The Perfect Place for Holistic Mind and Body Retreat


For various reasons, people look for a place to feel connected and heal every element of their existence i.e., mind, body, and soul. In the quest to seek that connection, most people take vacations to cities or countries that would provide what they desire. Iquitos Peru is one of those places that would make you feel welcomed.

Are you looking forward to holistic retreats in Iquitos Peru? You may have found suggestions on places that offer that; however, none of them beats the one and only Selva Vida Lodge & Retreat Center. It is a great place that accepts various people from all walks of life. It provides other top-notch services apart from being the best mind and body retreat center amazon jungle; its accommodation is traditional yet extraordinary.

Selva Vida Mind and Body Retreat Center Iquitos Peru

Selva Vida’s holistic retreat program is one of the best in the city. It solely aims to align the mind, heart, body, and spirit. This program is designed to run for 3 months; it doesn’t exempt tourists who are looking to stay for a couple of days. Overall, it is a great chance to invest in yourself and become a better person.

What are these Programs?

The programs Selva Vida offer is quite different from other holistic retreats in Peru.

Before the Retreat
First, guests go through individual and group consultations to introduce themselves, what they aim to achieve, and what the retreat would offer them in turn. Likewise, they get familiar mentally and spiritually with key concepts of the program, such as the various plant medicine sessions for the soul-healing experience.

During the Retreat
On arrival for holistic retreats Iquitos Peru, Selva Vida Lodge & Retreat Center handles the settling in of guests – transport and accommodation. Various accommodation packages available are depending on budget and the number of people involved. Each of these packages has its uniqueness, as it prepares guests for the spiritual experience.

Within 7 days, guests will explore the different programs designed for the soul, mind, and body. These programs include Yoga, Meditation, San Pedro, Ayahuasca and Kambo retreats, Amazon Jungle Tour, Workshops, etc.

  • Body: With series of Yoga and Meditation, you will make a better connection with your body. Likewise, an administered Kambo medicine enriches the body. Other activities such as Amazon Jungle tour, boat cruise, and trying out local food will nourish your body further.
  • Mind: In a gathering of like minds, there is a good chance that you will improve your knowledge. There are interactive workshops set for different days of the week that would transform your life. These workshops revolve around your finances, health, work, etc. It isn’t always easy to find transformation retreats in Peru, but here is one.
  • Spirit: Building your spirit against challenges and circumstances is another experience Selva Vida Holistic retreats Peru guarantees. You will become mentally and spiritually aware of things around, with the process of learning how to trust intuitions and instincts.
  • Heart: Ayahausca and San Pedro programs are quite popular in Iquitos Peru because they play a huge role in health, especially one that deals with the heart. Selva Vida ensures that with the program, you keep a whole and healthy heart regardless of your environment.

After the Retreat
This mind and body retreat center amazon jungle doesn’t leave guests all to themselves after the program. There is a good follow-up for about 2 months or more. The purpose is to ensure reinforcement of the topics taught as regards health, finances, career, leadership, romance, etc.

Benefits of Selva Vida Lodge in Transformation Retreats Peru

Selva Vida Lodge is not considered because it is one of the available options; it is a great place that offers quality accommodation and other services that guests would love. If what you are so interested in is holistic retreats Iquitos Peru, below are some benefits of using the services of this mind and body retreat center amazon jungle.

1. Integrated Developmental Approach

Selva Vida uses workshops and different activities to help in mind-, body-, heart, spirit, and soul-healing. This integrated approach is impressive knowing that it brings results eventually.

2. Offers Pre- and Post-Coaching Services

The retreat center doesn’t leave you to yourself before and after the program; the pre-, and post-coaching services, helps you through the journey of complete healing.

3. Imparts Knowledge Based on Experience

Selva Vida boasts of years of experience, unlike other transformation retreats in Peru. It has also used that as an advantage to impart knowledge to various people who hire them for their services.

In conclusion, Selva Vida Lodge & Retreat Center is a great place to be. Since it has one of the most extraordinary holistic retreats in Peru, you should prepare yourself for an amazing experience.


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