The Role of Coaching in Empowering Professional Women


Following a year-long mentoring engagement, I received these comments from professional ladies. Participants were asked to indicate the areas where feminine life coach had been most effective at the end of the coaching for women, which was implemented as part of the company’s commitment to attaining a gender-balanced workforce. The top three of these areas were as follows:

  • “Recognizing what is holding me back from reaching my greatest potential.”
  • “Creating powerful techniques to help me achieve my career goals.”
  • “I’m becoming more tenacious.”

These three regions may appear to have nothing in common. But it was each client’s effort in recognizing the root of self-doubt contributed to the improvement in all three areas.

Regardless of the institutional and cultural barriers that women encounter in the workplace, women have enormous capacity to develop personal tactics for self-empowerment and how to walk into their professional and personal goals. The top step is to learn how to handle your fear.

Fear may be helpful — logical fear keeps us safe from a chasing lion; survival fear. But this is not the same as for irrational dread, fueled by uncertainty. This type of dread stifles our development, preventing us from advancing our career and overall life objectives.

How Can Female Life Coach Assist?

You or your customer will be disappointed if you expect to be fearless. Fear, in my experience, seldom goes away. It’s a natural element of being human. However, you may act despite your dread. This is what I mean by bravery. Three steps may be taken to acquire courage:

  • Fear is present.
  • Fear is being courted.
  • Bringing out the inner hero.

Confronting Fear

When clients think about the tales they tell themselves, they can distinguish between reality and fiction. Fear make you lose some of its power when it is named and recognized. As a result, fear is no longer accepted as fact and is shown as a delusion.

The following are the most typical sorts of fears that I’ve observed clients acknowledge during coaching sessions:

  • This worry, which is often underestimated but quite frequent, is of the repercussions of success. Success increases your visibility and, as a result, makes you more susceptible. The expectations for continuing achievement are higher, leading women to believe that there is no time to recuperate, no space for mistakes, and no place for weakness. Fear of success is frequently associated with predicting how others will respond to your accomplishment. It may be just as crippling as the dread of failure. As a result, you opt to shun success rather than face the consequences of failure.
  • I met several ladies who had been locked in jobs they didn’t enjoy, relationships they didn’t respect, or life choices that didn’t fulfill them for far too long. They were all postponing choices because they were afraid of being judged. Feminine life coach has a strong desire to uphold inherited social standards, and they are concerned about what other people think of their decisions. Of course, we all care about what other people think of us to some level, but excessive concern may become one of the most significant impediments to our growth and success.
  • I encounter ladies who are so frightened of disappointment that they refuse to dream. “If I aim too high, I get my hopes up,” one customer told me. I don’t want to go through the agony and end up a loser.” However, many ladies realized that the biggest disappointment happened only after giving up. There is no need to giving up when you are devoted to your innermost goal and professional ambition.

Dread of being revealed as an “imposter,” fear of saying the wrong thing, making a bad judgment, or fear of increasing responsibility are just a few of the various worries.

Fear as A Friend

Resisting fear serves to amplify it. When clients discover their techniques for dealing with their fears, it becomes a source of important information.

After assisting a client in recognizing their fear, the following questions may be asked:

  • What is your apprehension teaching you?
  • How can you dance with your fear in a pleasurable manner?
  • How can you use your fear to help you grow and push you out of your comfort zone?
  • What would you miss out on if you never made friends with your anxiety?

This investigation assists individuals in understanding their fear, sitting with it, and embracing “growth fear” rather than getting immobilized by it.

Bringing Out the Inner Hero

Coaching assists women in taking the necessary steps to accept their inner strength.

Women find unimaginable internal power due to experiences and circumstances that drive them over their concerns. In my experience, they will begin to:

  • Embrace your innate wisdom.
  • Seek internal validation.
  • Criticism should be filtered

Clients become fearless and receptive to endless possibilities when they discover methods to act despite their fear. They grow more resilient on their path to career and personal fulfillment as they push through discomfort.

When individuals are asked what mindset coaching is, myths and realities often become muddled up. So let’s take this one: “Coaches do not provide counsel to their customers.” What are your thoughts?

Okay, try again: “Coaching is most successful when you get to the root of emotions.” What are your thoughts? No? Yes?

True, this is a reality as well. Let’s look into why:

When coaching someone, the individual being taught should be pushed out of their comfort zone and into their development zone to achieve their self-set objective. The individual will be met with emotions that may impede or accelerate their progress along the process.

Understanding underlying emotions can aid in gaining a stronger drive to achieve that progress. For example, someone’s emotional reaction to a question might include not answering the question or answering it with something entirely irrelevant, saying “I don’t know,” chuckling, and so on. So, while traveling through the fear zone is natural and essential, the top mindset fitness coaches’ goal is to push the coach farther, allowing them to achieve a deeper self-awareness that can drive progress in all areas.


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