The recurring QuickBooks missing pdf component error message

QuickBooks shows the error message of QuickBooks missing pdf component most of the time when there is a software update pending

Bonjour, hello all! In this particular blog installment, we are going to discuss the error message “QuickBooks missing pdf component” in the QuickBooks software. QuickBooks has a function for reporting, forms, and statements which you can view in a pdf viewer; thus, it uses the pdf function as well. The users can print and reprint pdf related to it. In this blog, we will discuss pdf in general without conforming to one or two software. In the same line, we will throw light upon the printing feature as well.

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a business and accounting software designed for bookkeeping, taxation, payroll, inventory, expense management, budgeting, etc. This software predominantly targets small bracket businesses. All these various reports, forms, and statements can be displayed within the software. However, software with its various upgrades and updates often shows errors that hinder the work processes. Some of which are demonstrated below. The solutions can be availed within a limited scope.

QuickBooks missing pdf component Windows 10

There are several reasons why QuickBooks is missing the pdf component, they are cited below:

  • An outdated, missing, or damaged Adobe Reader application
  • The user hasn’t updated QuickBooks Desktop software to the latest release
  • Microsoft XPS Document Writer is disabled in the Windows OS settings.

If the above causes are identified, then the user may proceed to do the following:

  • Update QuickBooks Desktop to Rectify the Error
  • Use QuickBooks Print & PDF Repair Tool to Resolve the Error
  • Update/Fix a Damaged Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Enable Microsoft XPS Document Writer
  • Reset Permissions for your TEMP Folder

QuickBooks print to pdf missing component

If you happen to use QuickBooks and the software broadcasts the above error in the title, then you may follow the steps cited underneath:

  • Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to the current release
  • Update and repair impaired Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Activating and enabling Microsoft XPS Document Writer
  • Use QuickBooks print and PDF Repair Tool to resolve the error
  • Reset permission for your TEMP folder

QuickBooks pdf not working

If the user is facing the above error, then the user should follow the scheme below:

  • Run the QuickBooks Print & Print Repair Tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Reset your temp folder permissions
  • Check to see if the reconcile window is off of the screen
  • Test, reinstall, and adjust permissions for XPS Document Writer

QuickBooks online display issues

It occurs because QuickBooks has a greater DPI (dot per inch) value than Windows 10. The default Windows setting is less than 100%, on the other hand, QB has 125 to 150%.

Solutions that you can follow:

  • Modify QuickBooks DPI settings
  • Modify desktop view preference
  • Modify Windows DPI settings
  • Modify the screen resolution setting of the computer

How do I fix a missing PDF component in the QuickBooks desktop?

There are ways to fix the error message missing pdf component in QuickBooks desktop, some of them are cited here:

  • Activate MXDW
  • Repair Print and PDF Issues via QB Tool Hub
  • Reset Permissions for Temporary Folder

How do I reinstall a pdf converter in QuickBooks?

If you have deleted the PDF converter in your system but want to reinstall it, then follow the mechanism below:

  • Search for the QuickBooks icon on the desktop and launch it
  • Hit right-click on the same icon, click on Properties
  • Out of the Properties window, click on the Find Target option, or Open File Location
  • Now, you’ll be led to a Windows Explorer Window
  • In the window, you must double click the exe file or install an application
  • This action will install the PDF converter

How to enable PDF in QuickBooks

Ensure that you already have installed a pdf viewer. If it is, then you may proceed to do the following steps:

  • Select the Windows Start
  • Select the Settings icon
  • Select Apps
  • Select Default Apps
  • Scroll down until you find .pdf select its default program
  • From the list, select the desired (for example, Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  • Select Switch anyway
  • Now, Adobe Acrobat Reader is set as a default pdf viewer for QuickBooks.

How do I print a pdf from QuickBooks?

If you want to print a pdf from QuickBooks then you need to go by the following:

  • Select the report or form you want to print in QuickBooks
  • Click the File menu and Print to use a third-party PDF printer. Then, select your PDF printer from the options. Alternatively, select File and Save as PDF to use the built-in QuickBooks PDF printer.
  • Click Print or Save. Then, select a location on your hard drive to save the PDF file

Why won’t QuickBooks let me save as PDF?

The factors why QuickBooks won’t let you save as pdf are undermentioned:

  • Missing pdf file component
  • A pdf converter installation error such as 1722 or 1801
  • Error related to QuickBooks converter activation
  • The pdf converter is in offline mode
  • The printer driver host is not working
  • There is a problem connecting to the printer

If QuickBooks doesn’t let you save files as PDF, then you must do the following-

  • Download PC Repair and Optimizer Tool
  • Launch the system file checker to fix MSXML 6.0
  • Bypass the print spooler
  • Reinstalling the XPS Document Writer

The aforesaid steps guarantee that you will be out of file loss and malware. It also maximizes your system performance. This repair tool scans the repositories and replaces corrupt or missing files.

Issues with printing and pdf files

QuickBooks, in general, is an efficient software although from time to time printing and pdf related error emerges and the hurry for remedy ensues. The reasons for constant issues with printing are:

  • Due to an unresponsive XPS port
  • Missing XPS printer driver
  • Error 1722 and 1801 were ignored while the installation
  • QuickBooks doesn’t convert to pdf files because of XPS writer
  • QuickBooks PDF converter error 1498250172
  • Not being able to communicate with the company file
  • Missing pdf component needs repair
  • QB unable to complete the printing due to missing component
  • Print host driver issues in QuickBooks

There are some specific file-related issues as well:

  • Pdf record part is missing
  • Pdf converter is disconnected
  • The framework is unable to communicate with the printer
  • The arranged network is unavailable
  • The printer programming is not managed adequately
  • There’s a non-working print driver host is present
  • Outdated QuickBooks software

Note: You might also like to fix the issue of QuickBooks unable to locate the pdf viewer

QuickBooks pdf not working

In the same line, QuickBooks PDF not working is a familiar issue that is frequently faced by users. When you update your Windows 10 and command QuickBooks to generate PDFs for you, the error appears. Fortunately, QuickBooks dispenses the QB Print and PDF Repair Tool for settling common printing errors, although it’s not enough to evade all errors. Sometimes it fails to solve the issue. The error usually emerges as “QuickBooks could not save your form as a pdf file” or your forms were not sent because “QuickBooks could not create the necessary pdf files”.


In summary, we can say that QuickBooks shows the error message of QuickBooks missing pdf component most of the time when there is a software update pending or it has been corrupted or damaged. All the errors mentioned above can be terminated if the software is updated and the network is rearranged properly. There are some additional issues solved too such as the display issues, and the issues with printing pdf files.



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