The Site Recesses Around The Fireplace: Before And After


Every phase of our renovation process has been thrilling so far fireplace. Even small changes make me feel dizzy, because honestly: progress is progress! But today’s makeover may be one of my favorites of all time. Fireplace and you, I can’t even. I’m fascinated and can’t wait to tell you all the details at the end.

Where do we start?

I think the beginning is the best place. Do you remember the living room when we moved? The painter’s blue ribbon on the wall is the vision I discussed with the carpenter who built these beautiful shelves. Take a few months to see what this wall looks like now.

Do you know why I like this update the most? I swear I often sit here, gazing at this beautiful wall. This is what I expected and even more. But how did we get here? Today, I will guide you step by step on how to create these white embedded elements around the fireplace.

Fireplace upgrades first

The first thing we did with the fireplace was to replace the old red bricks with marble tiles. This article contains all these details. This update had an immediate impact. Then, we paint the walls, decorate the whole house, and finally soil the floor again.

If having one or more fireplaces in your home as a source of supplemental heat sounds like a dream, contact us at today.

The technique of constructing and finishing

In addition to these updates, this area has been inactive for the next few months, and contractors have worked miracles for this. They put the TV together, bought the carpet, took it to the sofa, and waited. This trash can is on the rope tower. I want to know when the shelf is used up. By mid-January, I finally received a call, and after 4 months of construction (and crazy living conditions that delayed the builder), the shelf was ready!

He brought her, I was already in love, and I didn’t even see her on the wall! To my surprise, a few months ago, the tape on the wall could finally turn into these beautiful pieces-what do these amazing woodpeckers do?

Cut the chimney

Now it’s finally ready to install, I want to talk about some things that happened during the installation process. First, I will explain why we decided to replace the mantelpiece. Do you remember that we updated all the doors in our home with these handmade white doors? Well, if you find the woodwork on these doors is very simple, and the corners are very straight. The lines are simple and clear.

The wood in the “original” fireplace is not very detailed, but it is definitely more refined and elegant than our hand-made doors now. Therefore, I decided that when dealing with the built-in modules, we would ask Carpenter to replace some of the wood paneling on the fireplace to reflect the simplicity of the door.

That’s not a problem. The old decorative pieces were removed, polished, and some simple wooden pieces were added to update the appearance. These are the parts you brought to replace the old parts. I like the simple, clean lines that combine all these wooden elements together. I also had to trim the edges of the mantle to make the shelf fit the wall perfectly.

This is a huge benefit because the cable TV cables can be passed through the enclosure and hidden in the cabinet of the embedded device.

White recessed installation

After finishing the details of the fireplace, the carpenter installed two shelves on both sides of the fireplace. Even if they are not painted or installed without curtain rods, they look great.

Crown molding

The crown molding makes me very nervous. The frame of this room is GIPKA. Old budget issues. Drywall molding means that it cannot be replicated in these gaps, which makes me very hesitant about the expected results. But sometimes, our amazing carpenters create wood that fits almost perfectly in the plaster lines. I mean cool, right? After drawing the shape, you may never realize that it is not the same shape. These details make this particular built-in device worthwhile.

$3,500 is a huge investment for us, but Matt and I both agree that it is very worthwhile in terms of long-term resale value. Buying two large ironing machines for this room will also cost us money, but we feel guilty about the high price.


Finally, it’s time to paint the fireplace and cornice to make the overall look integrated. My wonderful father came to prepare the final works, print them out, and color them. He used Benjamin Moore White’s premix to match the existing wood to my jaw, and when the painting was finished, it fell. I can’t even believe how much this built-in device has changed the overall sense of space.

The cabinets

The walls on either side of the fireplace are not very deep, so the built-in furniture shelves and cabinets are only 30 cm deep and 35 cm high. This depth will not provide us with a lot of functional storage space, but to be honest, our house has a lot of storage space, so I am not too worried.

The good news is that the shelf is deep enough to hold and hide all cables, internet, and TV cables. I hope to repair many hidden cables in the cabinet shortly. But now, all our boxes and cables are hidden, which is a huge victory for us. From now on, we must also open the closet to switch the channel to the TV. This is not the worst thing in the world, but it is a difficult problem I want to solve.

I found that after researching, this should be easy to solve. All we have to do is to switch the cable box to HF, and then the remote control signal should pass directly through the cabinet! This setting is outdated, so I’m working with the cable company to change it. I will notify you when I find it.

White recesses around the fireplace

But until then, I still couldn’t believe that this project was completed. Make a room like this. the best! Now, all we have to do is to add artwork, more furniture, curtains and finally some final details. The details tie them together. Tomorrow I will contact the fireplace for more details. I also plan to release the shelf design because we have received a lot of inquiries about this topic. But before I go, I must show you. Again, because it’s so good, don’t do it.


Thank you for your patience, because the white elements around the fireplace finally come to life. I hope this change is worthwhile, and I know it is for me!

When your fireplace is abandoned and lacks love, it’s time to remodel it. However, refurbishing a fireplace is not necessarily a big construction project-it is very easy to repaint unfinished or previously painted bricks. Or it can be a simple construction project where you cover a brick with plasterboard, wood, or ceramic tiles.

More complex chimneys can be surrounded by lightweight stone siding, which is perfect for housework. These fireplace reworked homeowners aim to correct the mistakes of previous homeowners. Reducing the number of visible gems is another common theme. After all, this relatively simple creative project is something you will like.

When they found themselves in a messy room with a boring fireplace, Amanda and Corey of Love & Renovations decided it was time for a major change. They spent years trying to find the perfect style for this space and truly release its potential.

After: the spectacular tile fireplace.

With this gorgeous update from Love & Renovations, the wood-burning fireplace is now decorated on top of this fireplace. Enter the room.

That fireplace is not bad, but Rachel Moore of the Pinteresting Plan blog wants it to look cleaner. The black tiled fireplace looks particularly ugly. The exposed painted bricks make it look like any other fireplace. After several attempts to update the system with cheap repairs, she decided it was time to take a risk and invest in her cosmetics.

To drive away from the darkness in the fireplace, Rachel Moore of Pinteresting Plan replaced her most annoying dark fireplace with more interesting 20 x 20-inch marble-looking tiles. Wood foil covers the bricks to make their appearance cleaner and more traditional. Your fireplace is now as warm and inviting as you have always dreamed of. perhaps.

Before: Heavy bricks A limited number of bricks can be great. The problem with that old mother’s fireplace is that it is too much. All these loaded bricks are overwhelming. At the suggestion of Made to Be a Momma by Katie, her carpenter friend, and her husband, they used two-by-four plasterboard and plywood to mark any remaining bricks.

They screwed two or four pieces of concrete directly onto the bricks with self-tapping screws. Dyed cedar on top. The fresh white coat creates a fresh and clean fireplace.
Although this is her ordinary and innocent red brick fireplace, Kaleidoscope Living and designer blogger Tasha think it is a sad relic from the 80s, so she decided to paint it.




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