that have been put out for tender, or craft applications for charities, non-profits and other organisations to help them secure additional funding. Bid writers may also design, implement or overhaul a systemic bid creation approach within specific companies. A successful bid occurs when the bid writer’s client wins the contract. This is to provide the work, product, or service that has been put out to tender. Alternatively, a bid will also be successful when the client is awarded the additional funding. This also ties in on the resources that were being bid on.

Sample ways they work

One of the reasons businesses are so keen to hire professional bid writers, is because of how widely the requirements for individual bids can differ, depending on the terms of the contract being bid on, the industry or sector of the organisation inviting the bids, the amount of money involved, and whether the bid is a pitch for work, or an attempt to secure additional funding. Bids can even vary in their style and tone. Some bids will require a more creative approach, while it is imperative for others to meet certain criteria and parameters.

For example, flourishing creative industries such as online streaming platforms, video on demand services and premium graphic design have all become lucrative sectors of their own. Bids for work in these industries may demand a novel approach or a more visual, eye-catching style. This is alongside the tried and tested bid fundamentals of understanding the client’s brand. It also needs to tie in with the audience demographic and company values. In the utilities sector, however, the bid writing process may be more technical and specialised. While the construction sector may have very specific resources, technicalities, regulations or budget constraints.

It is a service that is key for every business

Tendering is a very powerful way to generate new business and to also grow your business. So powerful that many businesses use this as their only route to winning new business. We have a belief that every business should at least try tendering for a contract or two, it can add much value, and if you go about it in the right way with the right mindset you could just win. There are some preliminaries to consider though. We understand why businesses are put off from the long, in-depth process you have to follow, but by spending time upfront to learn how to tender could be vital to the success and growth of your service or product-based business. Do remember to ensure you prepare first.


You may not always be successful in tendering. But completing a tender document often gives you additional clarity on other areas of your business. This can in itself be very powerful, reviewing the way you respond to clients’ demands and requests for proposals helps us to find the very things that make our business so unique. In addition, we can benchmark our service and determine if we need to do more to show how good our services really are.


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