The Pikashow app


The Pikashow app:

Are there any of you who would be interested in a free movie viewer app or a live streaming app? Have you ever heard of an app that allows you to watch any movie for free? In that case, this article might be of interest to you. As far as I know, everyone enjoys watching movies, live streaming, or sports live, but it can be quite expensive to watch movies, live streaming, or sports live. Could you please let me know if I am correct? Pikashow is the right option for anyone looking for free downloads, no subscription required, and free streaming. I want to tell you a little more about it.

The Pikashow is a live streaming and movie-watching app, much like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, it does not require you to pay to use it. In contrast to Netflix, where you have to pay a subscription fee or buy additional packages to access it, The Pikashow is free to watch.

Check out The Pikashow app to learn more about it:

I am sure that if you have not heard of the Pikashow app, then you have heard of the Mobdro app or the Gomovies123 app. Watching the latest movies and TV shows with the Pikashow app is possible. There is no doubt that watching movies in your free time is a pleasant way to refresh your mood. It is no secret that many people like to see the latest movies. In the Pikashow, you will find all the latest movies that have just been released.

An updated version of the Pikashow app is now available, which has been improved to make it easier to use.

Features include:

You will be able to enjoy the following features with the Pikashow.

Having compatibility with:

Is this app compatible with the device I’m using? This is a question that everyone has in the back of their minds. The answer is yes. Many devices work.

  • Your Android device will be able to run the application.
  • As far as iOS is concerned, it also works.
  • If the user wants to do so, connecting to the TV is no problem. You can connect your device to your TV via Pikashow using the Pikashow app.
  • Furthermore, you can also run it on Android TV and Firestick devices.
  • You can also use it on a PC.

Download any video:

It is common for us to want to save a movie or video that we want to watch later. With Pikashow, you can download any movie or TV show you like. To do this, you will need to download an app called 1DM from the App Store. In the play store or on the app store, you will be able to find this app easily.

  • The first thing you should do after getting 1DM is to open your Pikashow app.
  • Choose a movie or TV show you wish to download from the list or search for the movie or TV show you need.
  • The download button will appear after you have selected an item.
  • Select the resolution of your choice by clicking on the button.
  • As soon as you have chosen the resolution, the download will begin.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, navigate to your media player and open it. The movie or show you downloaded will be listed there for you to watch.

High video quality:

Sometimes the quality of the video does not matter, but there are other times when it does. In the middle of watching a movie with your friends, they ask you, “Why is the quality of this video so poor?” Is it not possible for us to see it? You want to avoid this question. Don’t worry; The Pikashow app provides quality that will range between 180p to full HD. The resolution of some shows and movies can also reach 4K. Therefore, you can choose your desired resolution or quality. Your network will also affect video quality.


A major feature of the Pikashow app is that all the shows and movies are divided into categories. It is imperative to note that every movie has its group. The videos are divided into three groups: Hollywood, Bollywood, and TV shows. You can watch live sports on Sony TV, Star Sports, and other live sports channels on The Pikashow. In addition, there is a section for paid sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, and Zee5. In addition, there is also a section for paid sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Interference is easy to do:

I like the UX and UI of the Pikashow app. Finding the movie or show you are looking to watch will be easy. As I mentioned in the last paragraph, you will certainly find the movie you want to see. A swipe of the screen will additionally allow you to adjust the brightness and volume. You can also choose the sound and video quality between mono and stereo. The viewers can also use its quick support feature. You can report any problem you face without hesitation. They have a quick response team that will contact you in a short time for the problem you are facing.


We all know that when we watch something in a language other than our native language, we face understanding problems. In this case, we watch videos with subtitles in our native language or in that language, and we understand easily. So The Pikashow provides subtitles for every video and language, whether in your native language or the language you want to view. If you cannot find it in the videos, then you can search for the required subtitle in the search option given by The Pikashow.

How to download the Pikashow app:

For Android:

Downloading an app on an Android device is quite easy.

You can download this app from the Play Store easily.

· If you can’t find the app on the Play Store, you can download it using the official site of Pikashow.

  • · Open a browser you want.
  • · In the search bar, search for Pikashow app download.
  • · You will see the official website of Pikashow.
  • · You will see a download button after you open the site. Then click on it to start your download.
  • · The download button will ask for your permission.
  • · As soon as you give permission, the browser will download the app (the app is only 13 MB).
  • · Install the app and watch HD movies for free.

For iOS:

Like Android, it’s quite easy to download an app on iOS.

  • · Launch the app store on your iPhone.
  • · Search for Pikashow.
  • · You will see the official Pikashow app.
  • · Download and install the app.
  • · Enjoy.

For PC:

You can also use the Pikashow app on Windows. Use the following instructions.

  • · To use Pikashow on a computer, you need an emulator. That will run the Android app on a PC.
  • · I will recommend you for Bluestacks.
  • · Download the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  • · Install the Bluestacks and wait for the program to run. It will need some time to complete all the installations.
  • · Open the Bluestacks. On the home screen, you will see the Google Play store.
  • · Open the Playstore and search for “Pikashow.”
  • · You will find the app there.
  • · Download and install the app and run it in BlueStacks to watch your favourite movies for free.

List of Pikashow alternatives for iOS/iPhone and iPad:-

Below are some of the most popular Pikashow Alternatives for iOS, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple’s Latest Version, 2022. You can find the information below. If you can’t get or download the Pikashow app on your iPhone, you can download and use one of them.

  • · The Mobdro app for iOS
  • · TopTV
  • · For Nova TV
  • · Tv’s HD sports channel
  • · The Black Panther is awesome on Amazon Prime
  • · Streaming HotStar and Disney+ services.


In this article, I have discussed the Pikashow app. So if you want to watch the latest Bollywood or Hollywood movies, download The Pikashow app from the Play Store, app store, or official website. You can enjoy your lifestyle by watching free movies.



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