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Pneumatic Switch

A Pneumatic Switch is an electronic switch that operates when a specific level of fluid pressure is reached. This pressure may increase or fall, depending on the design of the switch. This device is also called a pressure switch and can be used to regulate pressure in a variety of applications. This article will discuss some of the features of each type of Pneumatic Switches. It will also cover how to choose an appropriate Pneumatic Switch for your application.


The ISE40A pneumatic switch series is a high-precision digital pressure switch. It offers improved performance, functions, and variations. Its 2-color display shows abnormal values. Its built-in circuitry allows it to detect various pressures. For greater convenience, ISE40A pneumatic switches are available with 90-degree and one-touch tube fittings. They are ideal for vacuum generators and other applications where accurate measurements are necessary.

ISE40B Pneumatic Switch

The ISE40B pneumatic switch is the most reliable and versatile way to control air pressure. This device has a 0.1 to 1 MPa pressure range and comes with a digital display. It was removed from a late model automation system and is in great functional and cosmetic condition. This model is CE, UL/CSA, and RoHS compliant. To learn more about its capabilities, read the following specifications.

Pneumatic Switch


An ISE40C pneumatic switch is an ideal option for applications that require air, water, or oil. Its built-in circuitry allows for simple calibration of set points and outputs. The switch features a piston or solid-state sensor for pressure detection. An ISE40C pneumatic switches also features a vacuum-monitoring LED readout. An ISE40C is ideal for many applications, including vacuum generators, compressors, and pumps.

ISE40D Pneumatic Switch

Whether you’re using an ISE40D pneumatic switch for your industrial automation system or just want to replace a traditional manual valve, this versatile switch is a perfect fit for your needs. The ISE40D’s compact size makes it easy to mount on a wall, and its programmable features make it easy to install in existing installations. In addition, its two outputs allow you to control valves and adjust the feedback loop over time.

In conclusion, a pneumatic switch works by using air to activate. This makes it popular for applications where wet hands are involved, including those in hospitals and health clubs. Users in these areas typically have wet hands, so a pneumatic switch’s small force requirement makes it safe to operate. Similarly, pneumatic push button switches are common in public health clubs and spas, where wet hands are a common part of the environment.


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