The Perfect Way to Build Gift Basket

build gift basket

Gift baskets are easy gifts for any occasion. There are some inexpensive last-minute baskets as well as some lavish ones for special occasions. But what fun is it in gifting something readily out of the box? Gifting is all about expressing love and it feels more personal when your efforts go into creating the gift entirely or partially by yourself. This is why it helps to learn how to build a gift basket.

Knowing to build gift basket lets you personalize your gift just the way the recipient would like it. It would make gift baskets feel like the most convenient thing to choose no matter what the occasion is. Be it your friend’s wedding or your grandpa’s 90th birthday, a gender reveal party or any other occasion a well thought of gift basket will make your gift stand out from others’. Read on to find out how you can build a gift basket all by yourself.

Build gift basket in 5 easy steps 

Here are some easy ways you can build the most alluring gift basket. Be it any occasion, adorn it with your special gift. We promise your gift receiver would be super impressed with the beauty and thoughts behind your gift.

1. It is alright to look for inspirations 

From the kind of items to group to the kind of basket and wrapping materials to incorporate, you can get several ideas when you have a look at readily available gift baskets. Check out the bestselling gift baskets in the theme that you wish to follow. With this, you will understand the nuances of creating the perfect gift basket that your loved one would enjoy. 

2. Work on a theme 

Once you have a rough picture of what your basket would contain and how it would be wrapped, you should then narrow down the theme.

Would it be a basket full of edibles like chocolates or cookies in flavors that the recipient likes? Would it be a basket of craft supplies for someone who loves simple DIY projects? Or perhaps a basket full of baking supplies or baking ingredients for a baker? It could also be a gourmet basket for a foodie.

These are some of the examples of themes that you can work on. Once you identify the theme you would find it easier to put the basket together. So, spend your most of the time on this step. It will make rest of steps easier for you.

3. Have a shopping plan

For the kind of budget you have in mind, make a list of the items you should be adding to the basket. You can either start with a basket and then pick the ingredients or work the other way round. But your focus should be on targeting the key items that make an impact.

If you start shopping without a plan you might end up spending more than what you had budgeted and it might also get a little difficult to find the right kind of basket to present the gifts in. If you do not want to digress from your budget, a plan, a shopping list is a must.

4. Have your supplies ready

The basket is definitely the first thing that you need. But in this area, you should also be open to other ideas besides baskets – like using a large bowl instead or even a decorative tray. Pick what works as a complementary detail with the items you choose. Rustic, contemporary, or farmhouse look- whatever be the style you are trying to recreate you can choose a suitable base. 

Then comes the step where you collate all the essential decorative supplies. Gift basket presentations mainly aim at displaying the contents. So you would need transparent or translucent cellophane gift wrap or netted fabric and other creative materials to wrap the basket. Once you have all the supplies close by, putting the gift basket together should not take much time. You are just a few minutes away from your ready gift basket. Hop on to the next step.

5. Arranging the items 

Do this one carefully. Clear out a large table space and spread out the items to put inside the basket. Arranging items based on their size would be a good idea. You can start by arranging all the tallest items at the back and then slowly come down to the smallest items in the front row.

With multiple rows spread neatly in the basket, you will be able to create an attractive-looking presentation. This will also make all the contents of the basket clearly visible at first glance. Remember how important first impressions are. That’s what we are trying to achieve here.

6. Let your creative juices flow 

Once your items are arranged, you can also decide whether you need fillers. These can help fill gaps and hold the items in place when you pick up and move the basket.

Finally comes the fun part- wrapping the basket. Place the gift basket at the center of the cut-out piece of wrapping paper (transparent cellophane and other options). Form a nice ruffle on the top, you can also use tight wrapping for holding the contents in place and leave the handle exposed if required. Once you are done wrapping the basket add some fancy bows or gift tags that contain your personal message. Ta-da your basket is ready to steal the heart of your gift receiver.

Innovative tips to add grandeur to your gift basket 

  • Take some time to hunt for the best kind of basket to use. You can never go wrong with a rustic wicker basket. If you manage to grab a chic wooden crate or a serving tray that is not too shallow, you can create an interesting presentation. For wooden crates, you can also add a touch of personalization by painting the basket yourself. If you know decorative crafts like decoupage, you can use them to ornately accent the looks of the tray or crate. This can make your gift look elegant. This would also be a way to make your gift basket look so much different from the ones readily available in the market. Also, if you pick a sturdy crate or basket it would make an eco-friendly gift on the whole. Your gift recipient would be able to reuse the decorative basket. 
  • Do not hesitate to play with the textures. One of the major benefits of putting together a gift basket by yourself is that you get to add items from various categories to bring together a collection of things that the recipient likes. So, tap into this opportunity and pick different textures. 
  • If you do not know how to arrange the items, try to shop for items in similar colors. This will create a homogenous look if that is something that might make an impression. 

Most gift baskets might appear incomplete if you do not have a handwritten card or note. You can pick a readily available greeting card or write some simple wishes for the recipient. This will be a warm addition to the gift basket.

These steps and tips will help you build gift basket easily for anyone or any occasion. Be it Christmas, Baptism, 75th birthday or baby shower, you are all set. Be mindful of their likes and choices and you will be proud of yourself for making it all by yourself!


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