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Aviva Mongillo, complete name Aviva Chiara Mongillo, otherwise known as CARYS, is a Canadian multi talented entertainer, artist, and TV star. She is referred to for her best job as Alya Kendrick. Her assuming part ‘Alya Kendrick in the hit Canadian sitcom called ‘Behind the stage’ makes her a spotlight, and she becomes a megastars all over the planet. 

The renowned TV show is running starting around 2016. aviva-mongillo, also known as Carys, is 24 Years Old, Born on sixth February 1998. At 10 years old, she started to begin learning music, and when she was only 12 years of age, she started to learn Guitar.

Aviva Mongillo and her family members

Aviva has a more youthful sibling named Nicolas Mongillo, who was brought into the world in 2001, and one cousin Sister named Alyssa Mongillo. She is tentative in nature and has not shared a lot about her own family. Every one of the subtleties assembled from different open-source and accessible in the public space has been added here. Also, there has been gossip that she is dating Josh Bogert Since 2016.

Acting career of Aviva Mongillo

The youthful and gifted Canadian entertainer began her profession in acting early in life; when she was 8 years of age, she began her theatrical examples. A couple of years after the fact, at 12 years old, aviva-mongillo learned music and began playing the guitar. You might be stunned to hear that she showed up as the lead in a phase creation, “Pippin,” when she was 14 years of age. While Aviva was all the while examining and seeking after her schooling, 

She got chosen for the job of “Alya” rather than “Red” in “Behind the stage” because of her absence of moving abilities. The show was credited to the processed things that are made on to the evaluation on the hit. There was a broadcast that took across Canada which went on to be a hit. The show went on in the year 2016.  In the year 2017, she showed up in a supporting job as Sarah in the film ‘Don’t Talk to Irene.’

Aviva Mongillo Songs and her music world

Other than her fruitful acting profession, Young multi talented Canadian entertainer Aviva Mongillo is likewise a rising music star. She has made a recording contract with ‘Cardinal Point Music.’ Her presentation in the music business EP, ‘Tunes About Boys, was delivered on September 15, 2017.The collection contains seven unique tunes by Aviva including, ‘Hurt Like Hell,’ ‘Wild,’ ‘Promotion,’ and ‘Princesses Don’t Cry.’ The fundamental Songwriter of this multitude of tracks is Aviva herself. That, yet she additionally planned the front of the collection with the assistance of her Photographer companions Luke Avoledo

Aviva Mongillo Songs

  1. Princesses Don’t Cry.
  2. Hype
  3. Afraid of Your Love
  4. Wild
  5. Fire to Start
  6. This Time
  7. Hurt Like Hell
  8. Bad Boys
  9. Some of You
  10. Crush
  11. Love
  12. Maybe I’ll Call You

More information about Aviva Mongillo

Aviva has her own Youtube channel, where she consistently posted her recordings and Songs habitually. Not many Unknown Interesting realities about Aviva Mongillo She have a charming pet feline whose name is Artie. He went into music when she was only 10 years of age. She began guitar examples at 12 years old and took illustrations from Drama at only 8 years. aviva-mongillo Auditioned for the job of Scarlet yet got chosen for Alya Kendrick because of an absence of moving abilities. Aviva is once found dating Josh Bogart, the multi-skilled performer on the family channel series, Backstage. 

Aviva Mongillo used to be a meek young lady, however her teachers urged her to open up and encounter new things and tryouts. The companionship bonding between Aviva Mongillo with her Photographer companion Luke Avoledo is awesome. Whenever she was at school, she played out the Main lead spot with the Production house, Pippin.


Facts about Aviva Mongillo

  • She has her own Youtube channel, where she as often as possible posted Video melodies and covers.
  • She is one of the popular Social media forces to be reckon with, and she has bunches of adherents on  Youtube channel and Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so forth.
  • A skilled artist Aviva was brought into the world on the sixth February 1998 in Canada.
  • She has grown up there alongside her sibling Nicholas, brought into the world following three years of her introduction to the world.
  • Aviva entered the field of music at 10 years old.
  • She included herself in acting and dramatization to level up her secret abilities.
  • Likewise, at 12 years old, Mongillo took a guitar illustration class to excel in his life. That was the initial phase in her life for her brilliant future.
  • Aviva is likewise renown for her job in Don’t Talk to Irene.
  • Her melody “Publicity” has acquired multiple lakh views on YouTube.
  • Aviva, a Canadian entertainer, appears to be dynamic via web-based entertainment.
  • Aviva total assets have not been fixed at this point, however it is accept that she has sufficiently made to carry on with a day to day existence luxurious life.
  • Viva isn’t just an entertainer yet in addition to a popular vocalist.
  • Mangalore is notable for her job Alya Kendrick in Backstage.

Aviva Mongillo interesting things to know 

  • Like confirming her relationship, she has posted the couple picture in her social media account. They are not yet married and also they don’t have any kids together as well. Aviva went to Unionville High School and she graduated from St, Paul College, and Pasig, Philippines. 
  • She literally started her acting career at the age of 17 by going to acting classes. Moreover, she went to Guitar and Vocal classes. While appearing backstage, she pursued her education as well. 
  • If you ask about her favorite actors are Ryan Reynolds, Stephen Amell, and Ryan Gosling. Her favorite actresses are Katheryn Winnick, Cobie Smoulders, and Anna Paquin. Jessie Reyez, Avril Lavigne, Allie X, they were all the singers whom she liked a lot. 
  • Moreover, her favorite things are the Friends television show, Hockey is one of her favorite sports. She loves the color red and her favorite animal is Hedgehogs. Most of her hobbies are Singing and Swimming. 
  • Aviva loves to travel a lot. Being a great actress she has earned about $750,000 USD of Net Worth. She literally earns about 15k to 20k USD Dollars per episode. 


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